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February 27, 2011

Broadcast with Austria


(No video link provided)


1. In our achievement-orientated western world, are we able to care for our

family and ourselves after being awakened?


The awakened being is a really responsible being and takes a tremendous

concern about the people around him. No matter what the situation, the awakened person would be able to handle it effortlessly.


2. I sense that it is vitally important to build communities where we meet on a

regular basis and support the global awakening. Why is it, that even in the

Oneness family the building of communities is so difficult and works out so

slowly? What can we do to support the building of communities?


It would be very useful to build oneness communities and slowly things

appearing to happen not in great numbers but we see a beginning being made

in several countries. I think in the next two or three years many oneness

communities will emerge across the planet.


3. Sri Bhagavan, you said that in the 13th phase the power will be transferred

onto mankind. What does that exactly mean?


In the thirteenth phase we have released what we now call the Bakthi Yoga

and the trainers who are going to conduct the bakthi yoga he must invoke us

into the sri murti or the padukas and than he must test if we have come or

not. Once you have invoked us, you must test if we are there or not by

feeling our heartbeat in the sri murti or the padukas. You must feel Amma's

heartbeat and Bhagavan's heartbeat both which will be different. Once we are

there you can facing to any god you have, to any master teacher whose

teachings you are follow, you can use that teachings there is complete

freedom but to start the process you've got to  invoke us.

So what we are giving you is the power to invoke us. This is the

power we are transferring in the 13th phase.


4. For the country Austria with its cultural capacity, is there anything special

we can do to further the awakening process?


For Austria, if you could work collectively you will achieve very great results.


5. Dear beloved Bhagavan, I have trouble feeling my feelings. I feel peace and

calm, but I'm not sure if this is a good sign. I want to come in contact with my

feelings. How do I proceed. Thank you, beloved Bhagavan for your answer.


You must start with small things like becoming aware of your breath, the body

movements, your walk, or the brushing of your teeth. You could start with

physical things, becoming aware of physical things, as you keep doing this,

naturally and effortlessly you get in touch with your feelings.


6.  Beloved Bhagavan, we participated in the  Level 1, the Level 2 and the Trainer

course in the Oneness University.  


During our processess a lot of fears arose in us and we managed to resolve

them. But there are still fears and conflicts keep coming. Will there ever be a

time in our life, where this will stop? When will it happen? What is your advice

to us?


You need not to be completely free to be awakened. And once you are

awakened no fear will trouble you thereafter.


7.  Beloved Bhagavan, there are a lot of expectations coming along with the

concept of awakening. These expectations are becoming an obstacle in our

spiritual path and growth. We can't get rid of them. What is your solution for

this extraordinary problem?  


Currently this is a problem. But in the coming months as more and more people

become awakened, it will finish to be a problem.


8. Which role has Bakthi in the process of awakening?


Bakthi is a short way to awakening. Is easy and very fast.

It is believed in India that 5000 years ago, there was a sage who said that

people of the world will sing and dance their way into awakening. That is

possible only if there is bakthi or devotion. And we believe that it is now



9. What will happen with our economical system within the next years? Will the

capitalism in its known form dissolve or develop to a fair system for

exchange? So that the prosperity that is there can manifest for all people in

the same way?  


A new system is going to emerge, which would neither be capitalism nor

socialism. What it is nobody knows at this point of time. But it will soon

emerge in the near future. Its emergence will see an end to our current economic practice and the birth of the golden age.



10. Dear Bhagavan, I contemplate about all of the oneness teachings and the

weekly messages. (Thank you for all of the impulses). My mind is able to

follow these teachings, my heart gets the wisdom and yet I am intrapped into

my conditionings. Is there anything else I could do?


You have done possibly all that you´ve could do now it is up to the divine to

make you awakened.


11. Beloved Bhagavan, right now it seems as if the world is going crazy. There

are so many wars and hate. There are times, when I feel myself helpless. What

is the best way to help the world in such a difficult situation?



The best way is to become awakened. If we are 70.000 awakened people, we

are going to transform the world.


12.  Is it possible to heal physical ailments in connection with the divine

presence all by ourselves? And if so, how?


If you have a physical ailment you must do a bakthi yoga but must take the

deeksha from the padukas. You must pray for the healing of your ailment and

then touch the padukas. The padukas will then move to your body automatically

and do a lot of things on your body. Maybe in one sitting or two or three

sittings, the padukas will heal you. You maybe will go unconscious but you

should not be scared. It is always good to have someone around with you. And

sometimes the padukas will work on you for hours. You should be patient for

the process to be over. The padukas could do amazing healings.


13.  Does the Deeksha that I give to myself have the same power as when I

get Deeksha from somebody else?


The deeksha whether someone gives it to you or whether you give it to

yourself is the same,  because the source is the same.