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with Michael Milner


Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, Ph.D. is an Awakened Oneness Meditator, Trainer & Deeksha Giver, trained and certified by the Oneness University in India. He dedicates himself full-time to the awakening of humanity and, with his wife Suzanne, co-directs Flowering Heart: Center for Awakening & Wholeness in Clearwater, Florida.



All dates on the calendar below that are not blocked-out are available to schedule an event with Michael. The dates that are blocked-out in RED are not available, although an exception may be made under special circumstances. So feel free to discuss it with us, if you want Michael on one of those dates.

Suzanne may be available to accompany Michael with her beautiful healing and teaching gifts on certain occasions. Contact her about that.




Rev. Suzanne Champlin



Contact Michael at (727) 686-3912 [email protected]


Suzanne at (727) 458-3208 [email protected]



"Tom-Tom Attacks" = When an Awakened person talks about his/her Awakening Experience, does Q&A on Awakening, then shares Awakened Deeksha and/or Oneness Meditation (By listening to the experience of an Awakened person and asking them questions, our preconceived concepts of what awakening is will melt away, and our brains will synchronize with theirs. Then when we receive Deeksha or Oneness Meditation from them, we will either be Awakened right then, or our process will be deepened, so that when the shift occurs for us, we will land in a higher place on the scale of Awakening.)

Oneness Meditation (for details click here)

Oneness Awakening Course & Deeksha Giver Initiation

1 & 2 Day Deeksha Giver Deepening Intensives

Oneness Bhakti Yoga

Wealth Process

Arogya (Healing) Deeksha

Other presentations are available on request. Ask us.