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Prayer is more than asking for things. It is a powerful catalyst for transformation on the path to MERGING with your Divine essence. Did you know that Dhyana (meditation) is a form of prayer?  Did you know that Samadhi (absorption in the Divine, merging with the Divine) is a form of prayer? Effective prayer unleashes miracles. You will see improvements in every area of life, spiritual, material, relationships and career. Register at:



The Art of Prayer ~ Part 2:

Unleashing the Power of Miracles


Led by Rev. Dr. Michael Milner, Inter-Faith Minister,

Awakened Oneness Meditator & Advanced Oneness Trainer



Please, Register in Advance at:




Did you know that Dhyana (meditation) is a form of contemplative prayer?  Did you know that Samadhi (absorption in the Divine, merging with the Divine) is a form of contemplative prayer? Read on...

This is the second part of our series on prayer which draws upon the teachings of various spiritual traditions, East and West, as well as the Perennial Tradition (the river of universal truth flowing down through the ages, the common source of the teachings of all the world's great spiritual traditions).

The instructor received these teachings during a lifetime with great masters, saints and adepts, a lifetime filled with innumerable mind-blowing miracles of Divine intervention and mystical communion with the Divine. He has tested and proven the effectiveness of those teachings through many years of personal real-life experience serving as a spiritual teacher in a number of traditions. 

A truth only becomes your Truth when it is personally experienced, so every effort will be made for course participants to have the opportunity to experience each type of prayer covered in the series.

Prayer is much more than asking for things or reciting a formula. It is 2-way communication, communion with your Divine, a living exchange. It is the art of dancing with your personal Divine, the fruit of an ever-deepening relationship which ultimately leads to merging in full Unity with your Divine, the Realization of your Divine essence, your true Divine Self.

Later in this series, we will dive into the deep waters of Mystical Contemplative Prayer, and we will discover that it is none other than the path to Transforming Union and ultimately to Unity (merging) with our Divine.  The journey to God Realization is the path of prayer. The steps and states of consciousness along the way are the stages of mystical prayer.

Join us on this amazing journey through the levels of prayer! We will learn about the Divine, about how to get our prayers answered, receive clear guidance, unleash healings and miracles, work with Divine Beings (Angels, Devas) and the mystical states (stages of prayer) that lead to our Realization of Oneness with our Divine.

In Part 2 of The Art of Prayer, we will review what was covered in Part 1 and then move on to how to surrender, how to receive guidance, how to get what you ask for in prayer and how to unleash the power of miracles.

QUESTION: If I missed Part 1, do I need to take it before I take Part 2?

ANSWER: No, but it would be to your benefit, inasmuch as we will build on the foundation we laid in Part 1, and we will not review everything we covered there.

If you would like to take The Art of Prayer Part 1: Walking and Talking with Your Divine, before going on to Part 2: Unleashing the Power of Miracles, you can register for it at:




Each class will include:

1. Life-ChangingTeachings that have been tested & proven through the instructor's lifetime of spiritual experiences, a lifetime filled with innumerable miracles of Divine intervention and mystical communion with God.

2. Powerful Transmissions of Spiritual Grace (Deeksha/Blessings) to open your Heart to deeper and deeper levels of relationship with your Divine, to make your prayer-life come alive.

3. Deep Guided Processes to help you personally experience each type of prayer covered in the course, so that you can practice them on your own, to help you learn the art of effective prayer, to master the art of walking and talking with your Divine.

Some of the types of prayer we will cover in this series:

1.   Prayer for Opening the Heart to Grace - Invocation

2.   Envisioning & Recreating (your relationship with) Your Divine

3.   Conversation with Your Divine - Walking & Talking with Your Divine

4.   Worship - Prayer of Focused Attention

5.   Praise & Thanksgiving - A major secret to answered prayer

6.   Collective Prayer - When we pray with others, the power is multiplied

7.   Prayer of Consecration - Surrender to the Divine Will

8.   Prayer for Guidance - How to get clear guidance in prayer

9.   Petition / Asking for things - Most people begin here with little success.  First we need a good relationship, to be on speaking terms with our Divine, and to take the correct approach.

10.   Prayer of Faith- When you pray, believe you received it, you will have it

11.   Affirmation – Say what God says. Proclaim the result you want.

12.   Command – The Power of the Spoken Word

13.   In the Name of Your Divine - Praying with Divine Authority

14.   Prayer for Release from Darkness - Turn on the Light!

15.   In the Spirit – Spontaneous Prayer

16.   Intercession – Taking up the burden in prayer for another person

17.   Saturation Healing Prayer - Divine Radiation Treatment

18.   Mystical Contemplative Prayer – Centering Prayer, Acquired & Infused Contemplation,    Stages of Mystical Prayer, Transforming Union & Unity (Merging) with the Divine


The LIVESTREAM link will be sent to all participants who want to participate Online. The recording will remain Online permanently, so you can view it at any time that is convenient for you, as many times as you want.





You do not need to be a Deeksha Giver to attend.