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Recorded Online Course

Available Anytime!


Ancestor Liberation Process




With Rev. Michael Milner



This Special Course is taught only by

Advanced Oneness Trainers who have completed the Advanced Trainers Course at Oneness University*



The Oneness University has always emphasized the importance of liberating our ancestors. Ancestor liberation is essential in order to become awakened and to enjoy full freedom in this life. We are deeply connected to our ancestors karmically and genetically. Our bodies are a gift from them, so is our intelligence, our health, our wealth and so much more.  We owe them much gratitude. Every good thing in our lives, they made possible through their efforts. We also share in the karma they set in motion, good and bad. As we help them go into the Light, we ourselves are set free. Many people very tangibly feel weights lifting from their bodies and consciousness as their ancestors move into the Light.

  • Learn what takes place in the dying process and the intermediate planes of existence we move through between this world and the Light.

  • Learn how to assist someone else in their process of passing over. This in itself is a precious gift!

  • Learn how and conduct the process to liberate your own ancestors, to help them move on from whatever intermediate plane they may be on and go into the Light, which is their final liberation.

  • The process will continue for 11 days at home, as you perform each day for 11 days a very simple ritual for your ancestors liberation. This will only take 15-20 minutes each day.

  • The Result: When your ancestors go into the Light you may experience greater freedom in every area of your life, including: your process of awakening and God realization, your level of joy and peace, your relationships, your physical health, your prosperity and abundance, etc.


*NOTE: This Process should not be mistaken for the Ancestor Liberation Process taught by some Oneness Trainers in the past. That course was not from the Oneness University. The course we are presenting is only taught by Advanced Oneness Trainers who have been initiated to teach it during the Advanced Trainers Course at Oneness University.


Cost to participate online - $108

Pre-registration is required.

To register go to: