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The following Newsletters contain Michael Milner's experiences at the

 Nov. 2013 Advanced Trainers Course,

Nov.-Dec. 2013 Special Deepening,

& Dec 2013 Training and Initiation for 3 Chamber Process


#1 Manifestation & Healing Miracle at the Advanced Trainers Course

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#2 Manifestation of Jesus Christ at the Special Deepening

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#3 The 3 Chamber Process at Nemam in India 

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Manifestation & Healing Miracle at Advanced Trainers Course


Dec. 31, 2013


Dear Friends in Oneness,
Happy New Year!
On December 21, 2013, Oneness University celebrated the first anniversary of the dawn of the new Golden Age with an awesome fireworks display at the Oneness Temple and a delicious feast shared by all the participants of the Special Deepening!
Many times Sri Bhagavan has said that the Golden Age will be a time when each of us will walk and talk with our God. That time has come. All over the world a new phenomenon is occurring. People are experiencing their God beginning to manifest physically to them, walking and talking and being with them just as physically real as their best friend or family members.
The new centers offering the 3 Chamber Process, being opened all over the world,  are places where this can happen for anyone! I was among the first group initiated at the Oneness University to offer the 3 Chamber Process. Ours will be in Clearwater, Florida, but there will be many others throughout Florida, North America and the world. In the weeks ahead I will tell you more about the 3 Chamber Process. I will also share with you some amazing experiences I had in India while attending the November Advanced Trainer Course, the Nov.-Dec. Special Deepening and the Training and Initiation to offer the 3 Chamber Process. At the end of our training we were taken through the 3 Chambers ourselves at Nemam. It was a totally mind-blowing, life-changing experience. But I'm going to save that story for last.
First, I want to share an experience of Sri AmmaBhagavan becoming physical at the Advanced Trainer Course. In our next newsletter, I will share some experiences of Christ becoming physical to me at the Special Deepening. I was surprised that Christ manifested physically to many people at the Deepening. Sri Bhagavan told us in darshan that as the phenomenon moves West we anticipate many people will experience their personal Divine come to them in the form of Christ. More about that later...




By Michael Milner


On the way to the Advanced Trainer class, Nov. 11 at 7AM, I slipped and fell very hard on my left hip. It came crashing down on top of a strong double-walled steel canister crushing the canister and leaving the visible impression of my hip joint pressed into the steel. My back and arm were also hurt. I was injured and in great pain, but went to class anyway, thanking my Dr. AmmaBhagavan for healing me.


In class the Oneness Guide led us in Ganesha Yantra Dhyana. Yantra Dhyana is meditation or concentration on a yantra, a geometrical representation of some aspect of the Divine. In this case it was the Ganesha Yantra, Ganesha being that aspect of the Divine which removes obstacles. I took an intent for removal of all obstacles to receiving all the benefits of this course and the Nov.-Dec. Special Deepening. After several minutes of meditation on the center point of the yantra,  the bindu point, I discovered that my attention had wandered from the bindu, I don't know how, and I was now gazing at a man and woman sitting next to me on my left. The shift of attention was very odd, and I returned my attention to meditating on the bindu point. Again, I was suddenly gazing at the man and woman on my left, and again I returned my attention to the bindu. This happened several times before it struck me that there were no chairs next to mine, just an open space. The couple sitting next to me was Sri AmmaBhagavan. Although my hip was still in great pain, I thanked AmmaBhagavan for healing me. Then, the Oneness Guide told us to lie in Shavasana. As I lay on the floor, Amma came and physically put her hands on my hip and instantly healed it. There was no more pain at all, no more swelling or bruising. I don't know why, but I was a little embarrassed that Amma touched me. She just smiled and said, “Some things only a Mother can do,” and she continued to move and rearrange things inside of me.


Since then, I am experiencing Amma with me in a new, very physical way. This physical visitation has caused a dramatic shift in my energy. I feel much lighter and full of energy and my  third eye chakra (Ajneya),  has been wide open to a constant flow of mystical vision.


Thank you, my Beloved AmmaBhagavan!


In the Service of the Divine,

Helping Humanity Awaken into Oneness!




Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, PhD

Oneness Meditator & Advanced Oneness Trainer


#2: Christ manifestation at the Special Deepening
Jan. 5, 2014


Dear Friends in Oneness,


Sri Bhagavan says that in the new Golden Age each of us will walk and talk with our God. It has begun. All over the world an amazing phenomenon is occurring. People are experiencing their God beginning to manifest physically to them, walking and talking with them in a form just as physically real as their best friend, their spouse or their family members.


In our last newsletter I shared an experience I had of the twin Avatars Sri AmmaBhagavan becoming physical and performing a healing miracle at the November Advanced Trainer Course. In this newsletter, you will read about my experience of Jesus Christ becoming physical at the Special Deepening in November and December. Christ manifested to a number of people at the Special Deepening, including a Buddhist monk from Asia and others who had no background in the Christian Tradition at all. Sri Bhagavan told us during a darshan at the Deepening that as the phenomenon of God becoming physical spreads throughout the world outside of India many people will experience their personal Divine manifest to them in the form of Christ. Christ is a very powerful form of the Divine in the collective consciousness of Humanity, particularly in the West. So, even people who have no conscious connection with Christ may be surprised to have their personal Divine physically manifest to them in the form of Jesus.


On the other hand, a Buddhist might experience the Divine manifest to them as the Lord Buddha or as Guanyin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, or as some other Buddhist bodhisattva or deity. For a Hindu, it might be Krishna, Vishnu, Lakshmi or another Vedic deity. Others may experience the Divine manifest physically to them in the form of Sri AmmaBhagavan. For a Muslim it could be the formless Allah; for a Jew, the Spirit or Light of God; for a New Age believer, it might be the Primordial Light or another divine form, being or master; for a Christian, it could be the Holy Spirit or the Lord Jesus. The list of possibilities goes on and on. What will be true in every case is that the Divine Presence will become very real and physical, and the individual will begin to walk and talk with their Divine.


According to the Mahavakyas (literally, “The Great Sayings”) of Kalki Paramatma, your Divine will manifest to you outside in whatever form you desire, or in the form He/She chooses for you. The centers offering the 3 Chamber Process which are opening all over the world are places where you will be able to experience this phenomenon, where you will be able to meet and speak with your own God, face to face, and this will continue thereafter in your day to day life! I will share more about that in our next newsletter, but now let me tell you how the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me at the Special Deepening.


One morning during our Bhakti Yoga session (the yoga of Love and Devotion to the Divine) the Oneness Guide invited us to close our eyes and begin worshipping our God internally. Immediately Jesus stood before me. Although the room was completely dark, I could see Him. His Presence was very physical to me and very powerful. I began to worship Him in my heart, offering flowers and precious things at His feet.


Suddenly Jesus was gone, and in His place crouching before me was a very humble, very poor woman who looked like a beggar, a person who in India many people might avoid. She was weeping and wailing, telling me her story, her pains, her problems, and confessing her sins. It felt absolutely real. I didn’t realize it was a vision. I knew that I was supposed to be worshipping Christ, but at that moment it felt like this woman was the most important thing in the world. I listened to her story at length, comforted her, counseled her, prayed for her and gave her a Blessing. She was released and set free. Full of joy and gratitude, she began to praise and give thanks to God.


In the next instant, she was gone. It was Jesus standing before me again. He said: “As you do it to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you do it to me. If you want to serve me, feed my sheep. See me in all forms and worship and serve me there. All forms are mine. When you do this, I will come to you through all forms, for they are all mine, and you will see me everywhere.”


I left the Bhakti class in bliss, basking in the Grace of the experience I had just had with Christ and the warmth of the South Indian sunshine. But, all too soon my blissful state was interrupted by someone approaching me from behind.  Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I saw that it was a person I felt very uncomfortable being around, someone toward whom I had felt resistance during the whole Deepening process. The thought came: “Oh no, not that person again. Here we go again.” But this time the person came up and touched me gently, and it felt very different than other times we had met. I stopped walking, turned and looked into their eyes. To my surprise it was Jesus looking back at me, smiling.  His eyes said: “This is me, too. All forms are mine, including this one.” I felt all resistance melt away and unconditional Love begin to flow. The experience was so delightful. My God is coming to me in every form! No need to choose between Christ and AmmaBhagavan or another form. They are all His.


When asked, “What is the best form to worship God?” Neem Karoli Baba answered, “The best form to worship God is every form.” (Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharaj-ji, was a devotee of Hanuman and the guru of many Westerners in the 1960s and 70s, including Ram Dass, Bhagavan Das, Krishna Das and Jai Uttal, to mention a few).


Thank you,  AmmaBhagavan and all the Oneness Guides for the amazing Nov.-Dec. 2013 Special Deepening process. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ!  I am full of Gratitude and awe!


In the Service of the Divine,

Helping Humanity Awaken into Oneness!




Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, PhD

Oneness Meditator & Advanced Oneness Trainer



#3 - "3 Chamber Process - Face to Face with God"


Jan. 13, 2014


Dear Friends in Oneness,


In our Dec. 13, 2013 newsletter I shared with you my experience of the twin Avatars Sri AmmaBhagavan becoming physical and performing a healing miracle during the November 2013 Advanced Trainer Course at Oneness University in India. In our Jan. 5, 2014 newsletter, I told you about an experience of Jesus Christ becoming physical at the Nov.-Dec. 2014 Special Deepening. If you missed those, I encourage you to read them first. You can find them on our website at .


In this newsletter I am going to tell you about the new centers offering the 3 Chamber Process which are opening all over the world, and I will share with you my own experience of going through the 3 Chambers in India. But first, what is the 3 Chamber Process?


Sri Bhagavan has told us that in the new Golden Age each of us will walk and talk with our God. This phenomenon has already begun. All over the world people are beginning to meet their personal Divine face to face, experiencing their own God in a very powerful way that is just as physically real to them as having a conversation with their best friend, their spouse or a family member. This could happen to you at any time, in any place, most unexpectedly, or you could come to a Oneness center offering the 3 Chamber Process which was created for this very purpose. These are places where the Divine is constantly manifesting itself to those who seek it.


Your Divine could manifest to you in any form you desire or in the form He or She chooses for you. If you are a Christian, it could be Jesus or the Holy Spirit. For a Hindu, it could be Krishna, Shiva, Lakshmi or any other Vedic Deity. For others it could be Sri AmmaBhagavan. For a Buddhist, it could be Lord Buddha or one of the great Bodhisattvas. For a Muslim, it could be Allah. For a Jew it could be the Light or Spirit of God. For a New Age believer, it could be the Primordial Light or another divine form, being or master. For a Pagan it could be any of the Pagan Deities. The list of possibilities is endless. What they will all have in common is that their personal Divine will become very real and very physical to them, and they will begin to walk and talk with their God from that day forward!


Recently Sri Bhagavan has spoken of the long way and the short way to Awakening, Transformation and God Realization. The teachings we have received over the years from the Oneness University have prepared us for the longer way. But, if your God becomes physical to you, you could ask Him/Her to give you a Deeksha for Awakening, Transformation or God Realization, and the result would be almost instantaneous. That is the short way. Sri Bhagavan says the choice is yours. You have absolute freedom in this decision. No one is going to try to force you to have an intimate physical relationship with your Divine. You might not want that. But, if you do, your path to Awakening and God Realization will take a quantum leap.


If the idea of your Divine becoming physical is unappealing or scary to you, it could be because you are relating to a God that is demanding, judgmental and punishing or remote, unreachable or uncaring. You may need to work on re-creating your relationship with your Divine for a while. This is a process that is taught in the Oneness Awakening Course and in some special processes offered by the Oneness Trainers. It is a process that you may need to revisit over and over again as your relationship with your Divine grows and changes. Eventually, when you are relating to a Divine who is loving, caring and easy to connect with, like your best friend, you may decide you want a more intimate physical relationship with that God.


A number of people have been asking me, “Since I already experience God within, and my Divine is at the center of my heart, why would I want the Divine to manifest physically outside of me? Isn’t that dualistic and actually moving toward separation rather than Oneness?” This is a great question.


First of all, the very nature of this question illustrates how we are still experiencing a world of duality where there is separation between the self and God, separation between the inner and the outer world. When duality ceases several things happen: There is no difference between the inner and the outer world, the “experiencer” and the “experienced” are one, and you and God are one. At that point whether God is “inside” or “outside” is irrelevant. Until then, life is an ever-deepening dance of relationship with the Divine, and many of us want to dance with a partner we can see and touch.


But, here is a more practical answer. There are different roads you can take to Oneness with the Divine: One is called “Bhakti”, the Divine Romance, the path of Love, Service and Devotion. This path involves deepening the bond with your Divine Friend until you simply melt away in ecstasy in the arms of your Beloved, and only the Divine remains. This is a gentle, yummy path to the dissolution of “self”. Another way is “Self-Inquiry”, looking within, into the source of your consciousness, and asking “Who am I?” going deeper and deeper until you clearly see that you do not exist and only Divine Consciousness remains. It takes a particular kind of person to go that way. The path of Self-Inquiry may seem less attractive to many of us in the Oneness community, because we are called to the yummy path of Bhakti. We are drawn to cultivate close friendship with a God we can see and touch and talk to, with whom we can share our day to day lives. This is why our Divine is becoming physical to us and the 3 Chamber Process has come at this time.


At the Deepening, the Oneness Beings (monks in very high states of divine consciousness) selected a group of more than 100 people from all over the world to serve as caretakers for the first centers offering the 3 Chamber Process. We went through 3 days of training and numerous initiations to prepare us for this role. On the final day, Dec. 24th, we were taken to the campus in Nemam where the Oneness Guides had set up the 3 Chambers so we could experience this amazing phenomenon first-hand. Nemam is where Sri Bhagavan grew up as a child. It is also known as Sri Amma’s Ashram because she lived there for years and gave public darshans there almost every day. It was a great place to experience the 3 Chambers.

In the 1
st Chamber people receive instructions for entering the 2nd and 3rd Chambers and are taken through some contemplative processes to prepare them for the experience. The 1st Chamber may be a group process. The 2nd and 3rd Chambers are a solo journey, one person at a time.


In the 2nd Chamber the physical body is prepared for what is about to happen in the 3rd Chamber. This may include physical healing, and in some cases, emotional and mental healing as well.


In the 3rd Chamber a person has the opportunity to meet and talk-face-to-face with their God, to ask questions and make requests, to offer Praise and Gratitude. In the 3rd Chamber one’s personal Divine may become quite physically manifest. The encounter is very direct and intense and absolutely wonderful!


What follows here is simply my experience in the 3 Chambers. In no way am I suggesting that your experience will or even should resemble mine at all. Each of us is unique and has a unique relationship with our own Divine. Whatever your experience is in the 3 Chambers will be your own, and it will be perfect, orchestrated by your Divine to give you just what you need. Here is my story.


Even after preparation going through the 1st Chamber, I had no idea what was about to happen. Nothing could have fully prepared me for the 2nd Chamber. In it was a large Srimurthi (a sacred picture of Sri Bhagavan in a golden robe) and a pair of Padukas (sacred sandals representing the feet of the Divine). I entered bowing very deeply, and in the next instant, I was flat on my face on the floor. My heart chakra exploded wide open. Floods of tears gushed from my eyes. I heard myself spontaneously confessing everything that was in my heart, my doubts, my concerns, my faults and shortcomings, my need for grace and direction in life, everything! It all just came pouring out of my mouth automatically, without any thought, completely out of my control. I was just a witness to what was happening. Sri Bhagavan’s image became 3 dimensional and moved part way out of the Srimurthi. His face changed into many faces of the Divine, one after another, as he spoke to me about my problems. He comforted me and gave me clear guidance about every concern I had expressed. All this happened in three minutes, which is all the time the Guides gave us in each Chamber since there were so many people going through the process. When they led me out of the 2nd Chamber, I was drenched in tears, my heart was wide open, I could hardly walk, and I knew I would never be the same.


We were given a few minutes to integrate before being taken to the 3rd Chamber. As I waited, I wondered what further surprises the 3rd Chamber could possibly hold for me. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.


In the 3rd Chamber there was a large Srimurthi of Sri AmmaBhagavan, the one where they are both seated together. The chamber was filled with the indescribable Presence of God and Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan were quite alive and 3 dimensional in the Srimurthi. Again, my mouth came open, and I heard myself spontaneously praising and thanking Sri AmmaBhagavan for all the wonderful things they have done for me since I became involved with Oneness. I heard myself thanking them for many things that I had somehow forgotten. My life was a mess when I came to Oneness. I was broken. Now, I have a whole new life, full of hope, meaning, and passion and a vision for the future. I have a wonderful wife and new family and friends all over the world. Best of all, I get to serve God. I could see the Hand of God in it all, and I was overflowing with Praise and Gratitude. The only thing I could find in my heart to ask for was to please let me be a faithful instrument for the Divine and to help me never fail my God as I have in the past. I was acutely aware of my helplessness and my need for Grace.


In response, AmmaBhagavan gave me the most amazing Deeksha, immersing me in beautiful golden light. I was just floating, soaking in it when I remembered that Kumarji, the senior monk, told us that we could ask the Divine in the 3rd Chamber what specialized work it was going to do in our 3 Chambers back home. The Divine often emphasizes a particular focus at each center. It could be awakening or God realization or healing or prosperity or relationships, etc. So I asked, and the Divine told me that our center would be a place of Healing for the body, the mind and emotions, and especially for the Heart to Flower in Oneness with God. I could not have asked for more. That is my heart’s desire!


Suddenly, Sri Bhagavan said very bluntly, “OK. We’re done. You can go.”


“But, Bhagavan, “I pleaded, “My time isn’t up yet. Please, let me stay.”


“Alright, then there is time for one more prostration. Do it.”


This all seemed rather blunt, direct and out of character for Bhagavan. I have been in his presence many times, and he is always sweet and gentle. But I certainly wasn’t going to question him. I prostrated on my face, and as I did, a wonderful feeling went through me. Bhagavan began to laugh and asked me, “How does it feel to prostrate now, Michael?”


“It feels wonderful, Bhagavan. This time I feel so much joy, because it is truly from my heart.”


Bhagavan said that he had seen me struggle during the Deepening when I was told “now prostrate, now dance, now express Gratitude, now do this, now do that” if I didn’t feel it was authentic and coming from my heart. Bhagavan said that before I left, he and Amma wanted me to feel a prostration from my heart that felt right. Then he said, “OK. We’re really done, now. Time is up. You can go.” We all began to laugh, and Amma was beaming. The jewels that had been mounted on their foreheads began to glow, and in that moment the Oneness Guide outside the chamber clapped his hands to let me know my three minutes were over. Bhagavan didn’t waste a fraction of a second.


After I came out of the chamber, as I lay in shavasan, I asked Christ, “Jesus, where were you?”  Suddenly I could feel his physical presence right next to me in the dark, and he said “I was with you the whole time. All forms are mine.” Again I laughed.


Later, as I was leaving Nemam, I shared my experience in the 2nd Chamber with Kumarji. I told him that if people back home experience even a fraction of the Divine power that I did in the 2nd Chamber, it will change the world. He said they are going to experience much more than I did. I can’t wait to see it.


This was my experience. You will have your own. Find a center offering the 3 Chamber Process near you, and make an appointment. It’s time to take the limitations off your experience of God, meet your Divine face-to-face, and begin to walk and talk with your God!


Michael Milner – USA

Oneness Meditator & Advanced Oneness Trainer










From: Rev Dr Michael Milner  & Rev Suzanne Champlin

Subject: Shift Into Awakening with us! Chicago June 28-29, Tampa Bay July & August
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2013

From: Rev Dr Michael Milner & Rev Suzanne Champlin

Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011
Subject: Message from my heart
Dear Friends in Oneness,

I rarely write to you at such length, but I feel deeply moved to share with you some things that have been in my heart.

An important quality for spiritual growth is BALANCE. In our Passionate pursuit of Awakening & God Realization it is all too easy to lose BALANCE. What is called for is passionate steady perseverance on the Path. There is often a fine line between genuine healthy passion for growth, balanced with a calm ACCEPTANCE of ourselves exactly as we are are in the present moment, versus a not-so-healthy ego-driven fanatical desperation to get where we want to go, to become something other than we are. Growth begins where we are, not where we want to be. All growth blossoms naturally and spontaneously from simple AWARENESS of "what is" in the present moment, without resistance, and the acceptance of ourselves exactly as we are.

Recently, I have seen many of my sisters and brothers struggling to BECOME Awakened and God Realized at the expense of simply BEING in peaceful, trusting awareness and acceptance of themselves and of reality as it is in the here and now. The struggle to "become" is suffering. Simply Being in Awareness is Bliss. Awakening is a gift of Grace, not an attainment achieved through Herculean efforts, ego-driven by desperation. Relax, breathe, let go. All is well. The Divine is in full control of this process and all is unfolding just as it should. Trust the Divine, and calmly persevere in a gentle balanced way.

Many of us have been so focused on "making it" to Full Awakening, a sort of "enlightenment-or-bust" attitude, that we may have become disappointed if it hasn't happened in an expected time-frame or we haven't had the means to attend a special process in India where we are sure enlightenment awaits us. Because of our tunnel-vision, we may be unable to see and appreciate with Gratitude and Humility the profound Growth that has already taken place in us and continues day by day. As a result, our faith for Awakening could begin to suffer and we could lose our enthusiasm for this whole endeavor.

The Divine is fully present here and now. All the Grace, everything you need for awakening and transformation, is available to you here and now.

When I come to the Divine to receive Deeksha for Awakening & God Realization, a journey without end or destination, I drop my expectations in trust and surrender springing from the awareness that I am in fact totally helpless. I say to the Divine, "You already know what I want, my passionate intent. Give me what I need, what I am actually ready for, what is best for me, what will serve your Will and Purpose and make me a more effective instrument for your Grace in the world. I trust you. I surrender." Whatever happens then, I am humbly grateful and full of awe, an awe and gratitude I would have missed if my desires were set on an imagined outcome that did not occur as I had hoped or expected.

Remember that Awakening is not anything we may have imagined it to be. It is our natural state. Our expectations and concepts get in the way. Many of us have had our sights set on a full blown cosmic fireworks display, the experience of some paranormal super-state, so much so that we have missed the simple gentle oh-so-ordinary and nothing flashy awareness of the present moment free from the resistance and interference of the mind. Too many of us, obsessed with the goal of our dreams, have not fully appreciated how much we have already grown in Awareness, how different our experience of life is now than when we first began receiving Deeksha. Awakening is a process, not an imagined destination. Enjoy the journey. Be patient. Take your time, and remember to smell the roses along the way.

Many of us have been going though overwhelming challenges and life circumstances this year, all while passionately pursuing spiritual growth. If we dwell on the melodrama, rehearsing it in our minds over and over again, telling our friends the story to gain their sympathy and support, we just perpetuate the problem, because the outer world will faithfully reflect our inner state which we are perpetuating by continuing to dwell on the story. As long as this continues, we are increasingly caught in illusion thinking "something is terribly wrong", and our consciousness contracts in fear, which is the core charge of the mind. Sri Amma Bhagavan teaches that all other emotional charges are by-products of fear, and that all so-called human suffering is the result of running away from suffering. If we find ourselves caught in this web, we need to return to the core teachings of Oneness and practice the "Art of Suffering". That is to drop the story and ask for Grace to become aware of the underlying emotional charge, the feeling of contraction rooted in fear. Embrace it in awareness without resistance and it will begin to expand and release its grip. Causeless peace, joy and love will result, and we will begin to see that this situation has been the perfect occasion for our learning and growth. Insights and answers will come, and we will again remember that the Divine is in control and all is well.

We need each other to make it through the journey ahead. Community is essential. This is a collective awakening and shift, not an individual obsession with our own personal awakening. It helps our process dramatically, maybe more than we realize, to receive (and give) Deeksha regularly, to share our struggles and breakthroughs with our local community and to pray for one anothers needs.

I encourage you to commit yourself to support the work of an active Oneness Trainer and to participate in as many of the the meetings and processes offered by that Trainer as you can. This could be the Trainer who initiated you as a Deeksha Giver or the one who first introduced you to Deeksha, or it could just be a Oneness Trainer who lives close to you that you feel drawn to work with. We Trainers have been given special tools and grace to assist you with your process, and we have each been asked to gather a core group of at least 35 people to work directly with us and to to be part of the 70,000 beings who will help Sri Amma Bhagavan bring about a shift in the collective consciousness of Humanity. If you are called to be part of this aspect of our work, let us (or another trainer you feel drawn to) know as soon as possible.

One more thing: Deeksha is a gift to all of Humanity. It does not belong to any single spiritual tradition, religion or belief system. You may be Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Taoist, Hindu, Pagan, New Age, Indigenous, Agnostic or Atheist. Oneness is for everyone. Some people approach higher consciousness from a purely secular and scientific viewpoint with no interest in religion at all. Deeksha supports all paths. Not everyone has an enthusiasm for rituals and devotion to the Divine in a personal form as embodied in Bhakti Yoga. There are many different paths to Oneness suited to people with different interests and temperaments, like the path of "Self Inquiry" which asks "Who am I?" as a way to Awakening that has nothing to do with ritual or devotion to God. If Oneness Bhakti Yoga hasn't been your cup of tea, don't worry, you are not alone. Although I personally love the path of Bhakti, I have been hearing this lament from a number of people, including Christians who would like something more focused on Christ, others who have no devotion to a personal God and still others who just need a different approach.

Oneness has something for everyone. There are many teachings and processes, like the Oneness Experience, the Oneness Awakening, 64 Deekshas, weekly webcast meditations, secular and inter-faith Oneness Blessing meetings and teleconferences being offered throughout the world. There is no need to insist that everyone share a common passion for Indian spirituality. As Oneness Trainers it is our job to offer Deeksha in an way that is open and sensitive to all paths and responsive to the needs and traditions of the people we are serving. For example, in response to many requests from Christians in the Oneness community, I am developing something for the exploration of Mystical Christianity for those with a connection to Christ and the Christ Consciousness (more on that in the future). How about Oneness and Kabbalah for our Jewish friends, Oneness and Sufism for our Muslim friends, Oneness and Brain Science for the scientists among us? There are so many possibilities. Let's keep the door open.

We love you, and we are here to support you in your process.



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