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Broadcast to Verbenia, Italy December 6, 2009

Video Link:

Q1:Two people have problems regarding physical symptoms, one has severe stomach pains and another suffers from panic attacks. How can they deal with this and heal this?

A1:  Where physical suffering is concerned, if medical science could handle it, we do not interfere in those matters.  We only take up cases which medical science cannot help.  For example there is a guide here, who had a tumor of the brain.  She underwent an operation and the tumor was removed but then there continued a tremendous headache for her and the doctor said, "well, we cannot help you beyond this."  This is the best medical science can do.  "We are keeping you alive, but we cannot remove that pain."  So in such cases we interfere.  So we normally track down your entire life from that moment onwards,  right into the womb and into past lives. And then, what we got was, a thousand years earlier she had tied up a goat, and in a fit of anger was repeatedly beating the goat and damaged the goat's brain.   The pictures came through very very clear.  So, once we got that, we told her to go into one of our campuses where we have goats, sheep, cows. All kinds of animals we have here.  So we asked her to go and feed a goat for 7 days.   She fed the goat for 7 days and the pain completely disappeared.

Now you may not be able to explain this scientifically but the fact is that the scenes were seen, the goat was fed, and the pain went away.  So this is the way we normally treat people which medical science cannot help.  So that is our approach to physical healing.  If the doctor can help or something is going to happen from the medical side, certainly we won't interfere.  It is only when it involves something from past lives, something that happened around the conception, what happened in the womb or the delivery phase which medical science cannot handle,  which we generally call karma, we interfere.  That is how we help people.

Now for example if you are in Italy, and you have a similar problem, what you should do is, you must relax.  You must move into what we call the hypnogogic state - the state between waking and sleep.  Every day before you go to sleep you pass through the hypnogogic state and into the sleep state.  Similarly when you wake up you enter the hypnogogic state and you wake up.  You must try to move into that state and you must ask for a blessing from AmmaBhagavan saying "Please show us where the problem is?"  We can exactly show you, if you do it correctly, where the problem is.  And you could also ask us to change it, we would change it and you could get healed.  If you cannot do that, if you could instead come to India we will help you.  So that is the answer for that first question. Daniel you could now translate.

OK it seems they are going to translate afterwards because Roxana has been writing the answers.

As you please, no problem.  So we'll move onto the second question.

Q2: How is it possible that in only 2 days my level of consciousness raises and then I can give Diksha? how do I get more clarity?

A2: See what we are doing is.   It is not that your consciousness has to rise.  Rather you are becoming a conduit - you are being connected to the divine source.  The divine source is your own higher self.   When the connection is made then the deeksha flows through you.  Now we are able to do it in 2 days because the phenomenon has grown very powerfully and it is growing by the day, by the week, by the month.  It is becoming more and more powerful.  In fact, we could have done this even earlier but for certain reasons and certain things, certain events  we could not do this.  Had we done it earlier,  today we would all be in a much better state.  But it could not be done.  But better late than never.  And now today we are in the position...

Remember what Padmasambhava said, Padmasambhava was the great Buddhist teacher,  who took Buddhism from India toTibet and he had said, "When the iron bird flies in the air, people will be awakened in less than 3 minutes."

Now the iron birds have been flying in the air for quite some years now - the airplanes  - so the time has come when things will start moving very fast.  So all we are giving is that connection and as you grow in your consciousness levels you will find the deekshas becoming more and more powerful and since its only 2 days you should of course, your teachers Daniel and Roxana, so they have to continue to guide you.   2 days is for making you into blessing givers, into deeksha givers, but they must in addition do some programs  to help them grow fast besides.  We can have this Level 3 - my talking to you is Level 3 - where you can come up with spiritual questions,  you can meditate in my presence, and I'll also bless you, which would raise your levels of consciousness.   

In effect how this happens is.  Now let us say I stay in a campus called GC1, a processs could be going on in a campus called Anandaloka 3.  There the person could be stuck - he might not be able to get an experience - he might not be able to get an insight.  He is stuck.  A guide will give a phone call to the guide here saying please tell Bhagavan this person is stuck, he needs this insight, he needs this experience.  Then I would say "ok, he will have this experience".  The moment I say he will automatically start there.  That is I take what's called a sankalpa.  A sankalpa means going deep into your consciousness and staying with an intent.  Once that is done things start happening.  For example you might be knowing that I do help people with what you call miracles.  Now in India on average about 500 people pass in front of me with their problems and I do help them.  Now how I help them is they tell me their problem and they ask for a particular solution.  So  I go inside myself and I visualize their solution, I see it happening, and then thereafter it becomes a reality.

Some people from some village might come and say "we do not have rains for a long time" and then, if the conditions are right, I might go inside myself and see it raining in that village and then the rains might start.

So this anybody can do, it is not only that I can do, if you also could go deep into your consciousness and do it, it will happen.  Similarly with regard to the phenomenon now because I have been wanting this to happen very, very fast.  I could not make it happen because of a number of reasons which some of you may be well aware of, so now the power is sufficient so I went in and took that intent.  So that was a time when the energies were very auspicious, Dec 3.

It's like an eagle you know, the crow flies with its wings being beaten, but the eagle does not fly like that. It waits for the wind draft and jumps on the wind draft and floats away.  Similarly on Dec 3, there was a very, very good energy draft that was very auspicious so I took the sankalpa on that day, sankalpa means going inside and taking a deep  intent and then it becomes a reality.  And the sankalpa was that in 2 days time, you should become blessing givers, that is you should get connected to your own higher self or what we call the divine.  And then the energy should start flowing.  Of course to give more powerful deekshas you must grow into better human beings into human beings with no conflict.   All that growth must happen for which Daniel and Roxana must help you, and I'll also be helping you through these programs.  So Daniel can we  move onto the 3rd question now.

Can we translate this question this one in particular, can we translate this one, now?

Yes, do it, do it.

Q3: Is it OK to follow my natural tendencies to avoid or reject things or people that I don't like? Or do I have to confront them even though I think it is useless?

The whole process of spiritual growth is confronting oneself.   If you do not confront yourself, you are not going to grow.  It's only when you confront yourself, you know who you are.  And unless you know who you are, you cannot accept yourself, and if you cannot accept yourself you cannot love yourself, and if you cannot love yourself you're not going to love the other, and all spiritual growth stops so in this case you should not follow your natural tendencies.  You have to learn to confront the darker side of yourself.  You are trying to avoid the darker side of yourself.  You have to get in touch with the darker side.  Getting in touch with the positive side is not of much use, but what is important is the darker side the negative side.  Each one of us has got an inauthentic side, a darker side, a negative side, a side of which you are very frightened.  Unless you hold it like a baby, you examine it carefully,  and you look at it non-judgementally, there is going to be no growth.  But if you keep avoiding it things will move from bad to worse.  Your life could very well become miserable.

So Daniel I think we have finished the 3 questions so shall we move into the 3 minute meditation.


You are all going to become Blessing Giverss?

Yes  we are all going to become Blessing Giverss

A special intent for that "May you become awesome Blessing Givers".  So we will move into meditation now.


Shanti Shanti Shanti

Love you all

Love you thank you

thank you Daniel, thank you Roxana, Namaste  

Namaste thank you