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Sri Bhagavan Skype call

 Denver, Colorado
December 4, 2010

PLEASE NOTE: The questions are not audible on the audio. Also, portions of Bhagavan’s responses are not clear on the audio, so we’ve done the best we can to re-create with as much accuracy as possible.

1. Bhagavan, in the states of awakening and God Realization, is there no longer any individual karma or conditioning playing out and influencing one’s perception of reality? Is there no longer any shadow or unconscious influence at all? What does it really mean, Bhagavan, when it is said that the self is no longer there?

Once you are awakened, and you’re in the awakened state, you are declutched from the mind. The mind is there, but it has no role in coloring your perceptions, because you experience reality as it is. However, when you’ve got to be functional, and the mind is required, the mind comes back-- and the mind is the same old mind, with its conditioning, which is the karma that is involved, subconscious, and all that stuff.

So you could be awakened, but still have the same old mind, which would influence… It could influence you… and how you’re functioning… Therefore, what could happen also… you could respond very differently, based on your conditioning, which includes of course karma. Therefore if you have to improve that behavior, even though they’re awakened, they (might) still behave in a bad way, which means you have got to… So that does not mean you are free of karma if you’re awakened… only as long as you’re awakened and you’re in that state and not exactly functional, you are free of it. But when you have (these external) issues, it does come back, for a few moments of course. And then it goes away.

So we have to work on that also, which we would be doing in fact.

2. In the natural state, we are not thinking so much about our lives, but rather feeling and experiencing everything as it arises. In awakening, we have seen that there is no longer any personal suffering, however it appears that collective pain nonetheless continues to flow through us. Can you please clarify?

Once you’re awakened, you get easily affected. What we mean by that is the other person’s suffering easily affects you. For example, if your awakening is very deep, if somebody is physically hit, those marks could appear on your body, or you could even experience the pain. So what happens is you lose your thought shield, and once you lose your thought shield, you are tuning into everybody’s consciousness.

So the collective suffering does affect you, that’s why you would sometimes find awakened people weeping. They’re not weeping over any personal suffering. You could be having a bombing somewhere, and as people are dying there, this person here, thousands of miles away, could be found weeping. So that way the collective karma of pain does affect the awakened. In fact it affects them more than the unawakened.

3. Bhagavan, there are many people here this weekend who are new to Oneness. Can you please share with them the essence of this phenomenon and our core teachings?

The essence of this phenomenon, as it happened in 1989, along with its revelations, was that the divine and man would be getting closer and closer until finally they become one. The Divine becomes human and humans become the divine; man and god become one, that is the essence of this phenomenon. The core teaching is that you are god. Or you might say you are “all that is”. There is no more division between you and god. That’s what is going to happen as this awakening proceeds from 2012 onward-- man would have become god, like Christ said, “I and my father are one”. Everybody would be saying that-- I and god are one-- so that is the core teaching.

4. Bhagavan, can you please give us guidance on how to stay humble and focused on helping others rather than becoming overly fascinated with our own personal states of consciousness? Some in our movement are concerned that the dharma is being used as a way for the separate self to find significance and specialness, for example in talking so much about one’s “state” and one’s level of awakening or realization.

We believe this is a passing phase and once the new process is introduced sometime in January/ February, I think people would be moving into such high states that these things would naturally drop out. This I think is part of the growth process. It’s happening in many places, we don’t have to worry about it because they will soon come out of that.

5. Bhagavan, what is the role of the Divine Feminine and especially of Sri Amma during this final 13th phase of our work?

In this process, two energies are involved—the male and the female energies, which flow through the ida and pingala nadis. Bhagavan controls the ida nadi and Amma controls the pingala nadi, and we always work together, because we must make use of these male and female energies as they’re flowing side-by-side along the spinal column. And these two energies have got to be used to bring about this neurobiological shift. So Amma plays that role. Sometimes let us say we would agree or we would disagree on what needs to happen and if I prove to be a little tough, Amma might say oh no, let’s be more considerate. This kind of thing might take place between us. It’s a matter of how to handle the person’s karma. So we can’t do it on our own; both of us have got to work together.

6. Bhagavan, there still seems to be some confusion in the minds of many Deeksha Givers about what awakening actually is. And especially how it relates (or doesn’t relate) to “higher” or “super” states of consciousness and God Realization. We realize you’ve answered this question many times over the last year, but could you please help us to understand this at a deeper level?

Awakening is a journey; it’s not a destination. Now, in January and February, when we start this process in you, this process is expected to permanent. And irreversible. Now normally we use different terms. But when the process commences, we say the awakening has happened, we say you are awakened, because the process has been initiated, and the process is “on.” But the process could stop or reverse itself. Now there is a point, and once the process crosses that point, it is permanent and irreversible. It continues until death and beyond death. Once that happens, we use the word “fully awakened.”

Now, the process may now and then be giving you peak experiences. The process that is going to be offered to you in January/ February… at any time you wish you could a get peak experience, move into super states; everyday you could move into super states, every hour you could move into super states. Super states do not mean awakening. Super states (are different from) awakening… For example, if you are to be continuously in a super state for 21 days, on the 22nd day, you would quit the planet. That’s all. That’s all (laughter). So it has to be used very judiciously, which we are going to give you the freedom to get into these super states as and when you wish to get into them, with inbuilt safety valves; that’s why if you all do it, it will automatically stop.

But super states do not have to happen to become awakened. To be awakened is to be on this journey. It should be borne in mind that it is not a destination—enlightenment, awakening, Mukthi is not a destination, it is a journey. It’s a very beautiful journey; when you get into the journey, by yourself you would know what it is.

7. Bhagavan, will you be giving us these states?

Yes, of course. We are giving you a process where almost at will you could go into these super states.

8. Some of us, Bhagavan, do not have a personal relationship with the Divine or God in form. Rather, we relate to this greater intelligence through formless qualities such as love, light, emptiness, or spaciousness. As a result, some of the teachings lately are difficult for us to relate with, e.g. the cleansing of the feet of the Divine during bhakti yoga. Can we still become God Realized, Bhagavan, if our relationship with the Divine is not personal and is without form? Will this type of formless relationship stand in the way of us receiving the full fruits of this path with you and Amma?

It’s perfectly fine to have a formless Divine and relate the way you would like to relate. And you would still become awakened, you would still become God Realized. In fact when you would be coming there in January, we would be offering you two distinct processes. One we will be calling Oneness International, the other would be called Oneness Indian. So it’s up to you to come to whatever you choose to. The only difference would be the Indian process would be much, much faster. The other one is still… the (Indian one) is very fast, that is all. So it depends on how fast you’d like to travel, the total freedom is yours. So, you could choose whatever you wish.

9. How do we relate with doubt, Bhagavan, in a way where it can become fuel for awakening, and not a hindrance on our path? How can we use our own natural intelligence and discernment to discover what is real and true, not merely believing in something out of the need to preserve or maintain the ego?

The time for awakening has come. And it’s probably only now two months away or so. So we are just going to… the time is now, the power is going to be unleashed. And I’ve often told you we’ll wait for some time, otherwise we would bring in the “cosmic bulldozer.” I think it’s time for the cosmic bulldozer to just bulldoze.