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How Can I Tell If The Oneness Blessing Is Working?

By Radhakrishna Dasaji


Radhakrishna Dasaji was asked – after receiving the Oneness Blessing, how can we tell if we are progressing in the process.

Here are some edited comments from his reply;

The way to see how you are progressing in the process is to see how you are experiencing everything in your day to day life – are you experiencing everything as it is, without trying to change it.

Look at your relationships – relationships with your parents, in the work place, your partner etc. Are you experiencing things as they are? If someone is angry at you, how do you react? Does it upset you? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? The process is not becoming free of everything. It is allowing yourself to experience whatever is flowing through you, and feeling comfortable with it.

The divine presence flows into you through the Oneness Blessing. The Oneness Blessing brings about a shift. Naturally you see that every experience regardless of what it is – it may be anger or whatever else – is just an experience, before you may have reacted or tried to change the situation, but now you see the same anger as beautiful – it doesn’t bother you. This is how the Oneness Blessing is working – this is how you have changed.

This is all happening in a natural way. For some it can happen quickly and for others it may be a gradual thing. You will be aware of the shifts, and this is a sure way to see how you are progressing.

It is a false concept or belief that someone at a certain state of consciousness, a state of Oneness for example never experiences anger. Sri Bhagavan says that humanity will have a fully functional state of Oneness.

Anger when totally experienced can be just as amazing as experiencing laughter or incredible joy. When you truly experience it – when it is not clouded by emotions, guilt, frustration etc – when it is happening as a natural expression, anger can be expressed and experienced in its pure form.

When you allow it to happen without the emotions mentioned above, it can be incredibly exhilarating. One minute you could be really angry and expressing yourself and the next minute you could be in absolute bliss. It’s the most amazing experience. The anger dissolves into its nothingness. There is no residue, no guilt, just pure joy in the whole experience. You lighten up, you see that you had an experience of anger, and your thoughts are – so what!