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Oneness Wealth Process


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Open to EVERYONE! Non-Blessing Givers WELCOME!





Flowering Heart Center

300 Feather Tree Drive

Clearwater, FL 33765


True Wealth is much more than simply material prosperity. It Graces every area of our lives: our health, our relationships, our state of consciousness and our connection with the Divine. This process was designed by Sri Bhagavan to help us receive Grace for prosperity and abundance in every area of our lives during these challenging times. It includes teachings, meditations, contemplations, rituals and a very special Deeksha from the Sri Murthi (sacred picture) of Sri Amma Bhagavan. The process continues with participants doing a 45 minute process at home each day for 11 days following the initial workshop. For the process to be most effective, you should complete the full 11 days.


NOTE: Please, bring 108 coins with you to the process. They could be pennies. It's up to you. These will be blessed for you to use at home for the next 11 days. After that you will give them away.


We want this to be affordable for everyone, so the cost is only $49. Pre-registration is required, so we can obtain pooja materials and set up chairs and Sri Murthis for the correct number of participants. No lunch will be provided, since we do not begin until 1PM.


The cost to repeat the course if you have already taken it is only $25



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