21 Day Sadhana For North America


We will begin on our Beloved
Sri Amma's Birthday
~ August 15 ~
The most auspicious day to ask for a boon (a gift)
and end on September 4th with an OM from the North American OMer's


Power of Prayer is in Numbers

Let us ALL come together to set the Intention and Pray for those having the slightest desire or deepest passion to go to India for the 28 - Day Deepening Course and/or the 10 Day Trainer Course.


What to Do ~ This Sadhana is to be done every morning and night for 21 days. It is best to do before sunrise and at sunset, but it is not required. It will begin on August 15th and will end on September 4th.

1. Sit comfortably in Sacred Space. If you do not have an altar, create something simple by lighting a candle, perhaps an incense. If you feel inclined, you could place a photo of your Divine and/or Amma in the Sacred Space. Flowers are also a wonderful addition.

2. Take some nice deep breaths to relax and feel grounded. It is important to tune in to the physical body while breathing in and out through the nose.

3. Connect to your personal Divine, whatever that looks and/or feels like for you.

4. Cite the intention out loud ~ not only for yourself, but for everyone that is holding this same intention to go to the Oneness University to attend a Course. Speak it with authentic emotion while holding a strong intent.

5. At sunrise ~ Chant the MoolaMantra 49 times
It can be at whatever speed you feel comfortable.

Sat Chit Ananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha
Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

6. At sunset ~

A. Reflect on your day, becoming a witness recognizing all the miracles that took place throughout your day, whether big or small, and feel gratitude.
B. Take six long breaths, inhaling your Divine, and exhaling your self.

7. Ask your Divine to give you a powerful Blessing for this dream to become your reality. Visualize a clear picture of YOU BEING at the University and what it would FEEL like to be there.

8. Feel gratitude and prostrate to your Divine.

9. On September 4th, at 6:30pm PST (remember to convert to your time zone), there will be a LIVE OM online with the North American OMer's to seal the deal. The intention will still remain that anyone with a passion to go to India, finds their way there.

To register (at no charge) and be added to the master list to be prayed for and also to receive the link for the OM, click on the link below. The link for the OM will be emailed to you on Sept. 2nd.


Love you all
Catherine Scherwenka ~ Oneness Trainer



Testimonials of MIRACLE stories of how people got to India ~

Remember ~ When shared, Miracles Multiply!

My miracle story on how I got to India ~ 
I had been attending Deeksha for over three years and had never missed a gathering. Most of my life, I haven't had money & I have had a hard time holding down jobs for more than six months.
The miracle story began with attending the event on Dec. 21st, 2012, which was put on by  two local Trainers, Janet Eakin & Linda Beal.
When I went to the event, I had no idea what was going to happen.  Later on in the evening, Linda and Janet invited me up on stage to play a crystal singing bowl. After I was finished, they made an announcement that they were giving away a trip to India for the 28 day Deepening Course.
They said they thought about sending someone to India for the deepening, but did not know how they would decide who would go, since there are over 800 Blessing givers to choose from in Salt Lake City, Utah alone. They both meditated with their SriAmmaBhagavan for a week and both came up with a name one week later & met to talk about it.
When they got together, they said, "lets count to 3 then say out loud the name we have been given. 1, 2, 3, Chris Bowers!"
They both said my name out loud, lol

They told this story on stage at the event then asked me if I would like to go? I said yes, knowing I had no job or bills or obligations stopping me.
From there until April 20th, I had benefit concerts to raise money as well as others pitching in which helped pay for my passport & visa because I did not have a dime to my name.

I never thought I would  ever go to India in my lifetime.

Thanks for your time & letting me share my miracle.
Namaste Chris Bowers
Your friend from Salt Lake City, Utah U.S.A.







August 21st  7:30-9:30pm

LIVE In-Person & Webcast

OM Oneness Meditation

with Michael Milner

at Flowering Heart Center

Clearwater, Florida



September 7-8


Oneness Awakening

Deeksha Giver Initiation Course

& Deepening for Deeksha Givers

at Flowering Heart Center

Clearwater, Florida



September 20th - 21stSeptember

Tampa Bay, Florida

ONLINE Wealth Course 
September 22nd - October 3rd

Make your dreams become your reality!

Join Oneness Trainers Catherine Scherwenka and Elizabeth Pan, and Oneness Meditator Michael Milner, for this Special ONLINE Wealth Course.
The Course begins on September 22nd, and ends on Oct. 3td. It will be done on Livestream every night for 12 days. Click here for more details


September 23rd - 28th

DC area Oneness Tour with Catherine Scherwenka, Elizabeth Pan and Michael Milner ~
Ending with a
Shift Into Oneness/OM on
Sept. 27th/28th

Email Elizabeth Pan for more details [email protected]


This person has TWO miracle stories!

The first story is about getting to my 21-day process. I was a single mom of a 7
year old, no child support, working full time for a corporation.......had an eye surgery 2 days after my first Deeksha, which was amazing.  They told me I may lose my eye and when I went into the surgery room, AmmaBhagavan were there with me.  The Presence was so strong, the doctor could hardly stay in the room.  They saved my eye and removed something from it.
A month later I really felt pulled to go to India.  Not knowing anything about India, where it even was in the world, I started to pray.
This was Dec 2004 and by March 2005, 
I was at Oneness University.  Before I left, I went for an annual meeting at my job for a review, and my boss told me I was
getting an $8000 bonus which I had no idea about and it was the perfect amount
to go to India.  In the same meeting, I then asked if I could take a month off for more healing of my eye, and he said yes, and we will pay you for the time off.  Again, it was as though Sri AmmaBhagavan jumped
into his body and spoke.  it was a miracle.  The final piece to this miracle was that my
family all came together to take care of my son....it was the biggest
blessing ever!~!!!


Jan. 9th, 2012 was my son's 15 birthday. I told him he could sleep in and we would have a nice breakfast before I took him to school. He crawled into my bed and fell asleep.  I started giving him the
blessing as he was sleeping and thanking
Sri AmmaBhagavan for Blessing me
with this beautiful child. I started having a life review of his life and how amazing the journey had been.  In tears of joy, I lay there with him, my hands still on his head.....and my phone rings.
I pick it up and a friend is on the other end calling from the deepening course in India. she says, "I was just in meditation this morning and Bhagavan told me to
call you and Gift you a trip here for the Deepening Course"....I sat there
wondering if this was real.  I was speechless. How could this be?
It would mean I am leaving in 5 weeks.  I went to the Deepening Course
with such ease and grace, with my AmmaBhagavan in my heart and so much

Elizabeth Scherwenka ~ Oneness Trainer SF

And another miracle ~ READ ON!

In April 2011, I had the good fortune of being accepted into the Oneness trainer course for my first visit to the Oneness University. Due to family and business obligations, I was able to go only for the 11 day program. My experience was deep and quite mystical, shifting my perception significantly, and setting me on a path of Oneness teaching here at home.
As I moved through teaching at all levels, my desire and dream to stay at the OU for the full 4 week deepening seemed too distant of a possibility, to say the least. I prayed to AmmaBhagavan to please make it possible for me to come back to the OU for the total 4 week experience. I thought it would make me a better trainer. Then I wrote that request  in my prayer journal to set it free.
Back home, my community requested a Wealth process, their hearts full of desires. One woman caught word of the event and called to register. She shared about just becoming a deeksha giver and felt a strong calling to go to the OU. This inspired me to hold a very strong intention for the Wealth Process to give this young, fresh, Oneness deeksha giver a chance to see the temple.
Catherine Scherwenka and I held the Wealth Process on Oct 18, 2012 on the birthday of my step Mom, Debbie. On that day, I was unable to reach her to personally wish her Happy Birthday. I asked AmmaBhagavan to please bless her in celebration of her birthday.
Then it became clear to me to ask AmmaBhagavan for an amount of money to pay for all my expenses to go to OU for the Deepening Process and also to make up for my lost income while I was gone.  Catherine suggested I go to the March Deepening, as it is the month of Bhagavan's birthday. This was October, and Catherine is thinking I should go Feb./March. And I am thinking, that leaves 3-4 months to come up with $10,000.  Wow, this would be nothing short of a miracle.
As a co-leader of this Wealth Process, I experienced intense, full and beautiful energy present that day to bathe a room full of people. Quite a beautiful day for me to see a community of people deeply connected with each other in Oneness! Sweet!
Within several days of the process, my father gave me a call. This isn't shocking since the Wealth Process is an 11 day process, 10 days of which are personal Sadhana at home. In this daily Sadhana practice, one asks for blessings from parents for wealth. Each evening when I sat in the Sadhana, visualizing going to the feet of 4 parents, instant healing was initiated.
During the Sadhanaperiod my Dad calls to let me know that Debbie, my step Mom, will be sending a check for an unknown amount the week of Thanksgiving! Here is where the mind can really play games with expectations of the amount along with lots of day dreaming. But it didn't. Miracle!
The week of Thanksgiving, the check arrived in a card in the amount of $10,000, not $10 or $100 or even $1000, but $10,000!  I immediately fell to my knees in front of AB and cried in gratitude for this amazing gift, that came through my step Mom. There is no doubt that the Divine was present, alive and responding to me. By the Grace of AmmaBhagavan, I was able to partake in the Feb/March Deepening for Bhagavan's birthday and become Awakened!
The miracles are many in this story! Pick one: the manifestation of money for the exact amount, the quieted mind, the healing of my relationship with my step Mom, or the Awakening! So many miracles!
As I write this true story, reliving it chronologically with a retrospective view, I am in awe of how many miracles have happened. But I wouldn't have known how many without this moment of reflection.
Thank you Catherine for walking with me on this path and encouraging me all the way!
Thank you AmmaBhagavan for all the Grace and Miracles always!
In deep gratitude,
Mary Carroll
Oneness Trainer Milwaukee