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Shift into Awakening

Weekend of Grace

at Unity of Fairfax, Virginia



All over the world, countless ordinary people from all walks of life

are becoming permanently Awakened, and its contagious!

Come experience the Grace that is helping to create a

Global Shift in Consciousness


Friday Sept. 27th, 7PM9:30PM - Shift into Awakening Evening of Grace

Spend an evening with Awakened people from all over the DC area. Listen to their experiences, ask them questions about their Awakening, and receive powerful Awakened Deeksha from them to catalyze and accelerate your own Awakening. Then, experience the Oneness Meditation, a powerful transmission of Divine Grace that flows through the open eyes of a Oneness Meditator.

No Fee - A Donation will be received at the door


Saturday Sept. 28th, 10AM4PM - Deepening your Shift into Awakening Day of Grace

This all-day workshop will be conducted by Awakened Oneness Trainers who are trained at the Oneness University in India, featuring Catherine Scherwenka, Elizabeth Pan, Rev. Sylvia,  & Michael Milner. Powerful meditations, processes and energy transmissions to accelerate your Awakening process, deepen your state of Awakening, and help you to deepen your connection with your own Divine. There will be a lunch break.

Suggested Donation ~ $35 No one turned away for lack of funds




        Rev. Dr. Michael Milner     Catherine Scherwenka       Rev. Sylvia            Elizabeth Pan

  Oneness Meditator & Trainer                                       Oneness Trainers


To learn more & to register, visit:
For questions please contact Carmen 908 358 8164 or Elizabeth at [email protected]