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What is a Proxy?

By Michael Milner



People have been asking me, "What is a 'Proxy Program' and how does it work?" 
A "Proxy" is a person you authorize to act on your behalf or to take your place when you cannot be present. It is much more than simply sending you Distance Oneness Blessing by Intention*. If I represent you by Proxy, then when I receive a Oneness Blessing or some other Powerful Grace for you, I receive it on your behalf, and the energy transfers to you instantly as if we are one person. By Proxy (and in reality) we actually are united as One Being, so you get the energy of the Blessing, or the Darshan*, or some other Grace at the very same instant that I do, as if you were there in person receiving it for yourself. I receive it for you, and you get it instantly!
In addition to this instantaneous transfer of Blessings by Proxy, throughout the Proxy Program we pray for you many times a day, offering your petitions to the Divine and sending you Distance Oneness Blessings by Intention. But before we can even think about sending it to you by intention, you have already received it through our connection by Proxy!
Nice idea, huh? But, where did it come from, and does it really work?
The first person to do this with the Oneness Blessing was my dear friend Arthur Collins, one of the first North American Oneness Blessing Givers. In 2006, I helped Arthur conduct a Proxy Program from the Oneness University in India. The results were awesome. 
Proxy Programs are POWERFUL! They have been blessed by Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan, founders of the Oneness University. In addition to Awakening and Transformation in the inner world, such as the Flowering of the Heart and ascending into higher states of consciousness, it is Amma's and Bhagavan's express intention (sankalpa) that all who receive the Oneness Blessing should also experience manifestations of Divine Grace in their outer lives.

As a result, participants in our Proxy Programs have experienced higher states of consciousness and joy in the Divine Presence, as well as healed relationships, physical healing (even of cancer), mental and emotional healing, release from addiction (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), financial breakthroughs, fulfillment of desires and much more. The Proxies have been a source of Divine Grace for countless people as well as helping to provide money for the Indigenous Fund which pays for indigenous people from all over the world to attend the Oneness University and for other worthy causes.

Blessings by Proxy did not begin with the Oneness Movement. It is an ancient practice in various spiritual traditions. For example, we find it in the Christian Scriptures. In the Gospel of St. Matthew 8:5-13, we read of a Roman Centurion who asked Jesus Christ for a healing by proxy for his servant who was sick at home and could not be present. The very moment that Christ granted the gift of healing to the Centurion who stood for his servant in proxy, the servant who was some distance away was instantly healed. On another occasion a mother asked Jesus to heal her daughter by proxy from the torment of an evil spirit. At the very instant that Christ granted the mother's request, her daughter who was a great distance away was completely liberated (Matthew 15:21-28). There are similar stories in the lives of saints and seekers from many traditions.
In our time, healers often lay hands on someone standing in Proxy for another person who is not present. The healing energies are experienced by that individual at a great distance away, sometimes half way around the world! Healing and Blessing by Proxy is being utilized by groups as diverse as: the Oneness Movement, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Pentecostal Christianity, Holographic Re-patterning, 2nd Degree Reiki, Qi Gong Energy Healing and many others.  
This phenomena demonstrates the fact that, outside of the concepts of the mind, in reality there is no separation between "things" in time or space. There is no distance. Everything is connected, everything is One, right here, right now. That is why "distance" is not an issue with regard to Proxy Blessings, but what about "time"? When should someone tune-in to receive Oneness Blessings during a Proxy transfer? Must you tune-in to receive it at the exact moment it is being sent to you? No. According to the principles of quantum physics, no matter when the Blessing was given, anytime you tune-in to receive it, the Oneness Blessing energy will be there for you, waiting at the door to flood you!
Several months after the first Proxy Program I did with Arthur Collins, I returned to the Oneness University to do a Level 2 (Advanced Deepening) Course. So, I planned another Proxy Program to share the energy while I was gone with my own little Oneness Blessing Group in Florida. But, the Divine Presence urged me to offer it to more people. I could feel that, if I did, Divine Power and Grace would flow out through the Proxy to people all over the world, anchoring the energies of awakening into Oneness on almost every continent. So, I sent out the invitation to everyone I knew. In the end there were people from 6 continents in that Proxy Program! Because the Oneness Blessing energies were flowing out to so many people anchoring the energies of awakening in so many diverse locations, the Divine was able to pour out more power to all of us who participated in the Proxy than any one person alone could have received.
Through prayer and meditation and a continuous 25 day transmission of Oneness Blessing for the Proxy participants and for the whole world I passed on all that I received at the Oneness University! Every Oneness Blessing, every homa*, every meditation with the awakened Oneness Beings* (formerly called Cosmic Beings), every darshan with Amma and Bhagavan, every prayer, every breakthrough, every insight, every awakening I experienced was not for myself alone but also for those whom I represented by "proxy". This helped to shift me from any remaining preoccupation with my own individual state and spiritual growth to focus on doing Seva (service) toward the real goal of the Dharma, that the whole collective consciousness of humanity might be awakened and enter the life of Grace! 
Participants in that Proxy experienced many miracles of Grace: higher states of consciousness and joy, healed relationships, physical, mental and emotional healing, release from addiction, financial breakthroughs, fulfillment of desires and much more.The results were so wonderful that since then I have continued to conduct Proxy Programs every time I return to the Oneness University, and we have even instituted something we call the "Perpetual Proxy". Join us!



*Glossary of Terms

"Namaste" - I bow to the Divine in you. One beautiful interpretation is "I honor that place in you where the whole Universe resides. And when I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, there is only one of us".
"Oneness Blessing" (known in India as Oneness Deeksha) - a transfer of intelligent sacred energy - Divine Grace - which brings about the flowering of the heart and facilitates moving into higher states of consciousness. It creates a neurobiological shift in the brain, silencing the ceaseless chatter of the mind, enabling us to simply experience reality as it is, in the present moment where there is only peace and joy in the Divine Presence.

"Oneness Deeksha by Intention" - Oneness Deeksha can take place from a distance "by intention" even when people are not physically in the same location. This is a reflection of the Divine power as gifted through Amma and Bhagavan to infuse energy directly from their Essence to anyone, anywhere.

"Darshan" is seeing or being in the presence of a Saint or Divine Being, an event which in itself confers great spiritual blessing.


"Oneness Beings (formerly called 'Cosmic Beings') - These are people who live continuously in the very highest states of cosmic consciousness. Meditations in their presence are one of the most powerful and transforming parts of both the Level 1 and Level 2 Processes.


"Homa" - an ancient fire ceremony in which prayer is offered up through the fire to the Divine. Homas are perhaps the most ancient rituals known to humanity, and they are very effective.