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Paduka Puja


·         Necessary Items:

Padukas, large plate, arati lamp, lamp, kumkum powder, sandalwood powder and asheta (wet rice mixed with turmeric powder and allowed to dry).  

·         Process:

o       Wash the Padukas:

§         Place the Padukas in the large plate.

§         Using a soft cloth, wipe the Padukas with perfumed water (e.g. rose water). 

o       Offer Sandalwood Powder:

§         Mix the sandalwood powder with rose water and dab the paste on top of the “stubs” and on the soles of the Paduka (usually the corners). 

§         Any finger will do.  Traditionally done with the ring finger of the right hand. 

o       Offer Kumkum Powder:

§         Dab the dry kumkum powder on the same spots as the sandalwood (i.e. the kumkum on top of the sandalwood paste). 

o       Offer Asheta:

§         Shower the Padukas with the asheta. 

o       Offer Flowers and/or Garland of Flowers:

§         Shower the Padukas with beautiful flowers (any beautiful flowers from the heart will do). 

o       Offer Incense:

§         Light the incense and wave it around the Padukas.  

§         Traditionally two incense are used, but any number is ok.  

o       Offer Lamp:

§         Dip cotton ball dippers in any oil (olive, sunflower, vegetable, etc) or ghee. 

§         Place the cotton ball dipper on the lamp, light the lamp, and place near the Padukas. 

o       Offer Arati:

§         Place either a cotton ball dipper or camphor on the arati lamp and perform arati to the Padukas. 

§         Wave the lamp around as many times as you like. 

o       Prostrate to the Padukas:

§         Full prostration to the Padukas. 

Additional Notes

o       Perform this Puja with Love and Devotion. 

o       You may chant the Moola Mantra as you do the Puja. 

o       Every morning, wipe the Padukas with perfumed water.  Remember to feel that you are wiping the feet of the Divine. 

o       The day after the Puja, you may throw the rice and flowers away (no special disposal is necessary).   Then wipe the Padukas with perfumed water as you do every morning.   


*These notes were taken during the August 2006, 21day process at Oneness University.

Jai Kalki Bhagavan and Amma!




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