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Sri Bhagavan Webcast 
23 May, 2010

Namaste to all of you. Namaste. Love you all. It gives great joy to connect with all of you.

So, the process will be the same as the previous week. There will be no changes this week and the following week. However, there will be changes in the month of June.

The number of people joining the awakening process on Sundays is growing every week.

This is a source of great joy because it looks like by February 2011 we might reach the figure of 70,000 people across the planet, all undergoing the awakening process.

If that should happen in February 2011, we could start expecting fireworks after that!

The world’s population being close to 7 billion, we should expect the number to be around 70,000 to make the most important shift in consciousness.

What you must be intensively aware of is that the awakening process is not just for you, but you’re doing it for sake of the whole of humanity. 

You must be intensely aware of that as you go through the process.

It is also important that those who become awakened share their experiences with others.

So, we now start the process.  As usual I shall repeat the 9 basic teachings, and of course, now it’s 10.

The first teaching: thoughts are not mine.

Mind is not mine.

This body is not mine.

All things are happening automatically.

There is thinking, but no thinker.

There is seeing, but no seer.

There is listening, but no listener.

There is doing, but no doer.

There is nobody there at all.

I am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss.

Now, we move on to the 49 minute mantra and I will be meditating along with you off the screen for the next 7 minutes. Then, I will be joining again towards the end for the eye deeksha.

I am love, I am love, I am love.............."