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Sri Bhagavan with Mexico 12/19/09


Part 1:
Part 2:


Q1: The first question Bhagavan, regarding the relationship with my parents. Why is it that sometimes I feel that I have healed a lot there and afterwards situations happen where I realize there is still a lot more to heal, as if I were going backwards instead of forward. What can I do, Bhagavan?


Bhagavan: Life is relationship. Itís something which is very alive. We are not dealing with some dead past here. So what we must understand is, when we talk of relationship with your parents, it does not mean that youíve done some work on that and that it has been healed. Itís not like that. The teachings must be correctly understood.


So what it means is that you have become alive to that problem. The problems are there, but people are not aware of them, people are not alive to them. By this awareness we donít mean simple knowledge. Itís like holding a snake in your hands. Itís very intense. So that kind of holding, that kind of awareness, weíre talking about. When you hold something like that, it heals. It does not mean itís gone forever. It could very well come back, if you lose your level of awareness.


So the more youíre in your level of awareness, healing is in place. Itís alright. But the moment you slip from awareness, it comes back. Itís not that thereís been a disease and youíve been healed and youíre free. Itís not like that. Itís a living thing. Relationship is a living thing. Life is a living thing. And life is relationship. No relationship, no life. So it is there working all the time. Itís coming up, itís disappearing, it will come back after some time. So it will be bobbing up and down. Like so many personalities are there inside you, each personality takes turns and then comes and stays and then goes away and something else comes.


So if you give away the concept of saying ďI am healedĒ.. No, itís not like that. You have to be intensely aware. Even if you are awakened, if at some point of time you lose your awareness, it will come back. The only thing is an awakened person would quickly get back. The awakening will come back, the awareness will come back, and heíll get back to his beautiful state. You could always slip and fall.


Similarly here, you should not assume that all is healed. No. Maybe the charge is reduced a bit, thatís all. It would come bouncing back if youíre not aware. So you must learn to spend more of your time in greater and greater awareness. Maybe initially it could be for a few minutes, then for a few hours, then for a few days at a stretch. It goes on like that. And then itís almost permanent. Itís almost permanent. Itís almost permanent, whatever be the problem is not going to trouble you at all. Problems would be there, but they do not trouble you when thereís awareness. When thereís no awareness, they trouble you.


So you can never say ďYes, I am now healedĒ. Maybe temporarily you feel like that. The charge is gone or something like that. But then again it can come back if thereís no awareness.


So thatís the answer for the first question. We move on to the second question.


Q2: Bhagavan, it is very difficult for me to let go of my emotions, problems etc. I feel there are things that stay back and accumulate inside. Although, since I took my first course in India, I have become more conscious about my feelings and I allow myself to feel more. I can not experience things completely and then I go into frustration. What can I do, Bhagavan?


Bhagavan: So, we have never told you to let go of your emotions, problems or stop accumulating. Never at all. That is not the teaching. All that we are telling is, please realize, it is the one mind, it is the ancient mind, that is how it was for millions of years and that is how it would be, unless and until the human brain changes. It has always been so.


The other thing is, itís not your mind or my mind or his mind. Itís the one human mind. So what we expect you to realize or understand is, that it can not change. That itís impossible to change whatever is there. The impossibility of change must strike you like a ton of bricks. Thatís what weíre talking about. Weíre not asking you to change things at all. Weíve been telling you thatís what man has been doing for millennia, trying to change. Itís like straightening a dogís tail. That cannot be done.


Now if somebodyís going on trying to straighten a dogís tail, then he realizes it can not be changed, then he gives up the whole effort. When he gives it up, what is there is peace, there is silence, there is tranquility. Thatís the absence of conflict.


Similarly, the problem with you is, you hear some teaching, you hear something about an awakened man, you want to become like that and you want to be free of this or you want to have something, you want to change this, and youíre lost. That is not what the teaching is saying. The teaching is saying ďjust be aware of themĒ, thatís all. It does not matter what you see or what is going on.


The only thing that we want you to realize is, it can not be changed. You cannot give up those things. And strangely Ė we do not want to emphasize this because then it again becomes a concept Ė if you stop trying to change, what is there is peace. What is there is the absence of conflict. What is there is joy. But if you try to say ďIíll be free of conflict, Iíll have peace, Iíll have joyĒ Ė you will never have it until doomsday.


Itís all a question of giving up. Not deliberately, not through effort. Thatís why we are saying ďeffortless effortĒ. If you try giving up and then give up, it is false. Itís just tricking you. The mind is tricking you. It must drop like a dry leaf. A dry leaf automatically falls down.


Similarly, all that we want you to see is that itís impossible to change. Itís your effort to change which is the problem. A problem does not exist by itself. It is your problem that you want to change that. You want it to be different. Youíre saying ďthat is right, this is wrong, it should be this, it should be thatĒ. That effort IS the problem. Saying it is wrong, that is the problem. Saying it is right, that is the problem. Saying ďI will change itĒ, that is the problem. When you say ďI must change jealousyĒ Ė that only is jealousy. If thereís no such effort, thereís no jealousy also. Because thereís no ďsomebodyĒ whoís having jealousy. You are equal to jealousy. What is there is jealousy only. But it appears as though you are suffering from jealousy. And then youíre trying to be free of it. How can you be free of it? Because you are only jealousy. Not that you are suffering from jealousy. If that were the case, we could do something about it. But thatís not the truth. Therefore, it is just there. Why bother about it?

It is just there like the mountains are there, the clouds are there. You canít do anything with the mountains, nor with the clouds. Just watch them. Just watch them, that is all there is to life. Just mere watching. That is what we call awareness. That is what we call awakening. Itís not something to achieve. No. Just realizing thereís nothing to do.


Weíll go into it deeper in later times. Now we move on to the third question.


Q3: The third question, Bhagavan, you tell us that inner integrity is fundamental for spiritual awakening, but when we practise it, we see that we are the same selfish person as ever. Then, how will this practise help us contribute to global awakening? If despite our processes and teachings, we find more and more ugliness. Reality shows us that what we love today is what we betray tomorrow. Then how do we stop this ugliness from affecting our conviction to move forward? How do we make our heart flower instead of withering away?


Bhagavan: Itís the same answer as the last question. Please read the last two sentences about ugliness.


The Guide repeats the following: Reality shows us that what we love today is what we betray tomorrow. Then how do we stop this ugliness from affecting our conviction to move forward? How do we make our heart flower instead of withering away?


Bhagavan: You see, that exactly is the problem. Youíve already condemned it as ugliness and youíre saying it must change. How do you go from here? These are all the wrong questions.


All that we are saying is, itís neither ugliness nor is it beautiful. That is the problem. The mind which is divisive in nature, because mind is nothing but the flow of thought and what is thought? Thought is measurement. What do you do with measurement? You divide. It is dividing it as the ugly and the beautiful. It is saying, ďThis should not be there. That must happen.Ē, thatís where youíre caught up. Itís exactly what the teaching is telling. Please understand ďthe content is never importantĒ! Whatever be the content, that is of no consequence. It is not your content or his content. It is the content of the collective consciousness. It is just there.


All that we are telling you is, please donít try to tamper with it. What is inner integrity? Inner integrity is just seeing what is there. Not trying to condemn it as good and bad, right or wrong or giving explanations saying ďHow should it be in 2012? What should I change? Iím still self-centered. Iím still ugly. Iím still strugglingĒ. Who asked you to struggle? Who asked you to change? Not at all.


All that we are telling you is, please see whatís going on. Itís very alive inside you. From moment to moment, it is changing. It is as alive as the ocean. The waves are coming and going, up and down, new waves, old waves go away. Similarly, thoughts are coming, going away, emotions are coming, theyíre going away, personalities are emerging, going away. The whole drama of life is taking place inside you. Youíre nothing but the Universe.


Weíre just saying, please donít condemn it. Donít try to change it. There is selfishness, yes. It is not your selfishness, itís not his selfishness. It is selfishness. Suffering is not your suffering or his suffering. Suffering is suffering. Whether you have it or he has it. We are all One. It is just there with us for millions of years and it will be so until the brain changes. So, you are selfish, yes, thatís the truth. You are rubbish pits and septic tanks. Itís not that you are a rubbish pit or somebodyís a septic, itís what we have in the collective consciousness. It is there. We have gathered this over millions of years. Thereís nothing we can do about it.


Iím not asking you to become saints. Not at all! I want you to become sages. Whoís a sage? Who doesnít think of right and wrong. He just responds to life, thatís all. He could be violent one moment, he could be peaceful another moment. He could help you one moment, he may not help you another moment. Heís just responding to situations as they arise. This is perfect action. You can not call it good action or bad action or right or wrong. He just responds. And he does not go back and think ďwhether I did the right thing or wrong thing?Ē. He keeps responding. Heís just seeing whatís going on. The content is not important for him.


So, please, just look at your ugliness and then soon youíll stop calling it ugly. It could look very beautiful also. What looks beautiful could also look ugly. Therefore, you must take a neutral stand. Not that you take a neutral stand, it must become neutral. Not that you behave like an enlightened person. No. You have to be enlightened. Not that you behave like an awakened person and you put an effort. If you do that, you will never get there. The problem with you is, you attend a Level 1, a Level 2, this and that, and then all of that becomes concepts. And then you want to get ďthereĒ, you want to achieve that and then youíre doomed.


Thereís nothing to achieve. Nowhere to go. Everything is perfect. See things are perfect. And what would help you? Inner integrity. As you go deeper and deeper, it becomes easier and easier. And it becomes very enjoyable because conflict ceases. Because inner integrity means just seeing what is there. You donít lie to yourself. Itís OK to lie to somebody. But the problem is youíre often lying to yourself. Non-stop lying is going on to yourself. Because you do not want to see what is there because you think itís ugly. Who said itís ugly? Some teacher? Some scripture? Well, you have nothing to do with it. Itís just there. Thatís all. That is the truth. How can you play with truth? You can not tamper with truth. The truth is that. Yes, you are selfish. But why do you call it selfish, why do you name it selfish, why do you say itís bad? Itís just there and youíre not in control.


So, if you go deeper, it all becomes natural, it all becomes automatic. Thereís no need to change. What happens then? Please do it and see. If I tell you something, you will again make it into a concept. Just do it. Itís not difficult. Start with your breath and go inside and just see whatís going on. Donít bring in any scripture or any teaching. Not even my teaching. Just see what is going on, thatís all. You are the teacher. And the teaching is yourself. Itís there right inside you, the teaching. That is the real teaching. Whatís going on. Nothing more.


So, if I give you a teaching and you make it a concept, youíre not going to go anywhere. Iím just giving you some help, thatís all. Teachings must come from inside, from your observation, from what you see. Then you must speak it out. Then youíll see it has got power.


So, more clarifications I think you can get from Cristobal. He can help you out with it, because he has had long sessions with me, so heíll be able to explain it clearly.


So shall we now move into meditation?


*The audio from Mexico can not be heard in this video*


Bhagavan: Love you all so much..


Bhagavan: Oh yes, oh yes. Iíll do that. Iíll give them a powerful deeksha, while we go into meditation. Yes..




Shanti, shanti, shanti..


Bhagavan: Love you all! Namaste! Thank you! Thank you so much!