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Sunday, January 8, 1:30-5:15PM

It's time for another

"Gathering of Hearts"

of the Florida Oneness

Deeksha Giver Community



This event is only for current Oneness Blessing Givers.

We will begin promptly at 1:30PM. Please be on time!


There will be lots of Deeksha, loads of Love,

a powerful centering process, sharing from the heart in small groups & great fellowship.

The requested donation is only $10.00 in advance

or $15 at the door.


Pre-registration is required.


PLEASE, REGISTER NOW ONLINE, to avoid long, slow registration lines at the event & to make certain you will have a chair to sit in. We need to tell the management how many chairs to set up. If too many people wait to register at the door, we may not have enough chairs. "Reserve your seat" means just that! :)


For details & to register, go to:


At the Gathering we will receive a voluntary Love Offering to help with Oneness Guide Doug Bentley's upcoming visit to Florida in February. We will share more about that on January 8th.



East Lake Woodlands Country Club

1055 East Lake Woodlands Parkway

Oldsmar, FL 34677


Dear Oneness Blessing Givers,

Many of you have expressed the desire to come together again with the larger Tampa Bay & Florida Oneness Blessing Giver and Trainer community, to meet, to share our hearts, to see people we havenít seen in a long time, to feel the tremendous love we share and to build community. Many of us miss seeing our extraordinary community together and sharing with everyone!!

So, we are offering another Gathering of Hearts here in the Tampa Bay Area! We want to draw our wonderful community together, connect people more deeply at the heart, and help everyone grow spiritually. This opportunity can really make a difference for people who are going through experiences and feeling alone in their process, thinking they are the only ones having these experiences, as well as assist all of us in our processes. We all have so much to give each other, and coming together with our beautiful community is always a meaningful, heartfelt gift!


We hope you can come join everyone in this community-led Gathering of Hearts for the greater Oneness Blessing Giver community! We are really looking forward to seeing you soon!!


With Gratitude to the Divine and so much Love for You All,


From all the Tampa Bay Oneness Trainers


To register, go to: