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Sri Bhagavan's Webcast Message



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Today is the day of awakening.

Living without being awakened is no living at all. It is merely an
effort for survival. Why is it that we do not live? It is the mind which prevents us from living. How does the mind prevent us from living? The mind does not allow us to experience reality as it is.

When you experience reality as it is then you are living. But the mind does not allow that to happen. Why? The mind is all the time naming, it is judging and trying to
convert it into memory. That is why the mind never allows you to actually experience anything.

Therefore, in order to live we have to be free of the mind. There is yet another reason why we should be free of the mind. The mind is responsible for all our problems throughout our human existence. It creates problems then it tries to solve the problems. In that very effort it keeps surviving. Without problems, the mind cannot
survive. That is what is responsible for all our problems.

As long as we are not free of the mind problems are not going to cease. The individual, the collective, political, be it economical, be it social, be it environmental, what not - the root is in the mind. Unless and until we are free of the mind, these problems are not going to come to an end.

To be free of the mind is the only revolution. There is no other revolution that can really transform man. Therefore it is very important to be free of the mind. When we say that we must be free of the mind we are not talking of extinguishing the mind, no, not at all. The mind will very much be there. In fact it will be working more efficiently. But then instead of the mind making rules of our lives we will be making use of the mind. That is the only difference that is going to take place now. The mind will very be there, but then we will be making use of this.

This freedom of the mind is what we call the awakening.

So today, if all things go well, in a matter of two hours listening to this web cast today you should be awakened! Today, here and now.

So how do we go about this?

We're going to use what is called the Mukthi Deeksha. We were speaking
to you earlier on the Skype that from January 2011 would be the programming and from July 2011 we would be doing the process. But then there is not much time left, so we have fused the two into a short compact program. Amma and I have taken a sankalpa (intent) that it works. The last few weeks it has been working very well and thousands of people have made it.

So now we are handing over this Mukthi Deeksha to you. It's going to become yours in the next two hours. Not only will you be making it, but you will be able to make use of it to awaken others.

So the countdown has begun. We are not going to wait until the end of 2010, 2011, or 2012.

We are starting right away. You will be awakened and you will be awakening others and it is your mission to complete the awakening of man. It is in your hands now.

So now we will go into the process itself.

I shall again repeat the example I have been giving all over the world, again and again, in order that it enters your consciousness.

So we have a television set which is your consciousness, it is connected to the DVD player which is your mind. In turn it is connected to a power source and the power is flowing. The power that flows is the Deeksha and the source of power is the divine.

Now we have to get the CD ready. The CD is the teachings which I gave in the month of February. Hopefully you have worked on it and actually understood it.

I will be revising the CD, that is the five basic teachings for awakening.  And then we will be uploading it with the 49 minute sadhanas. Once the uploading is over, we switch on. That is the Deeksha for which you will go and touch the padukas if you have there, or Amma Bhagavan's picture if there, or if you prefer to touch an icon of your choice it could be from any faith - Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, whatever you want. Any icon you could touch. The Deeksha will be given directly by the Divine without any human intervention.  This is a very special Deeksha. That is why it is called Mukthi Deeksha and once you receive it, it is all over.

The state will be there. For some people it will take a little time, maybe a day or two. If all goes well it has to be permanent, irreversible, the first time itself.

If for any chance the state were to dip, again repeat the chant, or back home you could repeat the process in case it dips it will come back with a bang. Those that do not get it now could go home and repeat it and it will come back. In case it dips, once or twice, repeat and it remain permanently, irreversibly, with you for life.

You have the freedom to repeat it whenever you want to. You will be moving into deeper and higher states of consciousness. It's all up to you.

So now we go into the five teachings:

Repeat it after me:

The first is 'your thoughts are not your thoughts'.
The second is 'your mind is not mind'.
The third is your body is not your body.
Fifth is 'All things are happening automatically'.
Sixth is 'I as a person do not exist.'
These are the teachings.

So now, as I say it you repeat it after me in your native tongue (7 times),
which if it happens to be English, I will be speaking in English, you
will repeat it in whatever language is your native tongue.

So here we go now. I'll make a slight change in it,

~ thoughts are not mine

~ mind is not mine

~ this body is not my body

~ all things are happening automatically

~ I as a person do not exist

Who or what is it that is making this statement?
You are saying mind is not there but somebody is there watching. What is that?
So it is obvious that something is existing - that is satta -existence. What is not there is identification, I am doing things is not there. The person who says 'this is mine' is not there.

The Atman - This atman is what we call the unborn and the undying, the
unchanging and the imperishable. Water cannot wet, knife cannot cut. It is the eternal ever present “I”, the “Presence”. That's what is there. This is described as Satta. It has a sense of existence. There is also called Chitta - there is no English equivalent of this,
the best we could translate it as consciousness and intelligence fused together, consciousness and tremendous intelligence. It can observe your mind, your body and all your actions. Therefore it is Chitta, and it experiences unconditional, limitless joy. That is why it is called Ananda. It is called Satchinanda. The name given to it is
Parabramha. That's why we keep chanting Satchinanda Parabramha.

So you are that - the unborn, the undying, the eternal, the ever
present, the ever present presence.
That's what you really are.
You are existence, consciousness, bliss.
You are not the thoughts.
You are not the mind.
You are not the body.
You are not the one who is acting.
All actions are taking place automatically.
You are the eternal witness - that's what you are.

You have been searching for this all your life [??] you have been searching for this.
Your search has been futile because you have been searching in the wrong places.
Like you see in movies, some guy has a hat on his head then he keeps asking 'where is my hat?'

You are the one you have been searching for.
You are the one you have been waiting for.
That has been the problem.

The index finger which points at objects cannot point at itself.
The eye which sees cannot see itself.
That is the problem.

Today you are going to see that.
You are going to be that.

So now I will first say three times and after I have said you will say.
Then I will be on Skype for the next few minutes, the Skype will be
shut down and Amma and I will be fully focused on you for the next 49
minutes. And when you come and touch the altar we will still be
focused on you. And then it's all over.

So you'll be changing your courses into Oneness Awakening Courses. How
that should be done soon an email will be sent to you with all the
guidelines laid out.

We are transferring the power to you today.

We have initiated the process of dissolution which we said would start
in 2014, we have initiated that today.

So I will say and you will repeat it after me.

In your native tongue, this is very crucial, if English happens to be
your native tongue fine otherwise in your native tongue.

I am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

Repeat in your native tongue for 49 minutes:

I am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss

Note for process sent through one of the guides: Give no hands on deeksha after the paduka or sacred object deeksha. This is a deeksha completely working through the divine with no need for human intervention.

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