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Summer Solstice Concert with Daniel Bellone, June 19!

$25.00 ~ Limited Seating. Expected to sell-out.

Pre-registration suggested.



An astonishing musician, singer and songwriter from Argentina, Daniel Bellone, will delight us again with his wonderful sounds of Sanskrit and playful music.  He is returning to the USA after an extensive tour through Europe, Australia and China. This will be a real treat!

Daniel’s extraordinary talent transcends the ordinary, touching the chords of people’s hearts. He has a natural gift that allows mantras to accomplish their purpose of organizing the inner sounds of the mind, quieting the wild voices that create conflict in our lives. During his performance, you may experience diverse forms of inner-healing and the removal of obstacles which obstruct the flow of life and the manifestation of our deep heart's desires.

This will not be just another interesting, fun concert you will easily forget, but a profound life-changing experience.  We look forward to seeing you there!



$25.00 ~ Limited Seating. Expected to sell-out. Pre-registration suggested. Tickets: