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FREE! Global Deeksha Teleconference

EVERY Monday 9:30-10:30PM Eastern Time

NEW Access Number: 218-339-9748 

Passcode: 6863912#



Chakra Dhyana, special meditations & powerful Deekshas


Now these calls include a different teaching each week on the 21 Conditions for Awakening from Oneness Bhakti Yoga!


Distance Oneness Deeksha by Intention


Although Oneness Blessing (Oneness Deeksha) is usually transferred by the Blessing Giver placing his or her hands on the crown of the recipient's head, the transfer of Divine Grace can also take place by intention from a long distance away through prayer or meditation, over the phone or the Internet. This is a manifestation of the Divine Power as gifted through Amma and Bhagavan to infuse energy directly from their Essence to anyone, anywhere.




Experience Oneness Deeksha

by Telephone 


Recordings of some previous calls are at the bottom of the page



Hosted by Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, Ph.D.



Many people ask us for Distance Oneness Deekshas by Intention via telephone. Too keep up with the demand we decided to hold weekly teleconferences. These calls last about an hour and may include Teachings, Questions & Answers, Guided Meditations (like Chakra Dhyana) and Powerful Oneness Deekshas.


Oneness Deekshas by telephone are just as powerful and effective as hands-on Oneness Deekshas, sometimes more so! In fact, when several Oneness Deeksha Givers join together to send the Oneness Deeksha by Intention, the Power of the Blessing is multiplied. It is many times stronger than when there is only one Blessing Giver.

On these teleconferences there are usually at least 20-30 Blessing Givers from all over the world. We give Oneness Deeksha by Intention throughout the entire call, while we chant the Moola Mantra together, do Chakra Dhyana and various other guided meditations and send special Blessings to the participants, to the morphogenetic fields of collective human consciousness surrounding the planet and often to Sri Amma Bhagavan and the Guides (Guides of the Oneness University) as well, in Gratitude for all they are doing to help awaken humanity.

Join us! There is no better way to end your day on Monday, and it is a great way to remain saturated with the beautiful energies of Awakening into Oneness!

There is no cost to participate in these calls. The number and passcode remain the same each week.

You can access the call using a regular telephone or Skype, etc. Although there is no charge for these teleconferences, please take into consideration that the calls themselves are not toll-free, so a long-distance charge may be reflected on your phone bill.

It is wise to call at least 10 minutes before the teleconference (20 minutes is better). If you call and hear a recording saying that all lines are busy, or that the number is out of service, keep trying. You will eventually get through. Sometimes the lines get congested, if too many people are trying to get through at the same time. That's why it's wise to get on the call at least 10 minutes early. Passcodes are more easily recognized by the teleconference system, if you call on a land-line rather than a cell phone. Also, cell phones tend to have inferior sound quality when we are chanting or playing music.

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These calls are offered at no cost!

NEW Access Number: 218-339-9748 

Passcode: 6863912#


Recordings of calls:

To download & listen on your own computer,

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1-11-2010 mp3

2-1-2010 mp3

3-22-2010 mp3


3-29-2010 mp3

Contains teaching about Mukthi Deeksha & the Awakened State