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862 Year History

of the Oneness Phenomenon & the New Srimurthi


Compiled by Michael Milner

(Shared with Permission)



New Srimurthi


Clockwise Left to Right:

Sri Swami Samarth

Sri Paada Sri Vallaba

Sri Dattatreya (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)

Sri Anagha Lakshmi (MahaSawarswathi, MahaLakshmi, MahaKali)

Sri Narasimha Saraswathi

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba


Inside the Golden Ball of Grace (Adi Parashakti):

Sri Kalki AmmaBhagavan


In the background:

The Sri Yantra which is inlaid in marble in the floor at the center of the Meditation Hall on the the top level of the Oneness Temple



862 Year History of the New Srimurthi


Who do the Indian people say that Sri AmmaBhagavan are?


First, we need to understand how the Divine can Manifest:


1.  Theophany-  The Divine makes things appear for you.  It may feel like a dream, but it is very real.


2.  Epiphany-  The Divine appears to you. Jesus might drop by and have a chat with you. This too may feel like a dream.


3.  Manifestations- The Divine physically manifests to you, and you can touch it exactly like a human being. The Divine can manifest and live for 100’s of years in this form.


4.  Incarnations and Avatars- This is when when the Divine is born to a human mother and  lives like a human. When the Human species needs to be guided in a certain way, the Divine may come in an incarnate form to help, such as Rama, Krishna, Christ, or AmmaBhagavan to name just a few.


Adiparashakthi- The One God- Unmanifest (symbolized by the Golden Ball of Grace)


When the Divine Manifests, It becomes Three: Creator, Protector and Destroyer - Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva - One energy becomes three.


When all three of them unite as One, this is called Sri Dattatreya Swami, the Male Aspect of the Divine.


The Male Aspects also have female counterparts: MahaSawarswathi, MahaLakshmi, MahaKali (or MahaParvathi)  Also creator, protector and destroyer.


When they unite as One they are called Devi Anagha Lakshmi….Female Aspects Together…


In this Iron Age (Kali Yuga), in 1149 AD, Sri Dattatreya first manifested as an 8 year old boy standing under a banyan tree. There was a witness to this. He lived as a "manifestation" for many  years, doing miracles, guiding people and teaching, focused on awakening.


In 1320 AD, Sri Dattatreya was born as a human incarnation for the first time in the current Iron Age as Sri Paada Sri Vallaba, in Pitapuram. He began to do miracles at age 1, and at 5 he started discoursing on nuclear physics


At age 15, he wanted to leave house and go out and help people. His parents asked him to get married. He said: “I cannot get married. I am already married to Mukthi (= Liberation or Enlightenment).”


In 1350 in Karnakta, at the age of 30 he entered Mahasamadhi.


In 1378 Sri Paada Sri Vallaba was born again as Sri Narasimha Saraswathi in a place in Maharastra. He did not speak until the age of 5. At 5 He asked to be initiated, and after it was done started to recite the Vedas. At the age of 9 he became a Sunyasin, a monk.


In 1458 Narasimha decided to go and do some "penance" (=intense spiritual practice), like meditation, so he left home. Before this was guiding people towards Mukthi. He went Kadalivanum and meditated for approximately 150 years. After this he went to the Himalayas and meditated for another 250 years. This is not unusual in the Himalayas where there are people 300-400 years old.


While meditating, he was buried under an ant hill. After 250  years he was disturbed. A person cut into the ant hill with a sickle and the blade hit Narasimha's body. When the sickle came out he saw blood and removed the ant hill. To his surprise Narasimha thanked the man for disturbing him. “Thank you for awakening me. It is time for me to return. I have work to do in the world”.


In 1856 he came to Alcocot in Maharastra. It's same body, but now he is called Swami Samarth. He was born in 1378 and came here in 1856 with a physical body nearly 500 years old. He lives another 24 years until 1878, then he takes Mahasamadhi.


Sri Shirdi Sai Baba was a disciple of Swami  Samarth. Sai Baba is an incarnation of the monkey god, Hanuman. Swami Samarth said "When I take Mahasamadhi, I will enter into your body and begin to work through you". Shirdi Sai Baba was already Hanuman and now he becomes the instrument for Swami Samarth. This is why so many miracles came through him. Many followers of Swami Samarth and Shirdi Sai Baba are now followers of Oneness.


Sri Paada Sri Vallabha told a prophecy about the future. A person named Shankarat noted all of this in a book called SRIPADA SRIVALLABHA CHARITAAMRUTAM.  At 16, a disciple named Venkaya said  I want to be closely related to you. Sri Paada Sri Villaba said "When I come back at the end of the iron age I will marry your daughter. She will be called Padmavathi, and she will be Anagalakshmi who will born to you. She will be born in Simuloor," which is called Nellore today. So, he gave this promise.


He also met Hanuman during this time and told him. "You will come back as Shirdi Sai Baba" All this was recorded in the book. He said this book should only be released after 33 generations, which was 2001. In 2001 the book was released. He said in the book “I will come back as Kalki, and I will help people move into the Golden Age”.


Amma’s name is Padmavathi, her father is named Venkaya, and she was born in Nellore exactly as prophesied!


This whole phenomenon is called "Kalki". This time when Kalki came He did not come alone. The Hindu tradition tells of Kalki coming at the end of the Kali Yuga with an army of 64,000.


Sri Bhagavan was born in 1949, exactly 800 after the first manifestation of Sri Dattatreya as a young boy in 1149.


Barathgiri Maharaj (“Bapu”) was a fellow disciple of Swami Samarth with Shirdi Sai Baba. In 1949 in Gujurat while in Samadhi Bapu had a vision of  Kalki, who said “I have taken birth on this planet.” 25 years ago at Rakisha Ashram Bapu met with a group of people telling them “Kalki is already here. The freedom of India was to prepare the way. After more than 5,000 yrs Kalki has come. He is the Lord God, unifier of 14 Lokas, vanquisher of Kali (Darkness), the most powerful being in human form on this planet. Whatever happens never leave Him!"


Bapu himself was a Divine Being, the manifestation of Astrology, Narda, the close friend of Vishnu. He spent his life after 1949 searching for Kalki.  He came to Satyaloka in 2001 after being invited to Satyaloka by Amma in 2000, then well over 120 years old (no one is sure of his exact age). He met Bhagavan and in August of 2001 entered his Mahasamadhi. (The story is contained in the DVD: Oneness Vol 3, which is currently not available in English).


At the age of 3, Sri Bhagavan was already totally focused on helping to liberate Humanity from suffering. He never played and only spent his time thinking of Humanity. Bhagavan was always sitting thinking about the future. His mom joked you should marry the seat. The Golden Ball appeared to him at the age of 3.5 years, and he chanted into it for the next 24 years. Amma too was always austere and devotional. Sri AmmaBhagavan’s  life was always one of sacrifice. They have always spent their time only helping people. They taught all the monks about connection and perception and about the Divine.


PERSONAL POSTSCRIPT: In 1999, a number of years before I had even heard about Sri AmmaBhagavan and the Oneness phenomenon, I met Shri Punitachariji Maharaj, of the State of Gujarat in India, (affectionately known as 'Bapu'), the founding saint of Girnar Sadhana Ashram, at the foot of sacred Mount Girnar outside of Junagadh, and also of the Datta Ganga Ashram on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh. This was Bapu's first and only trip to the USA to visit his devotees there. It was then that I learned Bapu is a direct disciple of Sri Dattatreya. I had never heard of Sri Dattatreya before. The mantra Sri Dattatreya gave Bapu for meditation is "Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Datta". As I meditated with Bapu the night we met, the only time I ever saw him, I had many amazing Divine visions including one of being completely enfolded in a  beautiful Golden Ball while Lord Vishnu appeared before me. When I related this experience to Bapu, he seemed to know all about me and told me that I must pray to remember my former lives in India and return to India as soon as possible, because I had unfinished work there. I did pray as Bapu asked, but I remembered nothing at all about any previous lives at that time. 11 years passed.


In October 2010, the day I arrived at the Oneness University for the 28 Day Deepening Process,  a friend of mine who lives and works at the Oneness University took me to the Oneness Temple where I saw the new Srimurthi for the first time. It was like lights coming on inside of me! As my friend related to me the 800 year story of Sri Dattatreya's intervention during the current Kali Yuga, I began to have vivid flashbacks, memories of past lifetimes and places I have been before with my Beloved AmmaBhagavan. The puzzle pieces of my life came together, and I could clearly see the hand of the Divine at work through it all, the unbroken chain of coincidences and miracles of Grace that tell the story of my life! I was overwhelmed and flooded with Love and  Gratitude for my dear Divine Friend. Sri AmmaBhagavan. It was on this very night, after our visit to the Temple, that the Srimurthi began to miraculously pour forth streams of Divine honey that continued to flow for several days!


Coincidence after coincidence has given way to miracle after miracle too numerous to name. I am so grateful. Everything and everyone I see is you, Bhagavan. I am you and you are me! I am inundated and intoxicated with your love. All I see is you everywhere I look. You have become my closest and dearest Friend who is always with me, always talking to me, teaching me, playing with me, showing me your love and your miracles. 


AmmaBhagavan Sharanam!


Aum Shreem Kreem Kleem Hreem

Sree Maha Laxmiye Namah