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Broadcast to Verbenia, Italy November 28, 2009

Q1: Youth are asking how to reach clarity about their mission in life.

The first thing to understand is that There is no person inside us, only personalities. We may have a lot of personalities inside us, but to have a clear vision we must have at least four strong personalities.

These four personalities, are the king personality, warrior personality, the magician personality, and the monk personality. The king is that which is clear headed and decisive. The warrior personality is that which is never tired of fighting. The magician personality thinks everything is possible, nothing is impossible. The monk personality is one that leads a simple, austere life and is completely detached from any situation.

The youth must deliberately practice these personalities and cultivate them and apply them to different situations in their lives. As they keep applying them, something very strange happens. They'll get, almost like a movie, a full vision of their life and what is the best thing to do and what you will love to do. The connections will happen very naturally and they will also know how to go about it. And things will come into place. That is how the youth must discover their vision.

Q2: Some people are not able to feel the presence. Can you tell us how to feel the presence, how to be sure you are in touch with the presence?

Bhagavan: To be in touch with the presence, you must have tremendous internal integrity. As you practice, you will get in touch with the real problem. Right now what you say is the problem is the created problem, not the real problem. Inner integrity has to be used to get in touch with the real problem.

When you get in touch with the real problem, what happens is that all internal conflict ceases. Once internal conflict ceases, thought slows down and finally thought ceases altogether. When thought ceases, the presence comes in.
The proof that the presence has come in is that if you're talking to your wife, you'll feel complete oneness with your wife. If you're talking to a friend, you'll feel complete oneness with your friend, if you're walking on the road, you'll feel oneness with the stranger, If you're looking at a tree, you'll feel complete oneness with the tree. Oneness is the proof that the presence has come inside.

Q3: Can you tell us about the full meaning of integrity and relationships between integrity and presence?

Bhagavan: Inner integrity is a tool to see what is happening inside us. It does not judge, it does not condemn it does not offer explanations. It is merely seeing what is going on. As you go inside, you'll discover that there are terrible things inside you, There is fear, there is lust, there is anger, there is jealousy, there is envy, there is no love, there is no connectedness. You'll see a lot of terrible things. You may not like what you see, but then, you must continue to see what is there.

Then you will discover that what is there is not only in you, but in every human mind. Not only in the human mind, but it has always been so ever since man came on the planet.

You will then discover that these are aspects of the human mind. It has been so for millenniums. The mind has not changed. The brain has not dramatically changed for the few millenniums. Fear is there. Desire is there. Anger is there. Jealousy is there, Love is not there, etc. Objects have changed but the structure has not changed. Might have been fear of the tiger earlier on and now fear of the stock market.

You'll then discover that there is no change possible. When the impossibility of change strikes you, your mind falls silent. Without effort, without energy, you'll find very naturally there is acceptance, followed by love and very soon it is followed by the presence. That is the connection between inner integrity and the presence. If you are to follow external integrity also, it will be very powerful, but also very dangerous, so I don't advise you do this unless you have the strength to do it.

Q4: Some blessing givers are stuck in facing their core problem. How can they get out of there?

If there is a core problem, and you cannot get out of that, you should stop fighting that. Any effort to understand or analyze the problem will prevent it from getting resolved. please do not try to understand or analyze the problem because The problem is in trying to analyze the problem. Therefore there can not be a solution. So you must realize, first of all, that with that kind of a mind you are not going to solve the problem. External problem is different. I am talking about inner problem. Please, with inner problem do not use analysis. Analysis is paralysis.

Once you realize analysis won't work, you'll feel helpless and then what you will naturally do is to feel helpless and stay with the problem. It is like a hen hatching an egg. You must sit with the problem. Then, the problem will hatch and the solution will come out.

With the fight for Indian independence, Ghandi did not know what to do so he sat quietly with the problem. He was not able to understand the problem so he just stayed with it until a solution came to him from the inside. Solution that came was to boycott salt for India's independence. The whole country was shocked, but eventually they realized that this would free them from British rule. Do not try to fight with the problem, then you'll get your salt for your core problem.


I would be vary happy if you could pass on these announcements to the other Oneness Trainers in Italy because I don't seem to have any access to them.

I want Oneness Trainers to initiate people into becoming Blessing Givers. After they have done the Oneness Experience course without using videos, but take the contents and develop the course from their own experience. After the two day course, they will initiate the participants into becoming Blessing Givers. After sunrise on December 3, this comes into force.

We will be doing certain processes and rituals in India to initiate the trainers to be able to initiate Blessing Givers. They will have the power to initiate Blessing Givers. We are doing this as an emergency measure because we are running out of time for 2012. 2012 is our main focus and our mission and we are rapidly losing time. We are using certain emergency measures, certain shortcuts to get there.

We need a lot more Blessing Givers. We need more Trainers. We can't wait for them to come to India and attend courses in India. We can't wait for them to get money, if we depend on money we won't get there. If you want to be a trainer, you must submit an application with the support of 10 trainers or 25 blessing givers.You will come to India and we will train you and send you back. The cost will be very very cheap. we need a lot more Trainers and Blessing Givers and we do not have much time to waste. And since I am not able to get in touch with other Trainers and Blessing Givers I hope you will do that for me.

You have to place your middle fingers on the soft spot, center of the head and say "AmmaBhagavan, please enter this being and make him, or her into a blessing giver. The fourth fingers can also rest on the head and the first and index fingers will touch and be arched above the head. See video for demonstration. You can use a name for the divine instead of AmmaBhagavan, but if you do, you must have a strong connection to the divine through that name or word. If you use AmmaBhagavan, you need not feel the strong connection. You may repeat this prayer 3 or 4 times, while holding the hand position for 3 minutes. Then within a few minutes have the initiates give blessings to each other to activate the initiation.

Over the next few days, the strength will grow. This will be very powerful in 2010, more powerful in 2011, and amazingly powerful in 2012. The trainers need to start working in groups because in 2012, there must be groups of blessing givers everywhere who will give special blessings to each other with a powerful new technique to move people into a higher state of consciousness. This will affect mankind. The power will be increasing during 2012. In December 2012 we will do this everyday, we will have this skype with the groups every single day and we will give Diksha. We will start from January 2012 with three times a month and we will increase during the year. In December all Blessing Givers will join in and move into higher state of consciousness, then you will take a map of Italy and you will give the Diksha to it. You will find strangely that Diksha will go to all the people in that map. If the French do it it will go to France.

So that's how we raise people's consciousness. And if people's level is raised problems will naturally go away because problems arise from low levels of consciousness. And 2012 is our target. But we must now prepare for that and we have very little time to lose. We've lost already terrible time. Now we need to speed up therefore we make changes. We need to cut the chains of the horses and we must all speed up. I hope we will all work together. It is very beautiful to transform mankind let's not miss it.

Love you all.