U.N. International Day of Peace

Deeksha on the Mall

"A Dream Come True"


Washington, DC

September 21, 2013



"Deeksha on the Mall" is a dream that is going to be realized on Ssptember 21, 2013 at the U.S Capitol West Lawn, overlooking the National Mall in Washington DC.  There is no venue more auspicious and powerful than the U.S. Capitol to have Sri Bhagavan's webcast as part of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, established by the United Nations in 1981 to celebrate peace around the world.  In 2012, McKinsey& Co reported that there were 280 million people around the world praying/dancing/ chanting/ meditating for peace.  We will be energetically linked with millions on that day and you can too, by setting aside a silent meditation for peace before the webcast.  Those who can join us in Washington DC are welcome....we need all the blessing givers we can get to give blessings to 5000 people who have never heard of Oneness....and all the awakened ones who can come to shift DC...for when DC shifts, there will be ripple effects felt not only in this country, not only on that day but throughout the world in ways we can not even imagine.  If you can not be present physically, send us your blessings.  You may also make a donation to help pay for the expenses of this event.  The links are as follows: 

  • Make a donation and register: http://IntlDayofPeaceDC2013.eventbrite.com

  • Volunteer and help: http://tinyurl.com/plqm7hz
  • To request a guest room:  http://tinyurl.com/qemgfgr
  • Letter from Abassador McDonald, Founder of the Day of Peace Ambassador McDonald_Founder_Invite.pdf
  • Invitation to attend the event Invitation.pdf
  • If your Group would like to be a co-sponsor of the Day of Peace: Application form.pdf