The Golden Age Begins! Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan

 World Oneness Day Messages

May 20, 2007


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On "World Oneness Day", May 20, 2007, the twin Avatars for Awakening and God Realization, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, were physically present with approximately 200,000 people, including 10-20,000 Indian and nearly 500 foreign Oneness Deeksha Givers from all over the world (including Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Egypt, England, Scotland, Belgium, Bali, Canada, the United States and perhaps more) showering their Oneness Deeksha on the whole world to accelerate Global Awakening into Oneness, to deepen the state of all Oneness Facilitators and to increase the power of the Oneness Deekshas flowing through them. This was the largest gathering of Oneness Facilitators in human history. There were somewhere between 10-20,000 of us with Amma and Bhagavan transferring the energies of Awakening into Oneness to the entire world at the same time! This planet will never be the same! The Golden Age has begun!



Sri Bhagavan’s Address


The World Oneness Day shall bring about an end to human suffering. It shall also mark Man’s liberation from the human mind. The human mind is a very ancient mind and it is the one mind. It has been so for the last 2 million years. It is important that you realize that we cannot transform this mind, but we could become free of the mind. Such a thing is going to start today. The Oneness Deeksha will bring about a new generation of human beings with a new outlook and a new sense of being world citizens concerned with everything living on earth. It is your grave responsibility to make this happen. Amma and Bhagavan would be giving you a very special Oneness Deeksha with which your consciousness would rise to such levels that you yourself would become Amma Bhagavan. Once you become Amma Bhagavan you will become free of the tyranny of the human mind. What you would experience thereafter is unconditional love, limitless joy and oneness. You are going to make this happen. We are going to give you this power today and you are going to make this happen. And we are going to see the birth of a new age.


So we will be starting the Deeksha very soon after Amma has spoken in Telugu. Thank you so much. Thank you all very very much. We feel completely one with you. You are in us; we are in you. You are Amma Bhagavan; we are Amma Bhagavan. We will become one. There will be no more separation between us starting from this very moment. It will snowball itself. So we will start very soon.


Sri Amma’s Address


When I look at all of you, I am unable to speak out of joy. Today is a festival day for the whole world. It is the beginning of world transformation. You are all the children of Amma Bhagavan born in different places and today we have brought you all to us again. You always think about the past, “Oh! My thoughts are not alright; my behavior is not alright; would Amma Bhagavan’s divine grace really come into me? Would we become like Amma Bhagavan?” You always keep suffering in this manner. In the struggle for survival, innocence, love and values are being lost. I am well aware of this condition of yours!


Definitely, here this very moment we will make you all into Amma Bhagavan! Once Amma Bhagavan come into you, we will bestow upon you the power to see Amma Bhagavan in every human being. Thereafter, you will be able to love every living being, every individual. Such grace we would bestow upon you!


Thereafter, we will increase the Deeksha power in you. Through you, we will create awakened beings in this whole world. It is you who will transfer Oneness Deekshas and create awakened people. Because of you, the whole world would be awakened. This is the beginning of the Golden Age. Amma and Bhagavan would come with you; we will reside in you.


World Oneness Day

May 20, 2007

Press Release

The 20th of May, 2007 saw a huge congregation of people at the Oneness University campus in Varadaiahpalem , 70 kms off Chennai enroute Tirupati. More than 150,000 people including International and national leaders, scientists and academicians, royalty from various states of India , students and teachers , business professionals as well as industrialists rubbed shoulders with the local villagers of Varadaiahpalem mandal as they all received the flood of Divine Grace from the fountainhead of Sri Amma Bhagavan who gave a rare public appearance together.

The occasion was the World Oneness Day Celebrations which was part of a larger global initiative praying and meditating for global peace across various strategic locations of the world. The initiative was prime-moved by the prestigious Club of Budapest, consisting of Nobel laureates and global social icons , The Global Consciousness Project prime-moved by science icon and retired Professor of Princeton University, Dr Roger Nelson as well as the Goi Peace Foundation of Japan. In a unique initiative aimed at achieving global peace , the Global Consciousness Project was measuring the impacts of various meditative and prayer processes on aspects of world peace.

Various locations across the world have been selected for this study and it is a matter of great pride for India and Indians that the Oneness University has attracted global attention from such illustrious sources. In fact the Oneness University has conducted pilot projects with high violence groups with an analysis and study of the impact of it's processes.

In an interesting presentation from the visionary founder of the University, Sri Bhagavan and senior guides of the University, the perspective of the University as regards world peace was shared. The University sees the outer world as a reflection of the inner world. When consciousness levels raise in the inner world , the result outside is a manifestation of peace, joy and love. Thus , peace is wrought about in the external world through changes that happen in our inner worlds.

The rare public appearance was accompanied by a even more rare talk by both Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan where they announced the inauguration of the Golden Age of Oneness for all of mankind. The Age of Oneness also signifies the end of suffering and misery for mankind. Every individual present in the audience was blessed with a total descent of a consciousness freed from the clutches of the ancient human mind which is more than 2 million years old. "The mind cannot be transformed, but one could be liberated from the mind" declared Sri Bhagavan. The World Oneness Day in this context acquires historical significance in the evolution of the cosmos as a day of days where man makes a significant leap in consciousness realms towards the discovery of joy, love and success in his life. A very innovative approach with far reaching impacts on various developmental initiatives and the future of all of mankind….All problems affecting the individual and community as a whole can find a universal addressal through a raising of consciousness levels which the Oneness University offers through it's unique DEEKSHA process.

Sri Amma Bhagavan , the founder visionaries of the University are the epicenter of this energy which is the seed for the enlightenment for all of mankind. In a morphogenetic effect, the consciousness energy moves from them to the guides and sevaks of the University and from them to the extended population. Such a transfer of energy was evident at the venue where over 150,000 people received Deekshas from about 10,000 people, who have received a benediction for the transfer of energy and become Deeksha giving volunteers of the University.

This event is expected to impact not just the consciousness levels of those present but also of the entire world through the impact of the morphogenic fields. The audience was huge, yet disciplined; they were in ecstasy as they saw their beloved Sri  Amma Bhagavan. The ambience was electric, the air all around sacred. And amongst those present were Smt Suryakanta Patil, Union Minister of State for Home, Priya Dutt, MP from Mumbai, Business Heads such as Vinod Ambani, President, Reliance Group, Jagdish Capoor, Chairman HDFC and political bigwigs from Maharastra and other states as well as ministers and bureaucrats from across various states of India.

Is the approach of the University the elixir that all of mankind has been waiting for? Definitely worth an explore for layperson and community leader; politician and industrialist, academician and scientist alike…..






Krishna, Son of Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan









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