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Transcript of Sri Bhagavan’s Mukthi Deeksha Webcast 5/2/2010


(Thanks to Maria  & Noni Kaufman for the notes for this broadcast)



Thank you. Love you all. Love you.

So we'll start. And I will speak very slowly in order to help translation in various languages.


So there are four factors involved in the awakening process. Namely, first of all, the Teaching: there must be a right understanding of the Teaching. Second, there must be passion to become awakened. Thirdly, the process must be done with a high level of awareness and attention. And lastly, you must be able to invoke Divine grace to help you in the process.


It's very important that the Teaching is correctly understood. Now, in the process, we could use any teaching, from any faith, from any teacher; but, it must be rightly understood.


There must be great passion to become awakened. And how do you get passion? Anybody who is seeking awakening must be intensely aware of the mediocrity of one's life. No matter how successful you are, how famous you are, still your life is only mediocre unless and until you become awakened.


Unless you realize this, the passion to be awakened would not be there.


Then we come to the Process. The Process must be done without a break; that is the key factor. And, you must put in the right effort, which means not excessive effort or not under effort. It means optimum effort, just the right amount of effort. Too much, also, would not produce the results.


Then we come to grace. Now, grace, you have to invoke the Divine in whatever form, in whatever way you prefer. There are no conditions attached. But invoke you must.


Now, Oneness is not just a movement. It is not just a state. Oneness is also a phenomenon, a phenomenon which took birth in 1989 and which has been growing ever since. When the phenomenon first took birth, it was very powerful for the first few months and then, for certain reasons, we ourselves reduced the power of the phenomenon.


Now, it is being released fully and it is growing by the day.


Therefore it is becoming easier and easier to become awakened. In fact in India we now conduct programs in stadiums. Each day we do [the programs] at least in two stadiums. Now the phenomenon has become so powerful that if you are uncomfortable with the picture and the padukas, you need not use them.


You could invoke the Divine the way you have been used to invoking the Divine based on your culture, your religious belief or whatever has been your idea of the Divine. 


You could use your icons. Touch them. If touching is not allowed, you could look into the eyes of your icon. If touching and looking into the icon's eyes are not allowed, you could touch your holy books: the Holy Bible or the Holy Koran or any other holy text. If that also is not permitted then you could just pray as usual to the Divine.  


So today before we commence the process you will have to invoke the Divine, and then after it thank the Divine in whatever way you want to do it.  There is no need that you must use the picture or the padukas. You could now do it any way you want.


Now, we are going to go into the process. This time we will be using 10 teachings. Instead of 9 which we used in the month of April, now we are going to use 10 teachings. The 10th teaching would be what we used last month, "I am Existence, Conscious, Bliss," that would now join the former 9 teachings and would become the 10th teaching.


So I would be repeating all the 10 teachings and after me you would repeat it 7 times. This time the teaching we will be using in the 49 minute process is "I AM LOVE." That would be the teaching we will be using this time.


It must be understood that this love is not the love you know of. This love is not possession, is not attachment, is not making use of the other. This love is unconditional. It is something which thought cannot touch. It is something which the mind cannot comprehend. Only when you get there you will know what it is. And when you get there you will know it is something which cannot be spoken about.


So this would be the teaching for the month of May. And how would you know that you are awakened? There are many ways in which you would know you are awakened. The simplest way to know that you are awakened is:  let's say something has happened, and whatever happens affects your mind and then there is pain, there is hurt, there is suffering. If you are awakened, this pain, or this hurt, or this suffering or whatever it is does not last for more than 30 minutes.


Let's suppose you are hurt with somebody and you are going to react in the next 30 minutes. Then you could come from that hurt, that pain or that charge. But the 31st minute you could not come from your pain or hurt, or charge because it is gone.

What happens after the 31st minute is a response. While a reaction could be called a right reaction or a wrong reaction or simply right action or wrong action, response on the other hand is perfect action. It's neither right nor wrong, it's just perfect.  So the moment you're awakened, itdoes not last beyond 30 minutes. But for most people it quickly drops down to 5 minutes.


For others, it gradually steps down to 25 minutes, 20, 15, 10 and comes to 5 minutes. That is, you cannot hold the charge for more than 5 minutes. If someone is hurt with the husband or wife, you could react only within the next 5 minutes. If you cross 5 minutes, there is only a response.


So initially when you are awakened, the charge lasts for about half an hour. For some people it comes to 5 minutes. For others it gradually comes down, 25 minutes, 20, 15, 10, like that. And let's say there is a husband and wife; if the husband is hurt, if the wife is hurt, you could at best react within the first 5 minutes. The 6th minute, no reaction is possible, only a response is possible. 


When there is a response, there is compassion, there is love. But soon, it drops to 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0.  At zero no reaction is possible at all, only a response is possible. That is when we say you are fully awakened. Once there, we will be going into deeper and deeper states.


The 64 Deekshas which you will be practicing soon, not only will help you with awakening but will help you in deepening your state. The 64 Deekshas is a process which the trainers will be conducting.


The trainers will be conducting the Oneness Experience course, the Oneness Awakening course. They also have the Mukhti Deeksha which they might add to the Oneness Awakening Course or they might do it separately. They also have the 64 Deekshas which they could add to the course or do it separately. In other words, there will be the Oneness Experience course, the Oneness Awakening course, the Mukhti Deeksha and the 64 Deekshas.


They could be 4 distinct courses or the Mukhti Deeksha could be added to the Awakening course and maybe, if possible, you could also add the 64 Deekshas, because 64 Deekshas is ideally done for a period of 2 days. However, you could also do it in a single day.


64 Deekshas are very powerful processes and it must be done only under the guidance of a trainer.  And only blessing givers could participate in the 64 Deekshas.


If you have any other questions you could inquire with Doug or with the University here, and we would clarify all your doubts. You could contact your respective guides and they will give you all the necessary clarifications.


So now, we will go into the process itself and after you have uttered it 7 times please raise your hands so that I would know it's over. Since I don't have audio feedback I wouldn't know that. So if one of you could raise your hands, by which I would know it is over.


So before you start you would invoke the Divine and then we start. Then I will be on the screen for next 5 minutes and I then would be continued to be focused on you. Both Amma and I would be focused on you for the next 49 minutes. After that we would come and we would give you a Nayana deeksha, a deeksha through the eyes. And then you would give your thanksgiving to the Divine whom you invoked.


So though we would be moving into a new teaching, you could always continue with the old teaching whenever necessary. That is, "I am Existence, Consciousness, Bliss." And once you feel that you have made it, then you could add these new teachings.

On the other hand, with the old teachings if you want to have a better realization like, "thoughts are not mine," that teaching could be put in the 49 minute process. Or you want to have a greater realization of: "all things are happening automatically," then that could be put into the 49 minute process. So any teaching where you feel you are not so satisfied with the experience that you got and that you need a greater realization of the truth of it that could be put in the 49 minute process.


We'll take two minutes where you would invoke the Divine and after two minutes I shall begin the process. Invoke the Divine as your friend, your father, your mother, your brother, your sister or whatever form of relationship you would prefer.


Try to build up a very good rapport, a very good connection with the Divine because in the forthcoming webcast we will be moving into the Divine in a big way.  After the Awakening we will be moving into God Realization.


We now begin the process. You've got to repeat it 7 times after I've said it. Then please raise your hands so I have an idea it's over.


Thoughts are not mine.


Mind is not mine.


This body is not mine.


All things are happening automatically.


There is thinking, but no thinker.


There is seeing, but no seer.


There is listening, but no listener.


There is no person there at all.


Now we move to the positive teaching 7 times:


I am Existence, Conscious, Bliss.


Now we move to the teaching for the month of May:


You must understand when we say, "I am love," it is not that you are experiencing love. What is there is only love. You are not there who is experiencing love. YOU ARE LOVE. What is there is only love, a love which is very different from the love you know of.


So as we keep chanting, the brain is readied to open up the unconscious and then the teaching moves into the unconscious. The unconscious, you know, is 2 million times more powerful than the conscious mind, and then the deeksha takes over.


So now I would chant it 3 times and after I have done it, you must start it immediately and for the next 49 minutes you must go nonstop.  I will be with you on the screen for next 5 minutes and come back to join you and give you an eye deeksha at the 49th minute.


I am love. I am love. I am love.......