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Relationship Deeksha


Right Relationships are the Key to Everything: Health, Wealth, Career, Family, Spiritual Awakening, God Realization

& every other good thing!


NEW process led by Michael Milner, Awakened Oneness Meditator

& Advanced Oneness Trainer


Recorded Online Course

Available Anytime!



“Life is Relationship” – Sri Bhagavan



Relationship, Tantra & the Sacramental Principle

by Michael Milner


Everything that exists is a manifestation of the Divine. Every visible form is the Divine expressing Itself. How we relate to every being, every form, and every manifestation is the measure of our relationship with the Divine.


As Christ said, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do it to me.”


Life is a dance of relationships. There is just no avoiding it. Throughout my life I have seen people try to set aside their relationships in the effort to relate only to the Divine. This is a huge mistake. Every relationship, with nature and with others and with the world itself, is a dance with the Divine. When we relate to it properly everything becomes a door to transcendence, a door to the Divine source, not an obstacle to be renounced. In the East this is the way of Tantra. In the West it is the Sacramental Principal, finding God in everything and in everyone.


It’s time for you to fully embrace this part of your journey. If you want the help of Grace, then to set right your relationships is what the Divine requires of you.


It is absolutely necessary, if you hope to enjoy success and fulfillment in any area of your life: Health, Wealth, Career, Family, Spiritual Awakening, God Realization or any other good thing. It is the essential key that is most often overlooked in our pursuit of our goals.


If you have tried everything else (awakening processes, deepening processes, connecting with the Divine processes, ancestral liberation processes, wealth processes, health processes) and it still isn’t working for you, this may be the missing ingredient. Sometimes we avoid dealing with our relationships, because it seems like hard work and we don’t want to feel the emotional charges. Let us help you get unstuck. It’s time for a breakthrough.


The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Everywhere you look, you see your inner condition reflected in your outer circumstances and especially in your relationships. If your relationships are not right, everything in your life suffers.


Set right your relationships in the inner world, and your outer life will be magically transformed. It is the most important work for us to do in cooperation with Divine Grace as we seek to manifest our dreams. It paves the way for awakening and the flowering of the heart, and it opens the door to a transformed world.


Whether you want new relationships, or to improve the ones you already have, or you need to heal the wounds and drop the baggage of the past, Bandhavya Deeksha will give you the insight and Grace you need.


Join us for this important process!


This Special Course will include:


·         Special Meditation (Ananda Mandala) & Oneness Awakened Deeksha

·         Teachings & Contemplations

·         The Art of Listening

·         Process for the Healing of Relationships

·         Srimurthi Archana Ritual

·         Bhajans & Dancing

·         Amma Bhagavan Nayana Deeksha (Amma Bhagavan Eye Deeksha)

·         Group Sharing

·         and more...



EVERYONE IS WELCOME! You do not need to be a Deeksha Giver to attend.


Date: Anytime Online!


Location: Anywhere Online


Cost: to participate Online: $64


ONLINE PARTICIPANTS: We will send you the link, instructions to view the course online and Participant Course Notes, as soon as you register (This will be on the confirmation webpage and in the confirmation email you will receive from Eventbrite).


Register at: