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Video with Sri Bhagavan: 1.4.2010


What is the easiest way to get mukthi?


See there is no such thing as the easiest way.

What could be difficult for one person could be easy for another.

For some person a saint gives deeksha might give mukthi

for someone, if you see your past lives you may get mukthi

for someone, if you go into the womb you may get mukthi

or some experience may get mukthi.

So we cannot say this is the way for you.

So each one have a different path - not the same path.

So we cannot say that this is the easiest path.

If I say that this is the easiest path, it could be easy for you

it could be very difficult for somebody.

That`s the difference of your past lives, your karma what happened in the womb.

And so many other factors.

But the beauty is to become a muktha basically you must be a sanyasin.

You must not be a grasta.

You must not have problems.

You must not have desires.

Only then you can become a muktha.


But because 2012 is coming - it is a very special year -

it is possible to become a muktha even if you are a grasta.

even if you have problems, even if you have desires.

Already many people are becoming mukthas around the world

and we'll be giving their information their experience in the website.

You can go into the Oneness University website

and you can read about their experiences.



Video with Sri Bhagavan: 4.4.2010


How does practicing inner integrity help in my life?


Your life is completely controlled by your program. Your program comes from past lives, moment of conception, what happened in the womb, how your deliver was, the first six hours and up to the moment when your self was born. The feeling of separateness. That is the program.


That only becomes your life:

how much money you're going to make, what sickness you're going to get, what events will happen in your life, whom you are going to marry, how many children, how was your married life going to be. Everything is controlled by this program.

Now if we must change your life we must change this program. And there are many ways in which we can change this program. One is directly go into the womb or into the past lives and change it which also we can do which we do here by taking some special process for you. That`s one way. The other is if you practice inner integrity. Automatically these problems are set right. Inner integrity can go and set right this problems and life for you will change. So that is why we go on emphasizing that you must practice inner integrity. Inner integrity not only solves your worldly problems. It will also help you to become enlightened or to become mukthas.



Video with Sri Bhagavan: 6.4.2010


How to develop strong bond with AmmaBhagavan?


If you go on relating to us to say AmmaBhagavan or God nothing is going to happen.

You have to put us in relationship like father and mother or brother and sister or friend or whatever you relate gently whatever is your best relationship. You must cast us in that mold. Suppose you cast us in the mold of your father and mother then you must relate to AmmaBhagavan the way you relate to your mother and father. That is the way. You must relate to us. And then you'll find the bond is very very strong and that even before you ask the grace will come. So the problem is you are not putting us in a mold: that is a brother or sister, mother or father, aunt or uncle whatever you want, friend - anything. And relate to us the way you relate to that person in your life. Do that and see you'll get tremendous grace and tremendous connection will come.



Video with Sri Bhagavan: 11.4.2010


What are the fundamental differences between enlightened people and saints?


We normally use the word sage for the enlightened man and we use the word saint for saints. Now by sage what we mean is that he is an enlightened man which means he has no sense of self. The self is gone. There's no person there. The only personality is coming up and going. There's no person at all. And if you ask him "are you there?" he cannot say "I am there" nor can he say "I am not there". Because the question itself will not make any sense to him. "He" is completely gone. And the speed at which the senses coordinate are slower than that of a saint. Now the saint on the other hand he is still there. The enlightened man or the sage does not have that. And the saint is also in connection with the Divine, with God and he obeys the will of the Divine will and is constantly listening to the Divine will and functioning from there. The saint on other hand, to him everything that is happening is spontaneous. He does not comment with the Divine will as such. To him everything is the Divine will. And he does not particularly connect with the Divine. He is just living every moment. So the basic differences are:

the sage has no self

the saint has got a self.

The sage is normally not in connection with the Divine will.

And the saint is in connection with the Divine will and the saint's behaviour is predictable. He is conforming to society. He may be auspicious in his words in his behaviours.

The sage is unpredictable and he may or may not be auspicious in his behaviour. These are some of the differences between a saint and a sage.



Video with Sri Bhagavan: 15.4.2010


Bhagavan, your teaching always seems to show me how I am not what you teach. How will it awaken me to oneness?


You are not any of the things which I teach. That is what I teach in the first place. (laughter.)

The teaching itself is very very simple.

All that the teaching says is: you cannot change.

And the impossibility of change must  strike  you like a ton of bricks.

But the whole problem with you is all the while you've been trying to change.

You do not like the way you are and you would like to be something else. That is the problem. The teaching is remarkably simple - all that it says is:

Something is going on there. Please look at it. Do not condemn it. Do not judge it.

Do not give explanations. Do not say "this right and wrong, good or bad, the sacred and the profane."


Stop naming it. If you stop naming what's going on as jealousy or as anger a hatred as selfishness, you actually begin to see. Now the problem is you are imagining or you are thinking that if you see, something is going to happen, something very great is going to happen, you are going to be awakened, you are going to be enlightened and all that kind of stuff.


Now what you got to realize is: that seeing is the awakening, that seeing is the enlightenment, that is the be all  and the end all. There is nothing more at all. The only problem with you is you are not seeing. That's all. If you start seeing there's no seer. He`s gone. There's just the seeing. There's neither the seer nor the seen. There's just the seeing. And that is meditation. That is enlightenment, that is awakening, that is awareness. It`s everything.


So but unfortunately you made a mistake. You begin to see - you don't stop there. You're expecting something to happen.. So once you see, You want to  undergo a transformation. Nothing like that is going to happen. The moment you start seeing - that seeing is all that is there. You start living. You experience reality as it is. I could go on talking more and more but then you would make them all into concepts. So I am not going to learn you the concepts. So I stop there. You will discover it for yourself. When we meditate what I want to do is I am going to help you see. That's all. Once you see - it's up to you. You can writebooks on that. You can write ten volumes on that. That's up to you.


Video with Sri Bhagavan: 19.4.2010

How can I be sure that when I give deeksha, it works?

You must watch the results. Let us say somebody is coming to you with some ailment. If the deeksha works if the person is free of that disease or that problem, then the deeksha is working. Suppose somebody is having some psychological pain. You'll give the blessing and the pain is gone. May be immediately or after a few days and that is the proof that the deeksha is working. And if somebody has got a financial problem and you giving a blessing and if that gives solve that`s the proof it's working. So because you want to use the blessing to help solve peoples' problems. Any kind of problem it could be. And you could also use in on your pet also. If your pet is sick you can give the blessing to your pet also. It works. So you must go on trying it and by the results you will know it's all going fine.


If you do not get proper results then you must check out on yourself. Whether it's the ego that is working or whether you are not connected properly with the Divine. You could go on checking it out. So please by the results you get, the fruit of the deeksha is the indication that the blessing is really working.



About the awakened state and how long it might to get to after receiving Mukthi Deeksha


Written by Michael Milner -

It is difficult to know how quickly someone will go into a permanent awakened state after receiving Mukthi Deeksha. Many who shared their experiences with me had immediate results. Of course, we are not all the same. It is important to understand that the experience for some people during the Mukthi Deeksha will be quite electric & powerful with all manner of visions & fireworks & kundalini phenomena, while for others it could be a very gentle & subtle unfolding over a period of hours or days and may lack the fireworks expected. The awakened state is not necessarily something "flashy". It is our natural state, characterized by the experience of reality as it is, free from the chatter & interference of the mind, free from conflict & resistance, a state of clarity & joy without a sense of separation. This process deepens as we become more aware in the present moment and strengthen our connection to the Divine. You can see this gentle state reflected in the experiences of several people I include at the end of this letter.
One of the most life-changing deekshas I ever received was so subtle that I initially felt nothing and thought it was a total failure. I was very disappointed. Every other deeksha I had experienced before this was tangibly powerful and immediately plunged me into an altered state. The next day after receiving that deeksha it struck me like a ton of bricks that, although unnoticed by me and without any big flashes or bangs, this seemingly impotent deeksha had gently & permanently erased many years of suffering. All that remained inside of me was vast emptiness & silence with bliss gently unfolding at the center, something that has remained with me permanently.
We should also understand that the word "Bliss" is often misunderstood as meaning only a peak state of intoxication with extreme joy & ecstasy. However a synonym for "Bliss" is simply "mellowness" or "peaceful acceptance". In the awakened state there is the simple experience of "what is" without conflict & resistance. This results in peace, stillness & conservation of energy that was previously being consumed by the struggles of the mind. This surplus of energy may bubble up resulting in ecstasy and supreme joy or it may simply result in a state of peaceful calm & clarity in which the intelligence & compassion of the heart can shine forth. That is Bliss.

Since there are so many misconceptions attached to "Enlightenment", we often prefer to use the word "Awakened" to describe this state. It is different than visions of galaxies, brilliant lights, intense electricity coursing through the body, out of body experiences, psychic perceptions, visions of God and other expanded states of consciousness which are the effects of kundalini energy activating the chakras (usually a temporary condition). The awakened state on the other hand is characterized by freedom from the divisive chatter of the mind & from the feeling of separation and the experience of reality as it is and of oneself as Existence-Consciousness-Bliss (Sat-Chit-Ananda). Read Sri Bhagavan's explanation of the awakened state during the webcast at

The awakened state does not mean the absence of thoughts & charges. In this state the mind is still there even though we are free from it's chatter and domination. We may well experience an ongoing stream of thoughts and charges. We need not identify with them or name them. The thoughts and charges are experienced in awareness without conflict or resistance. Awareness is freedom (mukthi). To see is to be free. If we resist them and seek to escape or to "fix" them, they persist and we are controlled by the unconscious charges. If we are aware of the charges, if we see them and simply experience them, then we are free from conflict and the charges & thoughts do not control us.