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March 18, 2010

Sri Bhagavan announced a major shift in his plan for Oneness


March 18, Sri Bhagavan spoke very clearly and explained that he is now ready to deliver the fully awakened state to the entire Oneness Community across the planet. He has decided not to wait until 2011 and 2012 to do this. Sri Bhagavan has decided to act quickly and give the state of awakening (Mukthi) to the entire Oneness Community, so that the full power of the awakened state will be in your hands, whereby we may work together to transform the entire planet in 2012. 

To accomplish this, Sri Bhagavan held very special Mukthi Deeksha Webcast Events for the entire planet on March 20 & 21.


In order to bring about the fully awakened state, Sri Bhagavan asked the Oneness Community to hold a very Sacred and Special process utilizing very ancient and sacred methods to deliver the actual Mukthi Deeksha-- the complete Blessing for Mukthi-- or Enlightenment. We cannot emphasize enough the immensity of this situation, both for you personally and for our planet at this time. To be taken into the rarest of all spiritual states and achievements is a gift beyond all gifts, and is the key to the doorway of the Golden Age itself.
It is a process that will deliver unto a person the most beautiful and profound life, a life beyond all dreams and expectations. The Divine will be present and directly and individually guiding all participants into the living realities of Oneness, Love, and Awakening.


Consequently, Sri Bhagavan has asked Oneness Trainers to begin offering a very special new course in the US and around the world. This course will replace all other Oneness courses, including Oneness Experience, Level 1, and Level 2 courses.


The new course, the Oneness Awakening Course, will offer the essential teachings on Awakening as previously offered in these and other courses, as well as will confer the sacred Mukthi Deeksha to all participants. Those completing the course who are not yet Deeksha Givers will be initiated as so during the course.


Oneness Awakening is a 2-3 day course which is open to current Deeksha Givers as well as to the general public. For both, it is an opportunity to receive the sacred Mukthi Deeksha and to receive the essential teachings on Awakening as offered by Sri Amma Bhagavan.


These teachings will be assembled by the Oneness Trainer from the body of teachings and practices he or she has received from Amma and Bhagavan over the years. The teachings will vary from course to course and multiple takings of the course are highly recommended for those serious students and practitioners wishing to explore the path of Amma Bhagavan at the deepest level.

For those who are not yet Deeksha Givers, they will receive the initiation to transfer the Oneness Deeksha to others during the course.

This is a rare and precious opportunity. Human beings have sought the awakened state for thousands of years; the fact that ordinary individuals are now able to be given this gift of Grace is in itself a miracle of the Divine. The time is upon us, where the awakened state shared by the great masters of the past is now being made available to all of you. We have all been waiting lifetimes for this opportunity and it is now upon us!



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