On his most recent conference call to Oneness Trainers, Oneness Guide Doug Bentley issued a call to seva, a selfless service born out of our gratitude to AmmaBhagavan and to the guides and volunteers at the Oneness University. This email is a response to Doug’s call to seva. It is about an opportunity we have today to help our Oneness communities grow from the grass roots. It is about working together and helping each other.


Today we have an opportunity to play a part in raising funds for Blessing Givers and Trainers in our communities to go to the Oneness University to take the Trainers’ course or the Deepening Process and meet Bhagavan in darshan.


We have an opportunity today to raise money for those who would like to plant Oneness in areas where there is no Oneness presence.


The Oneness Scholarship Program is a program by trainers for trainers and blessing givers in the US and Canada. It is not sanctioned by the Oneness University or controlled by them. It is however an opportunity to financially support the University since 100% of the scholarship funds awarded will be used as payment to the Oneness University for the board and lodging of scholarship recipients.


The Oneness Scholarship Program is operated out of the 501c3 certification of Oneness Florida also known as Flowering Heart. 100% of donations made to the Oneness Scholarship Program is tax deductible to the donor.


We are sending this email out to ask for your help in the following ways:


1. Raising funds locally, i.e. conducting the Prosperity Blessing as a fund raiser for your local community scholarship fund. This will be described in a separate email and in the conference call.


2. Raising funds nationally


3. Application process


4. Website design and maintenance


5. Other (please describe what you would like to do to help)


We have secured the initial funding to get the Program started. However, we expect the demand to be far greater than the available funding and together we will work to continue the flow of funds to help more people.


We invite those who would like to respond to our call to seva to participate in a conference call on Monday, July 23 at 9:30pm EDT. 712 432 0900 PIN 591 582#


If you are unable to join us on the call, please send us an email about what you would like to do to help.



With our love and Blessings,

Matt Lillie
Elizabeth Pan
[email protected]
Michael Ma