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Meditation Room



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Om Sat-Chit-Ananda Parabrahma

Purushothama Paramatma

Sri Bhagavathi Sametha

Sri Bhagavathe Namaha



.wma Samples


Click on a link below to play the Moola Mantra on Windows Media Player


Moolamantra by Anandagiri


 Moola Mantra by Uma Mohan


Moola Mantra Latina by Enzo



.mp3 Samples


Moolamantra by Anandagiri (MP3)


 Moola Mantra by Uma Mohan (MP3)


Moola Mantra Latina by Enzo (MP3)



For a sample of Angelika's Moola Mantra, etc. visit:



Complete versions of the Music Samples above can be purchased online. Click here: Online Store to find links.



Click here for an explanation of the meaning of the Moola Mantra

(very important!)


Meditation Guidelines


Ready? Play whichever version of the Moola Mantra you choose, or just remain in silence. Sit comfortably, with your back straight but not rigid. You could first chant the Moola Mantra, or simply close your eyes, center in your heart and breathe slowly and deeply. Keeping your eyes closed, pay attention to the incoming and outgoing breath. Let your exhale be twice as long as your inhale. When you notice your mind wandering, gently return your attention to the breath. Continue in "breath awareness" for a few minutes.


Now, keeping your eyes closed, open your heart to the Divine Presence in whatever form and in whatever way is natural and comfortable for you. Ask the Divine Presence to fill you and to awaken you to Oneness. Having invoked the Presence, take a minute or so to receive the energies of Oneness with Gratitude to the Divine.


Don't be concerned about what you experience, what you do or do not feel. Just know that it is happening. The seed of awakening has been sown and will unfold in a way and at a time that is just right for you.


After that, you could remain sitting in silence or lay on the floor in Shavasan, that is on your back with your hands at your sides, palms facing skyward. Keeping your eyes closed, just relax, let go and enjoy resting in the Divine Presence for at least ten minutes (20 or more is better, but any time is good).


At the end, come out of your meditation very slowly before opening your eyes and moving. Give thanks to the Divine for blessing you, whether you felt anything special or not, and be in Gratitude. Enjoy!


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The Oneness Benediction: a Divine Phenomenon

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Kalki Srimurthi







Oneness Lineage Srimurthi


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"850 Year History of the Oneness Phenomenon & the Lineage Srimurthi"