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Brief History of Oneness

From the book, "AMMA the Divine Mother"





The descent of the ‘Golden Ball’ marked the birth of the phenomenon; the phenomenon of ‘Oneness’. The year was 1989 and the day, July 19th. We called it ‘The Golden Ball of Divine Grace.’ Amma and Bhagavan’s vision of a world filled with the divine, a world devoid of boundaries of any kind - national, religious, class-based or racial, had begun to manifest. Jeevashram, a school founded by Amma and Bhagavan provided the ideal setting for the divine miracle. Soon to follow was the phenomenon of the in-dweller, the Antaryamin. In the heart of a young boy, Sri Krishnaji, the indweller would appear and talk to him. This young boy would then lay his hands on his friends and fellow students and a similar thing would happen to them.

Walking and talking with the divine became contagious. This was the beginning of the phenomenon, which later came to be known as Deeksha. Soon, every student was engaged in a conversation with Amma and Bhagavan in their hearts. During this period, people called this campus God’s Earth. Astral journeys, past life experiences, mystical visions, were the everyday talk of most of the children. The campus was filled with divine consciousness. Saints walked the campus for a few solid weeks.

The campus then became the movement’s first spiritual center and was named ‘Sathyaloka’ the abode of truth.

The first retreat was conducted on April 18th, 1990. Forty seekers received the much awaited benediction of experience. The movement began to progress. People from all walks of life, young and old, men, women and children participated in these courses, expecting a boon, a miracle, a change of heart to take place, and a few to rediscover their lost communion with God.

Bhagavan redefined God- a God so inseparable from man. “God and man are not the same and yet not different. They are two ends of the one same reality,” says Sri Bhagavan. In their mutual dependence lies the joy of this everlasting relationship. The idea of a personal God was spreading rapidly. People thronged the campus and passionately partook in the initiation to meet this benevolent , friendly God in their hearts. Thus Amma and Bhagavan entered millions of homes. The movement’s popularity grew among the masses. The new song was “Know your personal God” People from many faiths queued for this initiation, for they could meet the God of their faith! People loved the movement.

Freedom was the very essence of this movement, “Religion is personal. Create your own religion,” said Sri Bhagavan. A new era had dawned; belief was discarded and replaced by a direct experience of the transcendental. God or spirituality was no more the prerogative of a few idealists; it was now every man’s choice. A spiritual revolution was in the reckoning. A change of heart needed a change in perception and that was possible only through divine intervention. This exactly was what people found in the Movement and this was the very purpose of the Avatars, Amma and Bhagavan.

The movement was now growing faster then ever, spreading far and wide. People from many countries now followed the movement. The Campus was too small to accommodate the aspirations of so many seekers and disciples too few to attend to their needs. Thus the need for a spiritual order emerged. A group of young men and women, talented and devoted were picked, trained and initiated into the service of mankind. The order was founded on the September 14th, 1995. Their surrender made them ideal vehicles for Amma and Bhagavan’s divine grace. These monks traveled the length and breadth of the country and even to far corners of the world, bestowing upon all people the gift of grace. Public gatherings of over 100,000 people took place in many towns and cities in India. Thousands of centers were established. Responsible devotees emerged and carried the movement forward to more towns and cities in India and the world at large.

Meanwhile these one hundred and fifty seven helpers belonging to the spiritual order advanced spiritually until finally the gift of Mukthi (Enlightenment) was bestowed upon them. Brokenness was the key to their transformation. Their long enduring bond with Amma and Bhagavan opened the doors of divine grace and the rest is benediction. Thus the year 2004 marked a significant year in Sri Bhagavan’s scheme of things. These young disciples now carried with them the gift of Deeksha. The art of prayer was learned and by the power of their prayers they could now affect the same transformation and oneness in the seeker. The power to transform powerful states of consciousness to another was bestowed on them. The only solution to human problems is to end the limited sense of the self. This is the one sure way to the Golden Age. The human mind being incapable of transformation, the individual has to give way to the divine. The phenomenon is evolving. Today seekers from around the world are being blessed with the power to give Deeksha to others by the laying on of hands.

In a short span of fifteen years the movement has spread across the length and breadth of India and the far corners of the world and has a following of over fifty million.

Sri Amma and Bhagavan currently reside at the temple in Nemam, which is twenty-five kilometers from the south Indian metropolis of Chennai. Here they give darshans to the thronging multitudes during specific periods of the year. Millions move into enlightened states at the mere glimpse of Amma and Bhagavan. Miracles of every kind whether of healing or materialization or setting right of relationships are witnesses in these darshans. It is coming face to face with God.

The temple at Nemam also organizes powerful Vedic Fire Rituals for the fulfillment of the four fold purposes of life, namely creating wealth, fulfillment of desires, flowering of the heart and enlightenment or Mukthi.

The Oneness University, a center for learning inspired by Sri Amma Bhagavan is spread over a few thousand acres of land from the hills of Ubbalamadugu to the banks of the Pulicat- India’s second largest salt water lake. It is located off the Grand Trunk freeway and is 70 kilometers from the city of Chennai. A variety of courses are conducted here addressing the needs of people, from mind development to God realization, for Indians as well as foreign nationals. The Oneness University exists to set man totally and unconditionally free. It is here that the critical mass required for the transformation in humanity’s consciousness is being created. The University houses the phenomenon of Deeksha. This is also the Land of the ‘Oneness Temple’ which is to open shortly.

Taken from the new book, AMMA The Divine Mother released summer 2006

Copyright © 2006 by Golden Products Center

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