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Become a Oneness Deeksha/Blessing Giver!



July 11-12





Facilitated by Rev Dr Michael Milner & Rev Suzanne Champlin


Includes: Special Deekshas, Meditations, Teachings and Processes, Initiation as a Deeksha Giver, Mukthi Deeksha, 64 Deekshas & much more


9:30AM - 7:30PM Saturday

10:30AM - 7PM Sunday


Click Here or Scroll Down the Page for the

Schedule of Course Fees & to Register








2nd day of the course, is also a



Ananda Mandala, 64 Deeksha Process

Awakened Deeksha from permanently Awakened Trainers & MORE


A delicious, light, vegetarian lunch is provided for Intensives at Flowering Heart Center, in exchange, a Love Offering is appreciated (At other locations, no lunch is provided).


Pre-requisite: You must already be a current Deeksha Giver to attend only the 2nd Day of the Oneness Awakening Course. Those not yet initiated as Blessing Givers MUST attend the entire 2 day course to prepare you for the Mukthi Deeksha initiation.


Click Here for Details and to Register for the Deeksha Giver Deepening

(for Current Deeksha Givers Only)



Contact us, if you would like to help organize a

Oneness Awakening Course in your area.



Facilitated by Oneness Trainers

Rev Dr Michael Milner & Rev Suzanne Champlin


Course Schedule


9:30AM - 7:30PM Saturday

(9:30-10:00 AM Registration)

(1:00-2:00 PM Break for lunch)


10:30AM - 7PM Sunday

(1:00-2:00 PM Break for lunch)

Ø   Spend an entire weekend immersed in the peaceful, joyous energies of Deeksha (Oneness Blessing).

Ø   Receive essential teachings from the Oneness University about Awakening, living in Oneness* with joy, freedom from the mind & release from all sense of separation.

Ø   Learn ancient meditation practices to help open, balance & clear the chakras* (energy centers), the nadis* (energy channels) & activate the Kundalini* energy, leading to higher states of consciousness.

Ø   Experience samskara shuddhi, an ancient technique to:

·   Deepen your experience of Divine Grace by releasing  deep- seated emotional 


·   Heal relationships with your parents, your children, your partner

·   Remove negative patterns caused by childhood experiences

Ø     Experience Deeksha* (Oneness Blessing) to help catalyze your shift into permanent Awakening & be initiated as a Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) Giver!

·   Awaken into Oneness

·   Establish an intimate, personal relationship with the Divine

·   Improve your relationships

·   Accomplish your goals in life

       ·   Begin to really LIVE your life free from separation,

                conflict, resistance & the chatter of the mind.

       ·   Experience Reality as it is, with Joy, Clarity &

                perfect spontaneity springing from the Awakened

                Intelligence of the Heart.


         Ø   Experience the 64 or 21 Deeksha Process to move you into

               even higher states of Awakening & God Realization!


         Ø   If time permits we may have a Oneness Meditation with Awakened Advanced Oneness

               Trainer Michael Milner



Join us for this life-changing process!


The Oneness Awakening course, taught over two days, is designed simply to help a person move beyond the limitations and structures of the mind. When we are identified with the mind-- when we filter our experience through our past conditioning-- we are in fact not living, but merely existing, merely surviving. When we live within the structures of the mind, we are not actually alive at all. The purpose of life is simply to live-- to experience reality as it is-- that natural state where the senses are alive, the heart is open, in direct contact with the Oneness in everything.

The course will make use of all of the various teachings and processes that the Trainer has received from the Oneness University and through their own life experience. It is not a course to convey information or to help you to work on yourself, but rather a vehicle through which to show you directly what life is like outside the realm of the mind-- that vast peace, stillness, and love that is revealed in direct experience.

Once a participant goes through the Oneness Awakening Course, they are initiated as a Oneness Deeksha Giver, and will be shown how to give Deeksha to others.

This is where the core teachings of Oneness are imparted. If you have not been through the Oneness Awakening, it is the next step on your Oneness journey. The transmissions of Divine Grace given during this course will be a powerful catalyst for your Awakening, Transformation and God Realization.
If you are already a Deeksha Giver or a Oneness Trainer, consider retaking the whole course. It would not be quite the same as the course you remember. It has continued to grow and evolve as the Oneness community has grown in consciousness. Many of you are now awakened and would hear the teachings on a completely new level. You would discover that the Oneness teachings are actually for the awakened one. Before awakening they led you to realize your helplessness, to surrender and Divine intervention. Now that you are awakened, you can actually do the teachings, and applying them is what will lead you to higher levels of Awakening, Transformation and God Realization. At least come to the Sunday Deepening and get tuned-up and recharged.



Course Payment & Registration:


Due to space requirements, advance registration is required.


Tampa International Airport is the closest airport (20 minute drive).


Oneness Awakening Course to become a Deeksha Giver:


          $215  General Public

          $195  Early Registration Discount (at least 2 weeks in advance)

                         SPECIAL: The early registration discount has been

                         extended up to the day of the course. Simply choose the early

                         registration option from the drop-down payment menu below.

            $95  Deeksha Givers repeating the Oneness Awakening course.

                    Priority is given to first-time participants.

            $95  Youth (under 18 years old with signed parental permission)

            $50  Non-refundable Deposit (Pay the balance by mail or at the door)





         1. PAY IN FULL


                 & PAY THE BALANCE AT THE DOOR


Use Pay Pal, e-check or major credit card



Registration/Payment Options

Choose one from the drop-down menu below

Then click "Add to Cart" button


PLEASE NOTE: The early registration discount has been extended up to the day of the course. Just choose the early registration option from the drop-down payment menu below.



Or, mail a check or money order payable to

"Flowering Heart"

300 Feather Tree Drive

Clearwater, Florida 33765


Your check or MO must reach us at least one week before the course date, AND email [email protected] IMMEDIATELY to tell us it is in the mail, so we can reserve your place. These events fill up quickly!


VERY IMPORTANT: To complete your registration you must email [email protected] right away to tell us which course date you are registering for!


We look forward to seeing you, soon!


If you have any questions, please contact:


        Rev Dr Michael Milner 

       [email protected]

       (727) 686-3912


       Suzanne Champlin

       [email protected] 

       (727) 458-3208


What to Bring:

Wear loose comfortable clothing. You may bring your own cushion. Chairs will be provided. If you don't want to lie down on the carpet, bring a yoga mat or something else to lie down on, maybe a blanket to cover yourself while going through processes, and a water bottle. A delicious, light, vegetarian lunch will be provided on both days for Oneness Awakening courses taking place at the Flowering Heart Center, in exchange for which, a Love Offering is appreciated (At other locations, no lunch is provided).




Click Here To See More Photos of the center

PARKING: You can park anywhere on the curve along the grassy area or in the driveway if there is space.


Hotel Accommodations


Click Here for a list of Hotels within 3 miles/ 5 minute drive to Flowering Heart Center



Parking at Flowering Heart Center


For a Google Map to the Front Entrance Click Here


IMPORTANT: Since this will be at the Flowering Heart, which is in a residential neighborhood, we need all of you to help with parking. Those of you that can arrange to carpool, PLEASE do so.


We would like to have most of the cars around back at  231 Tulane Avenue. We would like to minimize any conflicts with our neighbors with the large volume of activities we have going on here, so please work with us in making this event a grand success!


Google Map to our Rear Parking Lot

 231 Tulane Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33765

We are at the dead end, last driveway on the right.

(Please do not go into the neighbors driveway at 227 Tulane)




The closest airports will be Tampa International Airport and St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport. Both are less than 20 minutes from the hotel.


Ground Transportation:
Super Shuttle:
Local Reservations: (727) 572-1111
Outside Area Reservations: (800) 282-6817

Service is provided from the Commercial Ground Transportation Quadrants located at all four corners of the Baggage Claim Level. Approximately $21. Discounts for additional members of a group going to the same address and children. Rates include up to 3 pieces of luggage. See the representative in the kiosk for details.

Ground Transportation:
Local Reservations: (727) 572-1111
Outside Area Reservations: (800) 282-6817



Energy centers within the subtle body which, when balanced, lead to the experience of a harmonious reality, connection to the Oneness in everything, and ultimately to union with the Divine. These chakras may be worked with directly through specific yogic and meditative practices. These practices are taught at the Oneness University and by Oneness Trainers around the world.

*Deeksha / Oneness Blessing
The transfer of a physical energy which affects a neurobiological shift in the physical brain, catalyzing the awakening of the kundalini and the balancing of the chakras. It is a benediction, a gift from the Divine, which is necessary to complete an awakening into Oneness. It is one way that the Divine reaches out to humankind, to assist in the current evolutionary process.

The dormant spiritual energy within the human organism, said to reside in the subtle body along the spine. The process of awakening or enlightenment is said to mirror the rising of the kundalini, from the base of the spine up into and out the crown of the head. The kundalini flows through three main channels (nadis) in the human energy system. One of the primary effects of the Deeksha is to activate the kundalini and to guide it upward, resulting in a full awakening into Oneness.

The natural state of the human being where one is experiencing reality as it is, the reality of the senses, free from the interpretations of the ancient mind. A state whereby the sense of separation has dissolved and one experiences reality as a profound web of connection between all living matter. There is no longer a “me” and a “not me,” but rather a division-less flow of the Divine, of intelligence, of love.




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