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Shift into Awakening

Weekend of Grace

at First Unity of St. Petersburg

Unity Campus, 460 46th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33703


May 24-25


Upcoming Weekend of Grace June 21-22

All over the world, countless ordinary people from all walks of life are becoming permanently Awakened, and its contagious! Come experience the Grace that is helping to create a Global Shift in Consciousness   



Friday May 24, 7PM9:30PM - Shift into Awakening Evening of Grace

Spend an evening with Awakened people from all over Florida. Listen to their experiences, ask them questions about their Awakening, and receive powerful Awakened Deeksha* from them to catalyze and accelerate your own Awakening. Then, experience the Oneness Meditation**, a powerful transmission of Divine Grace that flows through the open eyes of a Oneness Meditator, with Michael Milner.


No Fee - A Love Offering will be received at the door



Saturday May 25, 10AM4PM - Deepening your Shift into Awakening Day of Grace

This all-day workshop will be conducted by Awakened Oneness Trainers who are trained at the Oneness University in India. Powerful meditations, processes and energy transmissions to accelerate your Awakening process, deepen your state of Awakening, and help you to deepen your connection with your own Divine. There will be a lunch break and a light lunch for a reasonable cost will be available in the fellowship hall at the Spice Routes Caf.


No Fee - A Love Offering will be received at the door



  Rev. Dr. Michael Milner



The Oneness Phenomenon originates from the Oneness University, a spiritual school in Southern India. It is completely non-sectarian and supports people of all paths, beliefs and spiritual traditions, as well as those who hold to no particular belief system and have a purely scientific interest in higher consciousness.


*Oneness Deeksha (also known as Oneness Blessing) is a transfer of Divine Grace that catalyzes Awakening, a permanent shift in consciousness that ends once and for all our feelings of separation, alienation and conflict. When we are freed from our resistance to the experience of reality as it is, the result is peace, joy and unconditional love.


Sri Bhagavan, co-founder of the Oneness University, says the most important thing we can do to facilitate our own Awakening is to receive Deeksha from an Awakened person, listen to their experience, ask them questions about it and also participate in Oneness Meditations** live or online with an Awakened Oneness Meditator (all the Oneness Meditators are now Awakened).

By listening to the experience of an Awakened person and asking them questions, our preconceived concepts of what awakening is will melt away, and our brains will synchronize with theirs. Then when we receive Deeksha or Oneness Meditation from them, we will either be Awakened right then, or our process will be deepened, so that when the shift occurs for us, we will land in a higher place on the scale of Awakening.


**Oneness Meditation is a phenomenon in which the Oneness Meditator is deeply absorbed in a profound state of Divine Union as floods of Divine Love and Grace flow through their open eyes into the participants, causing their hearts to flower. The result is beyond words. It must be experienced.


Right Click Here to download a printable flyer