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Sri Bhagavan's

Webcast with China

 February 9, 2013



"Oneness Meditation would work equally well if given directly or on the internet. Before you are awakened... would help you to become awakened. After awakening... would raise your levels of awakening." Sri Bhagavan


View video



(Gratitude to Maria)


The following (in blue) is from Maria's Introduction to her transcript:


"...It is very helpful to attend many Oneness Meditations (OMs), online or live. We can become awakened by participating in OMs, especially now that all the meditators are awakened...


...the OMs are very, very powerful now.


Continuing to do the OMs also deepens the levels of those who are already awakened, as Sri Bhagavan shares below.


We have been given 3 things to help with our awakening!


Weekly webcast with Sri Bhagavan (10am & 10pm India time)


Participate in OMs online or live

Link to OM daily online lists in New York time (EST)


Receive deeksha from Awakened beings live or online & ask them questions about their state.

Link to Oneness Awakened Deeksha times (close eyes when receiving):



Bhagavan: Wish you all a very, very happy New Year (Chinese New Year).


Moderator: Bhagavan, today is a very, very special day. So they want to see Bhagavan. So all the Chinese people from all over the world want to see Bhagavan and pray in front of Bhagavan. First they want to express their gratitude. I want to read one of the gratitude letters, Bhagavan:


“The humankind is changing because of you, Sri Bhagavan. Our respected Sri AmmaBhagavan, because of you, the humankind, finally, successfully, found the liberations after so many years of suffering and searching. Our divine father and mother, we got rebirth because of you. Today, Chinese people are awakening with happiness.”


“Your teachings are spreading all over in China. Your grace is nurturing all the Oneness people in China and their families, friends and companies. Life is relationship. People are practicing this great teaching in their life. People are going back to their families. Thousands of families are connected with love.”


“Individuals are awakening to the reality of life. Love is flowing in the society. Oneness centers are sprouting all over China. Oneness Meditation is pouring your love and compassion to people. Oneness Awakening Course is nurturing people’s heart like beautiful waterfalls.”


“Chinese people are awakened to the whole universe. We are one with the universe. You are me. I am you. Our hearts are flowering. We are holding our hands, together. Blessing Givers have hosted many events. Thousands of people have attended, lots of heart and deeply touched.”


“From individuals to union, from competition to cooperation, from separation to Oneness, dear Sri AmmaBhagavan, the humankind is changing because of awakening you endowed.”


Bhagavan: Thank you.


Moderator: They have a few questions, Bhagavan.


Question: My dearest, beloved Bhagavan, would you please tell me what to do for the liberation of all my ancestors?


Bhagavan: Talk to your ancestors. Tell them that they would not be judged or punished by the Divine and that they could start their journey towards becoming one with the Divine. This is enough. The journey of liberation would begin.


Question: Dear Bhagavan, which sadhana (spiritual practice) is suitable for raising our consciousness quickly after awakening?


Bhagavan: Focusing on one’s relationships would immediately increase the levels of awakening.


Question: Dear father, Bhagavan, thank you for giving me a new career. I am very grateful. I pray every day and I’m writing prayer notes, but I cannot visualize colorful and 3D pictures when I was praying. There are judgments in my mind. I cannot calm down. Please Bhagavan, tell me what should I do?


Bhagavan: Increase the level of your emotion. The prayer would work.


Question: My dearest Bhagavan, thank you for giving me awakening. Thank you for being in my life. After I awakened, I found I’m still having negative emotions, such as anger, jealously and depression. What should I do with them? Thank you, Bhagavan.


Bhagavan: All this would go away in the next few months.


Question: Dear Sri AmmaBhagavan, thank you so much for helping this world and China awaken. In China, there are Taoists, Buddhism and so on. There are teachings on so many different sadhanas. Is it ok to combine these sadhanas with Oneness sadhanas, Bhagavan?


Bhagavan: It is perfectly ok to combine.


Question: My dearest AmmaBhagavan, it’s the Chinese Spring festival, the biggest festival in China today. Wish you and Amma a healthy life and please accept all my family’s gratitude to you for what you have done in our lives. After I awakened last year, I feel I am nobody and nothing I can do inside of me. I lost vision and motivation in all the aspects in my life. What should I do, Bhagavan? Thank you, Bhagavan.


Bhagavan: Everything would fall into place very soon. Do not worry about it.


Question: Dear Sri AmmaBhagavan, happy Chinese New Year. Since more and more people are getting awakened, is Oneness Meditation still aiming to give people awakening? Shall we keep practicing Oneness Meditation after awakening? Which way is better for us to receive Oneness Meditation energy, through internet or physically participating in the Oneness Meditation?


Bhagavan: Oneness Meditation would work equally well if given directly or on the internet. Before you are awakened Oneness Meditation would help you to become awakened. After awakening, Oneness Meditation would raise your levels of awakening.


Question: Dear Sri AmmaBhagavan, we are so happy to see Oneness booming in China now. More and more Chinese devote to Oneness’ vision to help this world. Thank you, Amma Bhagavan. What is China’s role in 2013 and in the future to this world, and in this year do you have any wishes for Chinese trainers and givers?


Bhagavan: China would show the way to the world to Oneness. My wish for 2013 is all deeksha givers and trainers must become awakened.


Bhagavan: Love you all, thank you so much.