The Bhakti Cards are Here!




What are Bhakti Cards?


The Bhakti Cards are a tool for Oneness practitioners to do Bhakti Yoga at home or in small groups to deepen your connection with the Divine Presence and free you from the conditioned ropes that tie you to the mind.  Bhakti simply means the yoga of devotion. The deck of cards consists of teachings on awakening, the 5 prerequisites and 21 conditions for awakening as given to the Oneness community by Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, including a ritual you could do associated with each condition.


While the content of the cards is from the Oneness University, they are not responsible for, nor did they review and approve the design and production of the Bhakti Cards. This has been a creative endeavor to assist people with their daily spiritual practice. 


What is the purpose of the Bhakti cards?


The idea of the Bhakti cards came when the Bhakti Yoga was first introduced early in 2011 in large group settings where all the Prerequisites and Conditions for awakening were taught. How would you contemplate all the teachings and prerequisites and conditions in your daily practice?  The answer is to put them in card form so that one card can be selected randomly for daily focus.  By spreading the cards so that each card has an equal chance of being selected you make it possible for the Divine hand to guide you in the selection of your card for the day.  In brief, the Bhakti cards are intended to give Sri Amma Bhagavan a way of helping us become aware of what is blocking our path to awakening.


100% of the money raised by the sale of the Bhakti cards after expenses will go to support the work of Oneness including a scholarship fund to help Blessing Givers and Oneness Trainers attend courses at the Oneness University.




A small number of the decks were produced and used by Trainers and Blessing Givers in the last few months.  Their experiences are described below and show how beautifully effective they really are! 


I love the Bhakti Cards!  I keep them on my altar and I use them every morning during my morning prayer time.  I just pick one or two cards and meditate upon the message.  I too, have picked the same cards over and over!  I think they are beautifully done and are worth reproducing for others to use.  They are also a great way to learn the teachings!”


“One woman at our OA was dismayed and perplexed to draw the "lack of faith" card. She swore her faith was strong and this did not, could not possibly apply to her. Her faith was so strong! After a Deeksha, she told us in tears that it was true, she did lack faith..... in herself. Not good enough, etc. We all found her few words and tears very touching.”


“My experience with Bakthi Cards is an example
of divine hands in our daily life.

I shuffle the deck and pick a card with eyes closed.
This makes picking a card of the day a
fairly random event, Several times I got the same
card on three consecutive days!


“I got the exact message from the cards to work on various issues. That really made sense to me and the Rituals suggested are really working on me.”


How to use the Bhakti cards in small group settings


You may choose a teaching card and focus a group discussion on the specific teaching, then invite everyone to pick a prerequisite and condition card for individual contemplation.


How to get your Bhakti cards


The Bhakti cards are available for $20 a deck plus shipping.  There is a 10% discount for orders of 12 decks or more with free shipping.  You may pool orders from your local Oneness community to take advantage of the discount offered and avoid individual shipping costs.


To order the cards please email Wayne Hay at [email protected]