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Oneness Blessing Guidelines


From the official Oneness University Website:

© 2007 Oneness University



Instructions for giving the Oneness Blessing™


  • The Oneness Blessing™ is the transfer of energy which initiates the journey into higher states of consciousness.


  • A Oneness Blessing™ giver must have been formally initiated by the disciples of Sri Amma Bhagavan at the Oneness University-India to transfer the Oneness Blessing™.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ results in an evolution in consciousness; this evolution naturally results in healing, setting right of relationships and solutions to mundane problems. Hence it is not necessary to promote the Oneness Blessing™ separately using different names like Vara, Phala, Maha, Healing, etc. for various other purposes like healing, fulfillment of desires, etc. The Oneness Blessing™ is solely for awakening to Oneness and would naturally deal with every other problem that hinders spiritual awakening.


  • You could begin the Oneness Blessing™ with a prayer or an invocation to Sri Amma Bhagavan and then place your hands on the recipient's head. The Oneness Blessing™ could be given by touch (Sparsha) or through intent (Smarana). The touch Oneness Blessing™ must be given by placing the hands on the recipient's head only. No other part of the body must be touched.


  • Oneness Blessing™ through eye contact is not recommended at this stage as it requires very high levels of spiritual evolution to bear effect.


  • It is very essential to create a sacred atmosphere for the Oneness Blessing™ event, as Oneness Blessing™ is an invocation to the Presence of the divine. This involves proper clothing, general sacredness and cleanliness of the venue.


  • In accordance with the principle of the universe, "you receive when you give," making a donation for the Oneness Blessing™ may help the participant to receive the Oneness Blessing™ more effectively. It may not be appropriate to ask for donations from parents, relatives and very close friends and deserving people who cannot afford to give, but it is helpful for the recipient to have the intention to give something in return, even if non-monetary, to the practitioner, other recipients, or others. Portions of donations or separate donations may be sent to the same address as the informed consent forms, for the continued growth of the oneness movement as it works to awaken mankind.


  • It is good to leave a minimum gap of one week for the same recipient to receive Oneness Blessing™ again. Oneness Blessings™, whether by touch or intent, should be repeated for a recipient only after a minimum gap of one week.


  • If a recipient has health conditions or concerns, in addition to obtaining a signed informed consent form in advance, you should continue only if the recipient responds favorably and should discontinue if they express any type of discomfort.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ is most effective when given by the Oneness Blessing™ givers in groups of three, five or seven. It is ideal if a recipient does not receive more than seven Oneness Blessings™ in a day.


  • When three or more Oneness Blessing™ givers come together as a group and give the Oneness Blessing™ , there emerges a collective presence which is far more powerful than the individual Oneness Blessing™; however, not more than one person should lay hands on the recipient at one time.


  • It would be ideal if the participants are helped to relax for 15 to 20 minutes in Shavaasan after a Oneness Blessing™ to help assimilate the Oneness Blessing™ effectively. However, if situations don't permit, you could just help them relax with their eyes closed.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ is more effective if the recipient is well prepared. However, the mode of preparation may be designed taking into account the time available, the culture, the tradition and the mindset of the recipient.


  • It is important to maintain good feedback from the recipients and continue sending it to the local coordinators. Please stay in constant touch with your guides at the University.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ grows in power when relationships are in order. Hence, there should be an emphasis on setting relationships right as part of the spiritual preparation of the recipients.


  • When children receive the Oneness Blessing™, it should naturally bring about the flowering of intelligence and love, or help initiate the process of ascending to a higher state of consciousness, depending on what is most necessary for them at that point of time.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ will provide different benefits to different people, depending on their needs and necessities, so recipients may not experience a common outcome. The process of ascension could be gradual or sudden in nature, depending on myriad factors.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ does not involve depletion of your energy as you are merely a channel for the Divine to flow through. Hence the more you give the Oneness Blessing™, the more your state should deepen.


  • In the event you are unable to give the Oneness Blessing™ yourself, you can always support other Oneness Blessing™ givers in any way possible. Offering "seva" (service to the divine) by supporting or facilitating Oneness Blessing™ events would yield you the same effects and good karma as giving the Oneness Blessing™ yourself.


  • It is recommended to give the touch Oneness Blessing™ by standing in front of (facing) the person.



Guidelines for Oneness Blessing™ Givers


  • The foremost requisite for the Oneness Blessing™ giver is the realization that he/she is only a vehicle and that it is the divine presence that is flowing through him/her as the Oneness Blessing™. Hence, always begin the Oneness Blessing™ with a prayer that you are filled with the divine presence and that your hands become the hands of the divine.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ is a form of blessing like that offered by many of the world's great traditions. It focuses on the unity of humankind and is an interfaith gift not restricted to any particular religion.


  • It is advised that the placing of hands be soft and gentle on the head of the recipient while giving the Oneness Blessing™, so that it helps the recipient to receive in a more relaxed way. No other part of the body may be touched.


  • The whole experience of receiving the Oneness Blessing™ must be pleasant for the recipient. So the Oneness Blessing™ giver must make sure that the recipient is comfortable with his/her gestures and behavior.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ giver should not be impaired or addicted to substances such as tobacco.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ giver must not use disrespectful language about other Oneness Blessing™ givers or recipients, since sacredness in word and deed plays a very vital role in the efficacy of the Oneness Blessing™. Other Oneness Blessing™ givers are also vehicles of divine grace and disrespecting them would mean disrespecting the divine grace that is flowing through them.


  • Unsacred verbal expressions reduce the power of speech (vak shakti). Hence Oneness Blessing™ givers are advised to use auspicious and constructive speech that brings joy to others.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ is a phenomenon sourced in compassion and the attitude of service. Therefore, using this phenomenon to build up significance for yourself or self-aggrandizement would disrupt the flow of the Oneness Blessing™ through you. People who lead anonymous lives (do not show off) are the best channels for the Oneness Blessing™.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ flows most powerfully when the Oneness Blessing™ giver is himself/herself in a state of humility, devotion, gratitude, surrender, peace, joy, love, etc. If a Oneness Blessing™ giver is experiencing sadness, arrogance, jealousy, hatred, etc., it is better if he/she refrains from giving the Oneness Blessing™. In case the event is unavoidable, pray and become conscious of your inner condition and seek divine help.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ is not associated with clairvoyance or any psychic work.


  • The Oneness Blessing™ is strictly and only for an evolution in consciousness and must be given independent of other forms of spiritual work.


  • Oneness Blessing™ givers must not subject the recipients to external agents such as power plants, herbs, drugs etc. as a preparation for the Oneness Blessing™ or even after the Oneness Blessing™.


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