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Sat & Sun Feb 13-14

Clearwater, Florida


Oneness Youth

Transforming the World From Within

Weekend Course & Initiation of Blessing Givers



With Oneness Trainer Catherine Scherwenka


At Yoga Village, 2760 Daniel St., Clearwater FL 33761

This workshop offers youth ages 16-26 a doorway to higher states of consciousness, where participants experience and receive gifts such as greater peace, joy, and clarity in all arenas of life. The program focuses on: healing of relationships, breaking negative patterns and conditionings, equations for success and the art of fulfillment.

Participants also receive several oneness blessings illuminating profound insights through experience. This vital program inspires and transforms participants into their fullest potential, and acts as an instrument for healing and growth on all levels.

At the end of the workshop, all participants will be initiated as Blessing Givers! The Oneness University is now allowing the attendees to become Blessing Givers to accelerate change in the world."

February 13 & 14 from 12-7pm each day

Fee: $100 (scholarships are available)

Yoga Village
2760 Daniel St.
Clearwater FL
US 33761

Look for the gray building behind the 7-11 on the corner of SR580 and McMullen-Booth Rd. Web site:

Contact Linda Wilkerson: [email protected]


To Register go to:

Or contact Elizabeth Scherwenka at [email protected]

(415) 497-6992



Oneness Youth Program


The Oneness Youth Program is to inspire the consciousness and hearts of our youth. It is a global program that has been created to reach young adults from ages 16-26, helping them to discover love and peace in relationship and guide them into a path of success externally, and fulfillment internally. Oneness Youth offers a vital program that catalyzes and inspires transformation both individually and collectively, giving a new generation of Youth both the tools and experience of Oneness Consciousness.


The Youth are essential to the flowering, awakening and intrinsic well-being of humanity’s future, and hold a critical position for the ability to create a sustainable, and thriving way of life on earth.


2 Hour Introductory Course- Introduction to the oneness phenomenon with tools to assist in growth internally and externally, also information on the Oneness University, courses offered, and a direct experience of the Oneness Blessing.

2-Day Preparatory -Intensive will focus on breaking negative patterns, and conditioning which hinder our process in the external world. Also promotes inner acceptance and healing of relationships, leading to heightened awareness and higher states of consciousness. Participants also receive several Oneness Blessings that initiate a very powerful process of accelerated growth and healing. This 2 – Day Intensive is designed to prepare participants for the 7- Day Course in India.

7-Day Oneness Youth Course- is held at the Oneness University. This course is designed to Awaken Intelligence and is primarily aimed at helping the Youth advance to a higher state of consciousness. Youth leaders are naturally born with a global outlook and open heart. Carrying with them powerful tools for success and fulfillment, for all arenas of life. The participants of this process also receive a special initiation empowering them to help others through the transmission of the Oneness Blessing.


Why Oneness Youth?


Humanity as a whole does not experience this perception of Oneness. The fact is humanity feels separate from everyone and everything. This perception of separation within oneself reflects through all of life’s relationships. Poor health and our lack of physical and mental well, being is a clear sign of humanities broken relationship with oneself. The deteriorating condition of our relationships within our families is blatantly obvious, especially in the West. The disharmony with our Global family is apparent in our governmental systems, and our relationship to Mother Earth is grossly reflected in the condition of our planet, our home. When a person moves into a state of connection or oneness within oneself, naturally one perceives the connection within all things, thus creating wholeness and connectivity within all relationships.

What is Oneness Blessing?

The Oneness Blessing is a phenomenon, which initiates a neurobiological change in the brain – calming the parietal lobes, relaxing the nervous system, and freeing the senses. This shift pushes a person into a natural clarity of perception and allows the individual to experience feelings of joy, inner freedom, love and connection to everyone and everything, regardless of environment or background.

Oneness Experience Course

Join us on an inward journey that starts from where you are and moves you towards a state of Oneness, a state where there is no resistance, no conflict, no suffering – a state of joy and peace.
In this amazing weekend you will

  • Receive transfers of the Oneness Blessing® and learn how to meet the challenges of life with joy

  • Experience samskara shuddhi, an ancient technique to heal relationships and release negative and limiting patterns

  • Learn the formula for success and happiness in inner and outer life

  • Become a Oneness Facilitator and give the gift of the Oneness Blessing to others

Sign up for an OE Course NOW (under Oneness Experience Course) or contact Elizabeth Scherwenka for registration details at [email protected] 415-697-6992


 For Schedule, Details & to Register go to:

Or contact Elizabeth Scherwenka at [email protected]

(415) 497-6992