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Skype video call Los Angeles-Orange Counties, U.S.A.
November 24, 2009
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QUESTION: What can you tell us now about the influence of the oneness blessing on a person? Is it up to the individual how much they actually will be able to maintain contact with the indwelling Divine? What is the best thing we can do to help our blessing receivers?

The blessing essentially acts on the brain. It basically activates what we call the left temporal lobe  and tries to reduce the activity in what we call parietal lobes.  So, it's a neurobiological phenomenon induced by the blessing. The result is you can get in touch with the indweller because of these changes and you can get in touch with what we call the Divine or the transpersonal, whatever word you'd like to use.  So it takes you to the other dimension.  That is the purpose of the blessing. The blessing is more like a vehicle which carries you to another realm. Thereafter you have to deal with the indweller or the transpersonal realm. The indweller himself or herself is only in the transpersonal realm.

So, to connect to the transpersonal realm the brain must undergo some changes. So, the deeksha induces a neurobiological phenomenon by which that happens.  The power of the blessing depends on the one who is giving the blessing, as also the one who is receiving the blessing. Both are involved in it, and the later connections with the indweller would depend how much the one who had received the blessing is working upon himself.  

Your role would be to help him work on himself. That's why you must work as groups.  The group must help the other to work on himself or herself. If you keep working on yourself, then what happens is you get closer and closer to the indweller. It can become so close that the indweller can become almost physical. You can possibly even touch the indweller. It can even come out and you can even touch the indweller.   You can go to that extent.

There are people who have this physical indweller, the indweller coming out and even chatting with them.  It's not a rare phenomenon.  It's quite well known in India, in many parts, and even some westerners I know. So it depends on how much you grow and depending on that growth would be your relationship with the indweller. 

Let me see, what's the second part of that  question? "How can it help the receiver?"  Yes, how could you help the receiver is, you have to form groups and share your lives, share your suffering, you pain, your joys and the one who is speaking must be allowed to speak, and the other must not judgmentally listen to him; and the next level, he must report to the other person what is happening inside him. Suppose the other person is talking about his fear.  Fear might get triggered in you. Then you have to tell him, "As I've been listening to you, fear got triggered in me."  This is how I see things. There should be a mutual share so not only the one who is suffering benefits, the one who is listening will equally benefit. This is the way you have to form groups.

It's very essential that if we are going to make 2012 happen, we must form groups.  It is these groups which are going to bring about the perceptual shift in the year 2012. Like, for example, what happening in 1989 set a chain of events in world history, like the Berlin wall, the paving away of communism and what we saw in China and many, many other events. We don't have time for those things. So, that set a new trend for the planet and we think it's still going on. We're moving in a new direction after '89.

Similarly, something is going to happen in 2012 which is going for a new direction for world events thereafter.  To make those events happen, we have to form groups and we have to become powerful blessing givers and move into different states, higher states of consciousness. So, this is basically possible by working on yourself, not individually, individually as well as a group.  That you must do for yourselves. I will personally here be guiding you. My guiding you is Level 3. So that's the answer to the first question. We move on to the second question.

 QUESTION:Bhagavan,can you tell us about giving blessings for healing? Some of us feel that we have taken on the sufferings of others. Some blessing givers feel deep sadness while giving the blessing. How can we maintain our strength and health so that we can be actively of service to humanity? As we continue to merge with the Divine will our physical bodies get stronger naturally? Is it possible to take on the karma of others unintentionally?

BHAGAVAN: Read the question once again?

QUESTION:Bhagavan,can you tell us about giving blessings for healing? Some of us feel that we have taken on the sufferings of others. Some blessing givers feel deep sadness while giving the blessing.

BHAGAVAN:  Hold there. So, as long as you feel it is the Divine which is healing, no karma will be transferred to you. But, if you feel someway that you are involved in the healing, then certainly karma comes to you.  What you must know is you're merely a vehicle for those Divine energies to flow into you and affect the person. If you make the mistake of thinking that you are the one who is healing, that is your energies which are healing, then there is a possibility of a backlash and that karma might come to you.  The other part of the question?

QUESTION:How can we maintain our strength and health so that we can be actively of service to humanity? As we continue to merge with the Divine will our physical bodies get stronger naturally? Is it possible to take on the karma of others unintentionally?

BHAGAVAN: A little bit before.

QUESTION:Some blessing givers feel deep sadness while giving the blessing.

BHAGAVAN: That is very good. If you feel that sadness and give the blessing it's going to be very  it's going to be very therapeutic. It's very good and in fact, it's recommended.  [Laughter]

QUESTION: How can we maintain our strength and health so that we can be actively of service to humanity?

See, as long as you feel it's the Divine which is doing it, that you are merely lending your body, mind and spirit, there's no problem at all. It has its own rewards. Because karmically, you help the person and your good karma bank account goes on increasing. So, you gain by helping others, you don't lose anything as long as you realize it's the Divine which is doing and not you. If you think you are doing, your karma account is going to-the good karma account will go wrong, the bad karma account would increase. But, as long as you think it's the Divine which is doing, your good karma account goes up, and you could even cash it for whatever purpose you want to. So, that's how you've got to do it.

It all depends upon identification. As long as you don't identify yourself, there is no problem. If you identify there is a problem. But sometimes, unintentionally things can go wrong. That's why as a precautionary measure, at the end of the day, you have got to wash your hands and feet in salt water.  That is the best precaution you could take.  Continue.

QUESTION:  As we continue to merge with the Divine will our physical bodies get stronger naturally? Is it possible to take on the karma of others unintentionally?

BHAGAVAN:  Yes, as you keep merging with the Divine your body becomes very strong.  In fact, two weeks ago I met an Indian swami who had met me in 1984, and thereafter many things happened to him. So, nowadays he gets buried under the earth for about 92 days. Several tests have been done where he does not breathe, his heart beat is zero, and yet he is completely alive after 92 days. Now, this person who really happened to be an allopathic doctor, an ayurvedic doctor and many, many things, now he is over 70 year old. He looks as though he's 35, not a single black hair, no sagging of muscles and he is over 70. He is worshipped in many Indian temples if idols are kept and worshipped. This man is completely with the Divine and very soon he is going to enter into what's called Mahasamadhi, that is he will be buried alive under a concrete slab and a temple will be built on him. He says he feels he may be there for a century or so underground and blessing people.

There is also the Samadhi of this earlier guru, many, many years ago. Even now if you do like this [finger snapping] he'll answer from inside the Samadhi. So, those of you who come to India we could take you there and we could even show you this. So, these people who merge so much with the Divine, it looks like they can even physically go on forever. So, I myself could not guess this man's age and then I thought he must be thirty-five because there were his disciples who are looking very old and I thought maybe they had a young master. Later on I came to know he is that old.

So, it certainly affects your health and you do in fact become very strong, unless that guru has chosen to take on somebody's karma. Then, of course, like Ramana Maharishi you may get cancer. So, it depends how you choose to live. That's the first question I think.

QUESTION: All, that has played out recently has triggered judgment, disappointment, even bitterness at the way of the world. I'm aware that this judgment is coming from my own unresolved pain and this pain is holding me back from life and freedom and is hardening my heart.

I have sat with my pain and experienced it shift into joy. I have had beautiful spiritual experiences, but the pain of old conditioning keeps returning.

Bhagavan, what do you suggest I do to become more trusting and open to life as it is, and the unknown?

BHAGAVAN:  See, you have to keep on practicing inner integrity until you're going deep inside yourself and see what is actually there.  If you go deep inside, you will find there is nothing but fear, essentially fear. There is deceit, there is cunning, there is jealousy and all that muck. It's all there. You have to confront it, Confront it means not challenge it, but look at it, and then do not try to change it because it cannot be changed because these are contents of the mind, and the mind is very, very old. It's as old as man himself, and that is the structure of the mind, that cannot be changed. It is the nature of the mind. For example, you could take sugar, sugar is crystalline. It tastes sweet. Its specific heat is that much. Its specific variety is that much. You can't do anything about it. You take salt; it has its own qualities.

So, the human mind has evolved over millions of years into what it is today. But, the basic structure itself has not changed very much.  Fear is there, it was there for ancient man, it is there today. Jealousy was there, it is there.  Anger was there, it is there. Desire was there, it is there. But, the objects have changed. Probably earlier man had fear for the tiger, or the lion, or some wild beast, or the fear of hunger.

Today's man has fear of the share market and what's happening to the economy.  Somebody would indeed feel jealously about somebody's spear. Now, you could feel jealousy about somebody's car. So, essentially the structure has not changed and it has also genetically been designed that way. So, fighting to change that would be foolhardy.

So, if there is a problem with you, like for example you live on a street where there is the mafia, or something like that. There is no way you could get out of that street and the mafia will not leave. So, what is the best way to handle the situation?
Could you tell what is the best way to handle the situation? The mafia will not go and you cannot leave that place. So, what do you do? The best way would be both to go to the mafia, to stand up to the mafia.  Take guys a pack of sweets to him, some gifts to him, maybe embrace him and praise him.  Then the mafia would say, "Ok, you do whatever you want. I won't trouble you."  You are now a friend of the mafia.

Something similar must happen here as you cannot change all these things. Look, it is not you, it is there in you but you are not that. It will remain so, whether you are enlightened or not, it will remain so. The only difference is the enlightened man is not playing with it, he is not trying to change it, he not's feeling bad about it. It just remains. So, once you see it is there, it is there in everybody because it is the one mind.

Let us say someone is having a H1N1 problem. So, it's not your H1N1 or somebody's H1N1. It is H1N1, that's all. It is swine flu.  It's not your swine flu or his swine flu. You can't have ownership over it. Similarly, you can't have ownership over your mind and its qualities. It is the human mind. Of course, if the brain undergoes some change, maybe things will change. Maybe the future man will be very different.  But, as of now, that is operating, genetically programmed, that is how it will function.

So, there will be a negative side to you, which you are all the time masking because you can't exhibit it in public. There are terrible things going on inside because people don't know what would happen. So, there is this negative side, you've got to accept it and not say it is bad or good. It is there, that's all. You've got to take a neutral stand. If you say, ok, it's very good, or something's wrong with it; you could say it's very bad.  That also is not alright. It is there. You cannot do anything about it. Because then you realize change is impossible. Now, when change is impossible what do you do?  You just keep quiet and keeping quiet is the solution.

So, for this to happen, you must first probe; through probing how do you know what's inside there? So, bravely, go ahead. The blessing will help you to go inside, see a lot of things which you've never imagined before. This is what all the great ones have done. Be it a Buddha, or a Christ. They have done this. They have gone inside. They have seen what is there and they've said, let it be so.  When you say, let it be so. You become free of it. It is there, but you're free of it.

This you should practice. You'll see tremendous changes happening to you, most of all conflict will slowly cease. As conflict ceases, slowly something will happen. You'll begin to feel connected and then when you begin to feel connected you'll find that thought subsides, and that which thought cannot touch will start expressing itself. Because that which will come in cannot be touched by thought because it's not a concept, it is not a belief, it is not a view. It is not even an experience the mind always experiences, no. It is something very living. What you call the present. It's very, very living.  That would kick in. That would come in of its own and that is the benediction we are talking about.

To get there you have to move step by step: go inside, discover, accept, love.  It's an automatic sequence. It does not require great time, energy and effort. Only the first phase takes time, energy and effort; and if you use the blessing is gets quite fast. Thereafter, no time is required, no energy is required, no effort is required. But suppose there is a snake in the hall where you are and then all of you are jumping in great fear.  Then, suddenly somebody brings a torch and you discover it's not a snake, it's a rope. Fear has disappeared instantaneously. It has not taken time, it has not taken energy, it has not taken effort. You saw and you are free. To see is to be free.

It does not take any of these things. But, the whole trouble is getting a torchlight, and putting a torchlight, and seeing what is there. That is the effort that is required on your part. Once that is done, slowly you'll find something very remarkable happens. First you feel there is a peace. Then you discover conflict is absent. Nothing has changed.  Your wife is still nagging you, your husband is still bothering you, your son is disobeying you, you have problems with your friends. But still, those things have not changed, but it is no more affecting you.  You simply take them in your stride, and even that is giving you joy.
Little by little you find even the other is slowly changing and when that happens thought ...thought is the mischief maker because thought is measurement.  It is all the time measuring things and because it is measuring things, the beauty is lost. Reality is lost. So, thought subsides and reality comes into focus.  Along with reality comes something which I would now like to talk about.

You're going to discover it for yourself. I'll simply call it the benediction. It is there. So, it's like a sequence, naturally happens, and I hope that all of you can there, latest by 2012 when you could make a big impact on the planet, helping a lot of people. So, we'll go through all these things at a deeper level in the subsequent Skype sessions. The third question now.

QUESTION: Bhagavan, is there an opportunity for us to become trainers, ourselves? How would we do that?

BHAGAVAN: If you want to become a trainer, you should have attended a Level 1 and Level 2, and send in an application here supported by ten other trainers. Then you could come to India here, we will train you and initiate you into initiating others. Thereafter, you could initiate others to becoming blessing givers. So, all that is required is you have to finish a Level 1 and Level 2. If you have not done it, you will come and do it in India because we will no more be doing Level 1 and Level 2 in Italy or in Fiji. If anything is going to go on there, they are not our courses. So, you could come to India and it India it has been made quite cheap now. You could come to take a Level 1 and Level 2 and give in an application supported by ten other trainers.  That means you have been recommended and then we will train you and will also initiate you in order that you could initiate others. And these trainers are the ones who must build the blessing givers around them as a group for the final 2012 action. That's the answer for that question. Anyway left? 

QUESTION:  Bhagavan, we are so happy and excited about your plans for the courses.  We are delighted to be able to see you and speak with you this way. We just want to let you know how much we love you! Thank you so much!

BHAGAVAN: There will be no more Oneness courses outside India. Whatever courses will happen only in India. The courses will be completely free of charge. You will be charged only for board and lodge, internal transport and laundry. That's all. So, courses are free. I, myself, will be personally interacting with you. There will be no barriers between you and me.  There will be nobody standing in between. There will be direct interaction and you'll be trained to become trainers whereby you'll conduct courses in your own countries, and initiate people on your own, and then you get ready for 2012.

2012, we are all getting ready for 2012. That's the key thing.  So, there we are going to do our best to affect human perception. Of course, we are not the only group. Many groups are doing this kind of thing, whatever they believe is their vision. We'll do whatever is ours. Ours is to stop this alienation between one human being and another.  One human being must feel very close to another. Be it his wife, a husband, son, or any other stranger, you must feel very close to him, you must feel connected, at oneness. You start with inner oneness and we'll end with planetary, and then we'll go beyond to the transpersonal, which is the Divine.  Finally, you must feel that you are one with the Divine.

You and the Divine are not separate. The Divine is your own higher self, and you are alienated from that. It's not something out there into which you have to merge. No, it is there already in you. You are the Divine, but you feel the sense of separation, and that should go.  So, that's why I'm telling, as far as we are concerned here in oneness, I am God, you are God, the ant is God, the elephant is God. God has become all this. The one who is having AIDS is also God. He is God who is having AIDS. The one who is having H1N1 is God who is having H1N1.  So, when you are helping him you are help God, and since all are God, you are helping God only.

This would become a living experience for you, not a theory, not a concept, not a belief.  Maybe if you are a strong Christian, maybe you might abhor the idea of becoming one with God.  That's personal. Then you can stop, becoming one with God. You can halt somewhere, or if you're a Muslim and that forbids you, then you should not do it.  But, there are others who have no problems.  In fact, it's a fact, you will see that you are already that God.

 The whole purpose here is to separate that illusion. So, the only problem with you is, you have this illusion and this illusion we want to tear down.  Once we tear it down you will discover for yourself as I said, truth is still untruth as long as it is not your truth.  It'll become your truth, that's all there is to it. You're all going to become God. That is the purpose of this world. That is the oneness, the  ultimate oneness. We start with inner oneness. We stop the conflict inside, we start there, and we end up finally becoming God, Himself. 

So, we end the session with this. Next time we will continue. Now, I think we can meditate for a few minutes.