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The Oneness Process

Level 1 Course


2010 Schedule: Oneness University, India

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The mission and vision of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma is to awaken 64,000 people on this planet to oneness, which is our true nature. These will then be the channels to transfer the seed of awakening to the rest of the world. We invite you to be one of them.

The Level 1 Course

The Level 1 Course is taught by the guides of the Oneness University. The Course is designed to offer a well balanced integration of the heart and the intellect, of knowledge and devotion, of human effort and divine grace. Often times this culminates in a personal and profound experience of the Divine, the same Essence which lies at the center of all creation.

It is this unusual combination of practical teaching combined with profound experiences that draws people the world-over to attend the Level 1 Course. Each month hundreds of people from around the globe attend the Oneness University. The campuses are an eclectic mix of people from numerous countries, varied ethnic backgrounds and differing religious and spiritual paths.

Guided into meditation, contemplation and assisted in a practical application of the teachings, participants pursue an inward journey that leads them through various milestones on the spiritual path. Namely, acceptance of oneself, acceptance of others, insights into the nature of the mind, the self and the Divine.

Toward the end of the Process an auspicious ceremony of initiation empowers the participants to become channels for the Oneness Blessing energies to flow through them. Thereafter they acquire the power to effect transformation in others and share in the vision of bringing about 'A Global Oneness Age.'

2010 Schedule: Oneness University, India

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If you live in outside of the USA,

please contact the coordinator for your region.

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Oneness University - India