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The following was published in the

Krupa Darshan, October 2003


Seva could be precisely called as a Spiritual Action born out of compassion to serve others. If we observe God’s creations, man has been bestowed with certain unique qualities, which would naturally help him to evolve into a higher self. One amidst such rare benediction is that “Man” can naturally feel for another man. But today’s man has lost touch with this natural quality of his, due to many factors beyond his control. By doing Seva in any form, man can discover this hidden virtue of Compassion, which is presently dormant within him. 

The essence of  “Seva” is “Sacrifice”. This sacrifice could be of any kind, but a Sevak must undergo some hardship while rendering Seva. If we closely watch how this nature works, we can actually see that there is a Bhavana of Seva between one element of nature with the another. To elucidate further, take the case of clouds, they yield to the natural process of turning from vapor to water just to quench the thirsting species down on this earth. Given a choice they could have still preferred to be up over there, undergoing no hardship and sacrifice for someone else’s benefit. Similarly flowers containing nectar and inherent fragrance yield themselves to the honeybees for their survival. Thus we can see on one hand that God has created everything with an underlying principle of Seva accompanied by Sacrifice. But today’s man has gone far away from this unwritten law of creations. He neither believes in sacrifice, nor is he willing to undergo any hardship for someone else’s betterment. All this pursuits are self-centered. This is the reason he finds himself very lonely and even the nature does not co-operate with him in his endeavours. If at all he wishes to mend his ways in order to bring happiness and joy into his life, he must start doing seva passionately. To begin with, he can help his co-human beings. Eventually he would evolve himself to realise the supreme truth of this creation.

Sri Kalki says “Man has to move from Passion to Compassion”. According to Him, Passion is to feel for one’s own suffering and Compassion is to see other’s suffering as your own. When compassion is put to action Seva Occurs. 

Today’s Man has to realise that he is karmically related to every other human being of this whole universe and not just to himself or to his family. When a stone is thrown into a pond, it creates ripples in the entire pond. Similarly, what affects one human in one part of our Globe affects the entire human race. It is our sheer ignorance that we still cannot come out of our belief in Individual Karma Theory while it is a well-acclaimed truth that we are inter-dependent for our survival. We have from time to time, played directly or indirectly some role, which is capable of creating a significant impact on the life of some other human being, somewhere else. For instance we have intruded upon the lives of tribal and migrated into their livelihood causing untold hardship to them. In this way we have been instrumental in affecting the entire human race, over a period of time, by our thoughts, words and deeds. Hence we must elevate our understanding and realise that we are a part of the entire human race on this Planet Earth. Each one of us is also sharing the karmic effects of the entire human race. This higher understanding about our own life vis-à-vis Karmic principles would naturally inspire us to serve the suffering humanity.

The Spiritual Avatars in the form of Amma and Bhagavan have been working tirelessly to help humanity by bringing joy and happiness into everyone’s life. They say that they have not come to help humanity but rather themselves. It is true that they have been experiencing the suffering of every single soul in this Planet earth every second. Hence a devotee doing any form of Seva for humanity would naturally bring joy to Amma and Bhagavan and would go closer to Them.

Hence the devotees of this Dharma have taken upon themselves the responsibilities of serving this humanity and we invite each one of you, as a passive reader, to contemplate on the above truths and join hands with us. This will also be a natural way for us to show our Gratitude to Amma Bhagavan for whatever They have done for us in our lives.

No one becomes a Sevak by training. Sri Kalki and Amma say, “Every Cultivated Virtue is a Vice”, meaning, we cannot cultivate the virtue of Seva into anyone. The Seva Bhavana arises naturally from a flowered heart having deep compassion to serve the suffering humanity. This is the need of the hour if we have to save this humanity from further untold suffering of every kind. There is no hope for this Planet to survive if we do not arise now and discover the joy of Seva.

Today Amma and Bhagavan expect only two forms of Seva from every human being –

  1. Get yourself Enlightened and come out of your own internal suffering and enrich yourself.
  2. Inspire every other human being to get Enlightened and come out of their own suffering.

This is the best form of Seva that we can do today to bring Joy and Happiness to Amma and Bhagavan as they fulfill Their Divine Intentions of Liberating every human soul from every form of suffering. 

Om Tat Sat