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The Oneness Temple

The Oneness Temple is a temple for all religions. It influences the field of consciousness around the world, helping to uplift humanity into the Golden Age of Oneness.

"The dawn of this new civilization, which we might call an Age of Oneness, is the single most explosive fact of our life times."

- Sri Bhagavan


What Bhagavan Has Said Concerning The Oneness Temple :


The Oneness Temple is a very unique temple. As we walk through the various passages of the temple our Chakras would start opening up starting with the Mooladhara (Base) to Sahasrara (Crown).  

As we come near the dome of the temple, our frontal lobes would be activated. When the frontal lobes are activated… (we will experience the Divine Presence in a manner consistent with our own beliefs about the Divine) …If one is a Christian, he would see Christ, a Hindu would see his Hindu God, a Muslim would have his experience of God. 

People from all faiths and religions from anywhere in the world could come and pray… in their own way. They… (will directly experience the Divine in their own way)… This is a temple for the whole of humanity.

Q: How would the temple you are building affect the whole of humanity?

Bhagavan: "This temple that we are building has a special kind of structure, built on a very special place… (When enough people have awakened into Oneness) …thousands of them would come there, sit there and meditate.

So when that happens… six or seven thousand (awakened) people would be meditating in those halls and the remainder would be giving (Oneness Blessing) Deeksha in the world. So their Deeksha would be very powerful, because these groups are meditating here.

Then after sometime this group would go out and a newer group would come in. So it is like the power generator, with so many highly awakened people, all in the same hall. That is why it is a pillar-less hall with a very special design.

So as you keep meditating, it is like a power supply which goes into the people who are giving (Oneness Blessing) Deeksha outside and helps mankind to awaken into Oneness very fast. So, this temple is being specially built for the specific purpose of awakening mankind."

Q: What is the significance of the Golden City ?

Bhagavan: "There are certain energy lines flowing on the earth called grid lines. These are like latitudes and longitudes. These grid lines can be measured... We have done a lot of work on this and have found out that if your chakras rotate at (a certain speed), then you become awakened. We have also discovered that by making the grid lines vibrate, we can make the chakras rotate at that particular speed.

After scanning a number of places, we have discovered this place- the Golden City , and some of the major grid-lines are surfacing from this place. It is here that we are building the temple. This structure can hold 8000 people. When 8000 people will start meditating continuously in turn, the grid lines will start vibrating not just in G.C but across the globe, as the energies will rise due to the power generated by meditation. These grid lines will in turn affect the chakras taking you into different states.

And also the Golden City… is constructed totally according to the Vaastu that was revealed by me (Vaastu is an ancient Vedic science of architecture which incorporates sacred geometry, understanding of directions, shapes, energy flows, etc.). This would enable me to hold the auspicious energies and negate the negative energies, so that it becomes easy… to increase… grace thousand folds as the energy level of a place is very essential for grace to come.

So let us say you are in Beijing and the vibrations are set in motion here, in Beijing you will start getting experiences and then whatever should happen will start happening. Then, whether you like it or not you will awaken into Oneness. So, to make this happen we are building the Golden City . I want all of you to come and meditate there once it is completed."

The Oneness Temple will influence the morphogenetic fields across the globe, Awakening into Oneness all of humanity.

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The Oneness University has issued an official statement about the Oneness Temple Opening: Click Here

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