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The Oneness Process

Level 2 Course

"The Deepening"





"Growth is not measured by the amount of joy or love you experience everyday or how many times you experienced God or how long you experienced thoughtlessness. If at all, it is measured by how comfortable you are with yourself; with your fear; with your nervousness; with your frustration, that is growth." - Sri Anandagiri


The Level 2 Course

The journey into consciousness is an ever-deepening experience with many important milestones or stages of growth. One key milestone is a state of consciousness wherein reality is experienced as it is. Spontaneously. Effortlessly. Without the interference of our mind, our thoughts, or our conditioning.

According to Sri Amma Bhagavan, "Suffering is the incapacity to experience things as they are." Our inability to experience reality as it is gives rise to inner conflict, erroneous perceptions, a miriad of false beliefs, the breaking down of our relationships, a rise in what we perceive as mundane problems and our inability to deal with them; and above all - an experience of being ill at ease with life itself.

The Oneness Process - Level 2 Course is primarily aimed at helping participants advance to a state where they can experience reality as it is; a state wherein the illusion of personal suffering begins to dissolve. With the dissolution of personal suffering begins the second phase of the spiritual journey. In this stage one is naturally awakened to suffering as a collective experience, no longer experiencing it as a sense of personal torment that we may have felt in the past. A feeling of inner freedom often accompanies this stage, coupled with a deep and innate sense of compassion towards all of humanity.

The desire to assist and help humanity arises spontaneously. It is the natural outcome of a person no longer bound by personal suffering. While individual effort and spiritual practices power the process of awakening in the first stage, it is this passion and spirit of service for humanity that now leads the seeker into higher levels of consciousness. Lead by the Guides of the Oneness University, powerful meditation techniques accompanied by insightful teachings and special Oneness Blessings help steer this process - leading the participants deeper into their own experience of love, joy and service.

This course is restricted to Oneness Blessing Givers only, individuals that have previously attended and completed the Level 1 Course (formerly called the 21-Day Oneness Process). An interval of at least five months should pass between your attendance at this course and your Level 1 completion date.

One full day is designated as an arrival day (no classes scheduled) and one full day as a departure day (no classes scheduled).


For Dates, Locations, Details & to Apply Contact:

Oneness North America

888-801-8795 (toll-free), 310-684-3599

PO Box 2336

Berkeley, CA  94702


If you live in outside of the USA,

please contact the coordinator for your region.

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