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From: Oneness Guides
Sent: Wed, September 15, 2010 12:29:51 PM
Subject: ONENESS NEWS - MIRACLE AT HYDERABAD... photograph of Sri Bhagavan






A miracle happened at Hyderabad in the life of Pavan.


Find below the narration of the miracle in the words of Pavan himself.


My name is Pavan. I am from Hyderabad. I wish to share a miracle performed by Sri Amma Bhagavan on July 20, 2010. On that day, my father sustained a paralysis stroke and we were clueless about it. On July 21, early in the morning, we took him to the hospital. They said  since your father has crossed  age 50 there are remote chances of a cure. Also, for a cure, a minimum year's  bed rest will be needed besides huge expenses.  The Doctor's advise disappointed us.

We have prayed to Sri Amma Bhagawan for many years and thus pinned our hopes on them alone.  As I wondered , about my father , Sri Amma Bhagavan guided from within to approach Dr.Hemanth. "If you go to him, it may get cured". Immediately, we approached Dr Hemanth in the evening itself. The doctor declared, " I have seen so many cases in my life, I cannot handle this case'.  We were further disappointed. As a parting final word he suggested to call on Dr KK Jain, a specialist in this field as the final word on this treatment. Accordingly we approached Dr KK Jain. He suggested, without even seeing my father, that we join my father in BJR. As advised, we admitted him  on July 21, 2010 at 10.30 PM in the Casualty first aid was administered. Some other Senior Doctors in the Casualty told us that a certain Dr DJD Rao who studied from Australia and was a gold medalist could certainly cure my father.

We prayed to Sri Amma Bhagavan to make Dr DJD Rao take up this case as he is considered to be a great doctor. We prayed :  All these years, you have been protecting us, YOU alone can help us now. As we completed the prayer, Dr DJD Rao came and informed that he was not taking up my father's case! We were disappointed and wept for one and half hour on why Bhagawan was testing us, wondering  whether we committed any mistake in our life ... ? Sri Amma Bhagavan were telling us from within , 'you do not feel tension. I am with you.' Some sort of confidence welled from inside. We prayed 'Bhagawan, this is the last chance we are giving you. We will do 24-hour 'nama japam bhagawan'.

Immediately Dr  DJD Rao came back with his Assistant and told us that he is taking up my father's case and signed it as 'VVSN Murthy'!  As he continued with the treatment on the second day he said 'there is some improvement. One year's bed rest is compulsory for your father. He has to quit his job.' We started our prayers with the 24-hour Moolamantra Japa. During the break, we prayed to Sri Bhagavan 'we will have our meals only with my father's job. Otherwise, it will become very difficult. I am just completing my graduation. So I cannot earn now. You know all about my family, Amma Bhagavan'. After praying for 15 - 20 minutes, a voice came from within, 'I will get your father cured within seven day. Believe'. Still we were not believing, because we were believing Doctors' words only. We prayed Bhagavan to come in some form.

Next day, on 22nd July, 2010, in the morning at 10am, all the relatives came. They said 'just because you have believed Sri Amma Bhagavan, this is the deteriorated state of affairs even after hearing the tv news about them, you are not believing (TV). When you leave them, we will help you. We will be at your bedside and get your father cured. We will take care of all your household needs. If you don't leave Sri Amma Bhagavan, we will snap our relationships! By that time, we decided that we did'nt want relatives. If there are any relatives, they are Sri Amma Bhagavan. We don't have anybody except Sri Amma Bhagavan. We felt these things within and hoped that Sri Amma Bhagavan will come in some form and help us.

On 23rd July, 2010 evening, at around 5.30 pm, Sri Bhagavan happened to come to this BBD Hospital, Balanagar. When I was sitting in the reception, one old man came and patted me on my back. He looked like Sri Bhagavan wearing sun glasses. I could not identify clearly. By that very moment, I was filled with so much sorrow, that I was out of control. At that  time Si Bhagavan patted me on my back.  Sri Bhagavan along with some person came along saying 'Krishna! Our work is going to be completed. The person is here', they sat beside me. Besides that old man, there was a very young person. He was calling him 'Krishna, Krishna'.

As soon as Sri Bhagavan touched me, a severe heat welled up from me. I was  speechless. My mind went blank. I was staring at him. HE was telling me, 'If you all cry, I cannot withstand. Don't cry. I have come to mitigate your suffering. If you suffer on your own and bear all the difficulties, there is no use of my coming. I have ,at first, told to leave every suffering to me."  Then I told him 'What is this grandpa, I do not know who you are. I am not able to understand what you are talking'. Then He said, " slowly you will understand everything. You still don't know who I am'. Still, it did not strike me. Then I asked him 'how do I address you. You are looking like an old man'. HE replied, 'you only are telling I am looking like old man. Call me grandpa'.

Then it struck me! 'Since my childhood, i.e., from the age of 15-16 years, I have addressed Sri Amma Bhagavan as grandpa and grandma, then only they are responding. If I call them Amma Bhagavan, they do not respond.' Then I thought that maybe, Sri Bhagavan might have come to me! Then as soon as HE touched my head, that idea was gone! HE told , "between 5.30 and 7.30 pm, I will come for next three days Everything will be arranged automatically. You need not worry. You tell your mother also to be bold. Nothing happened to your father. They will tell it is paralysis. Doctors will tell whatever they feel.  I will do whatever I want to do. You don't worry. How is DJD Rao?  Is he handling this case'. Then I was shocked. How come he knows Dr DJD Rao. Sri Bhagavan says 'whatever happens everything will be known to me. Do not put questions in reverse' and as it was 7.30 pm, HE left for the day.

On 24th July,2010, at 5.30 I was waiting ,thinking that somebody is coming to support me. There was an emotional feeling that somebody was with me. Just standing besides me, just like grandpa, as own grandpa. I was waiting with this feeling. Immediately, he got down from the car. A white Ford Fiesta. Getting down the car and coming towards me .... 'Krishna, our person, whom we are looking for, is here itself. We need not go inside.' HE started talking outside the (gate). I enquired, 'How are you grandpa'. Then HE replied, 'I am OK. I think you are good'. Then I said 'as you said yesterday, we are quite good. Doctors are telling it is somewhat getting cured. In the morning they (Doctors) were saying it takes one year to get cured completely. But you are saying it will be cured in one week.

They are saying one year bed rest is compulsory.' HE then said 'they will tell what they want to tell. It is my responsibility to get (him) discharged.' HE promised me to get my father discharged within 7 days ! He took me inside the room and was telling 'your life was earlier like just listen and tell whether its true or not.' HE described how HE protected me at various points of life from my childhood. I agreed, and asked who HE was. Then HE put his hand on my head when I spelt out 'Bhagavan'. Then, my mind went blank.

Then while leaving, HE told me one word, "I don't like the people who cry. You keep on laughing. You leave all your sufferings to me. I am ready to look after you. You use me in a correct way .If you use me, nobody is as fortunate as is your responsibility to use me.' HE told me only one thing, "I am like blank cheque. I already signed on it. You can withdraw whenever you want . It is like grace.". He used the word 'grace'. Then it struck me, 'Oh! I got my Bhagavan'. I wandered here and there in the whole hospital running & telling, "I got my Bhagavan. My father will get cured soon".  This thought lingered and on the next day, on 24th at 7.30 pm, when HE was going, HE told 'bye' and went off. HE told 'tomorrow is the last day, my dear. I have some work. I won't come day after." I told, 'it is enough Bhagavan. You have come on all these days, it is enough."  HE was so happy and he left off in a very cheerful mood.

HE came back the next day, on 25th the third day. HE was waiting for my arrival outside. HE came at 5 o'clock. But I went to AMC ward and gave the medicines to my father after talking to the doctors. When I was coming down I found HIM waiting outside. HE said 'you are late in coming, my dear' . Then I explained, 'upstairs, the doctors were there, grandpa! I came after talking to them." Then he told  ' I will wait here. You go to D r DJD Rao. You ask him when they will discharge (your father)". Then I ran and in one minute, I reached the doctor asking "Doctor ! VVSN Murthy is the patient. He is my father. He was admitted with paralysis. When are you going to discharge him Doctor ?". Then he replied "your father is completely cured. Why are you worrying. It is just a matter of him walking. He is already cured completely. We are thinking of cancelling all the other tests. Except that your father has to get up and walk, everything is else cured. It is a miracle.

In my life (career) this is the first case which I have thus witnessed."  After hearing those words, I could not understand ... whether they were real or was he joking ! Sri Bhagavan cured my father in seven days ! We admitted him on 21st July,2010 and on 27th July, 2010, we were discharging him. On 25th evening at 10.30, they shifted my father from a special ward to a general ward. It was just a shock after shock ! Then I came to Bhagavan and was telling, "Grandpa! You have helped us a lot !" I cried a lot saying, "all because of your words, I have left all my relatives and they left us, grandpa.

They were saying only if we left YOU, would they help us. They were behaving as if we had stolen something". Then HE told, "let them talk like that. They will come back to you again. I will see to it that they will come to you for your help."  By touching my head, HE was telling, " you tell your father that I remember him." Then he expressed his desire to see all my family members. As I was bringing my mother and sister, he was looking at them from far away and laughing. My mother left off even as the Doctors were calling her back. Then I was telling Bhagavan, "Grandpa! I don't know who you are. You have helped us a lot. I will come to you whenever you beckon me throughout my life. I will cancel all my work and attend to you. Because, at my age of 15, you stood besides me and saved my father." Then he told, "you will come to understand slowly, my dear! I will tell you who I am when I am leaving for the day. But I want to tell you a secret. Do not share this with anybody."

I promised him that I would not share with anybody. Then he started telling, "On July 23rd, your father was about to be killed in an accident. The place was JNTU circle. To avoid that, I have saved him. That is why he suffered the paralysis stroke on July 20th. But do not worry. I will cure him in seven days. Physically he would have been gone. But I saved him. I got him admitted for the same reason .There is nothing more than that. From now onwards, you see how it will be for your father. Full of grace for your father and the whole of your family . I am giving that state to your family". HE put his hand on my father's head and from the image in the mobile HE was talking to my father "OK Murthy! I will catch you later" and started to leave. Then I told him, "Grandpa! You have given me this big miracle. Give me opportunity to share with some group of people". Then he replied, "OK , you can tell  everybody". Then on I started sharing with whomever I know. This is a very big miracle for me.

We wish to share the reason for all this grace.  Two years back we went for a family personal darshan - my mother, sister, father and me. During the personal darshan, Sri Amma told us that SHE would take care of all of us and our lives. Then my mother asked Amma for 'mangalya bhagya' and to come to our rescue very fast, for any problem in our lives.  Then Sri Padmavathi Amma held my mother's mangalasutra and promised, 'you will have 100 years of bhagya. I am promising you now.  Thus, SHE kept HER  word. We are blessed with so much grace!"

When Sri Bhagavan came to the hospital, I had taken a photograph of Sri Bhagavan. When I was taking that photo, a person who came with Sri Bhagavan named Krishna was telling Sri Bhagavan that I was taking HIS picture. I had actually taken three photographs of Sri Bhagavan by then. Then Sri Bhagavan called me and told me, " my dear! You should not take photographs of me. If you have love towards me, please delete the photos. Then I pleaded to him saying , 'please grandpa, I will keep one photograph for a life long memory,' and deleted two of them and then Krishna deleted the third one! Strangely, I don't know how, but still one photo remained with me! Maybe because I requested Sri Bhagavan to keep one photograph with me. I have sent the photo to the Oneness Temple. I had also video recorded Sri Bhagavan without HIS permission. However, after he went, I saw found that it was erased too! But we have one photo gifted to us as testimony that HE came and saved our lives....!

There is one more miracle to share. For the past three days from August 15th, we were getting calls from my father's office, telling us that they were thinking of  relieving him from office because he was suffering from paralysis and that he was not able to walk. Then I told them  about the paralysis and also that he was at home now and healed. They were shocked and asked if I was joking when my father was affected with paralysis". I told them that my father was going to attend office from the following Monday onwards. It was my responsibility to bring him to office from September 10th.

When I promised him that my father would report to office on August 20th, he told that he could take rest for one month. That he could rejoin from September 10th and they were sending the full salary and were waiting there for him! They added that if my father was not here, they were thinking of closing the  company itself. Because, nobody was understanding accounts there, only He could handle that. 

For all this GRACE, we express our profound gratitude and dedicate our life to Sri Amma Bhagavan. We have never seen this much of grace in all these years of our association with Sri Amma Bhagavan. We have nobody else for us except our father. There is no other source of money. My father is so happy now. Our relatives are coming to us now. They came to know that Sri Amma Bhagavan have helped us. They are not able to face us because they did not help when we were in need. We have invited them to be happy again. We are all happy now. It is a festive atmosphere in our house. We are very peaceful. Such grace from Sri Amma Bhagavan helped us infinitely. We shall always be grateful to Sri Amma Bhagavan. We express our thanks to all the devotees who prayed for us.


Thank you,
Ever at the Lotus Feet of Sri Amma Bhagavan.