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Wisdom From

Acharya Anandagiriji




Bhagavan has the power to open your heart, not with fear, but with Love. You don't even have to believe it. It will happen. And for the first time, you will begin to experience life. Experience reality as it is.

The mind colors reality with its views, its own perceptions. We never see or experience things as they truly are. We're interpreting everything all the time, evaluating, judging; as that is the nature of the human mind. It is impossible to understand each other. The only way to relate is for people to experience each other. And you can truly experience, only if your heart is open. Your mind cannot help you experience, as the mind tries to understand, analyze, always putting things into proper perspective.

"What the hell am I doing here?" What is the purpose of my existence?

You have a self and you feel separate from all the other people. The mind questions and there are no answers for all of this, the questions keep coming on their own...

We need to fully experience each moment in life.
Drink a glass of water, eat a banana. Transcend the mind. This happens through grace. Oneness Blessing opens the door for grace.

Take the opportunity and as a Oneness Blessing Giver know that...

'I now have the power of Oneness Blessing, Grace, Right Understanding.

And the clearer my vision is, the more I come into the cause of oneness and the grace will so powerfully flower all hearts.
Work to enhance my Oneness Blessing powers further. Create the right understanding and then my vision and role becomes clearer.
Know my path in facilitating the Golden Age and what exactly will be my role in this vision.'
This is a concrete way to help humanity. We have the gift, power and vision to serve people in the right way. We're very blessed that way. We have the urge, power and vision to create a deep impact in human consciousness.

World over, religion is dying. This is not a good sign for the world. The family is dying. Relationships are dying. Life is relationship and if relationship is withering away, the meaning for our existence is slowly vanishing. The death of the civilization.
Life is losing meaning right now. That is exactly where we can help. Oneness Blessing is the tool.
It's important that we work as a team and a family.
The Golden Age requires the effort of at least 64,000 people. The power to give Oneness Blessing has to be given to everybody so we can share it with all people by 2012.

This year 2012 is like a monsoon for spirituality.
If we can prepare ourselves by 2012; then man will rise to a state of causeless Love. Every year there will be a Oneness Blessing conference in different parts of the world. Every year you OBG's will receive a special Oneness Blessing to enhance your diksha powers. And every year more Dasas will be present in the conference until 2012 - when there will be 7 female and 7 male Dasas to fully enhance our Oneness Blessing power. Dikshas will fill people with states of Unconditional Love and Peace. Rising to higher and permanent levels of these states thru the Oneness Blessing.

Vision - Humanity rising to a state of unconditional peace and unconditional love by 2012. Thru these Oneness Blessings you will be healing relationships, setting right families, helping the revival of all religions.

Fundamentalism is the last way that the self tries to survive, when it's being challenged by a new wave of freedom. When it's dying and losing ground, it tries to protect itself and will become stronger. Fundamentalism is a dying religion and has become a set of words, dogma and beliefs. It no more focuses on the need for experience.
And it is the experience that transforms you.

Spiritual awakening is a neurological transformation. Our brains need to be wired differently. There is no greater Hell than trying to live an enlightened life when you are not enlightened, when you are NOT being yourself.

So Oneness Blessing is a great tool to unite religions. When you lay your hands on a person, he or she will feel that Love, surrender, peace, light, whatever the scriptures talk about.

Golden City is the first Oneness Temple. We will build many oneness temples where people can come and discover their own faith, and in the oneness temple, all can come and receive Oneness Blessings.

A major shift in human consciousness will happen. Humanity will not be the same anymore with the power of Oneness Blessing and the power of this growing movement by 2012. Our self is in survival mode and at times we may also have difficulty seeing this higher vision. Mostly when we're dealing with our own survival. Remember together we can all create a beautiful world.

Relationships reflect: Our own conflicts, the problems within our family, always trying to prove the other wrong, each trying to control and dominate each other. The problems we face in our country - racism, class conflict, violence, war, terrorism, fear, security. The problem is the feeling of 'the me' and 'not me' perception. As long as this feeling is there, there is fear, insecurity, separateness, and internal conflicts. Fear is there.
A reason for war. Existence is the cause of all human problems.

Did you know that you are equal to suffering? You are the suffering. If you are there, there is suffering.

You need to have a clear vision of what exactly your work is. If you work with this vision, you can work miracles. And your Oneness Blessings will be so powerful!

The last time this happened was when Jesus Christ was here on the planet and he gave the power to his disciples to also lay hands on people. At that time the planet was not yet ready for this change.

Many people ask Bhagavan, why doesn't he just give the power to everyone now and raise the level of consciousness NOW.

Bhagavan replies that he doesn't want to be crucified like Christ so he is doing it at the pace that he is doing it.

A critical mass of 64,000 is required and then we can say we are safe. You just have no idea; it may not always be easy. People don't like change. You can talk of Love & Oneness and as it becomes more and more visible, some trouble may begin. The consciousness will continue to grow. After the shift happens, it will happen automatically and consciousness will continue to grow and evolve on its own.

People want change and a more meaningful existence. Society fears it. Stop comparing yourself (like getting a new car, be satisfied with what you have). Spiritual awakening is not the end of materialism.

Gandhi was embodiment of simplicity and non violence.
But he still loved driving his Rolls Royce.
It was a beautiful experience for him.

Have an urgent desire to help man. Anything that helps bring about oneness, any method at all is the right way. Right now when we give Oneness Blessing to others; they will have healing and awakening experiences. It depends on what they need, and they'll experience that. That is how grace, God, Intelligence works.
He or she will experience what they need in that moment.
Faith, surrender, peace, light, deep connection with their family, a human being healed, an experience that is most helpful in that moment.

In 2012, Oneness Blessing will be enough to put a person into an irreversible state of Love and there's no going back.
There will be more and more power and more and more grace.

The world is a big place.
This phenomenon of Oneness Blessing and Amma & Bhagavan...
Isn't it a miracle that we lay our hands on another and their lives are transformed? Incredible experiences happen.
This is a phenomenon, not a technique.
By laying our hands we establish man's connection to God, creating a shift in human consciousness.

Remember society feels threatened by any kind of change.
We are all vibrations and our vibrations are harmonizing together.

Science and spirituality are coming together.
Love, peace, absence to self, cosmic consciousness.
It can't be measured, but in the age we live in, science and spirituality are getting married. They are complimentary.
And that's when man will take a quantum leap.

Spiritual experience can be verified and measured.
The change in consciousness, the difference in the way you look at things can be measured and will resolve a lot of conflict.

What you feel in the Oneness Blessing is not absolute.
Many experience it in many different ways; especially when you are giving Diksha.
If you want to experience Grace, lay your hands on others.
When you give Oneness Blessing, you are taken over by Grace.
As you give more Oneness Blessings, you'll grow and your heart will open more and more.
You must know how it is when we make an effort to reach out to God.
When God makes an effort to reach out to man - that is Oneness Blessing = Diksha.
You experience God in different ways.
As God, peace, love, light, healing.
You don't need more understanding then that.

The only way to know Amma & Bhagavan is thru your own experience, and you will experience that.

In 1989 Diksha = Oneness Blessing began with Krishnaji laying his hands on his friends in the school and they started having amazing experiences.

'Foundation for world awakening' is to set man free. The school was founded to prepare people for successful careers and a beautiful life. To handle hurt, fears, and relationship, the child discovers what he loves to do in life. Are the parents willing to allow the child to be himself?

After meeting Bhagavan, things changed for Anandagiri, as he experienced feelings of great ease. You feel so nice about yourself in Bhagavan's presence. You feel like a King which is a very different feeling. Just feeling so nice about your-self in his presence.

In relationships, you are being judged all the time and you can't seem to avoid that either. The mind does that with everything it sees, hears, and experiences. Being evaluated does not make us feel nice.
As you know that you are being evaluated.

Bhagavan is so absolutely comfortable with everything and everybody. Being with him, you feel that there is nothing wrong with the world.

Anandagiri grew up feeling so good about himself in Bhagavan's presence. Children were the decision makers in the school and they also made the policies of the school and the education system. Bhagavan could not keep hidden what he wanted mankind to experience anymore. Many altered states were being experienced.
Bhagavan was committed to delivering this state to all of man.

But Bhagavan decided that he had to slow things down. As we share the vision with Bhagavan, we at some point will also experience this immense compassion Amma & Bhagavan have for mankind.

Oneness Blessing works for everybody. The Vision of this movement is to set man free. Anything binding is not Bhagavan's way. If this part is not working for you, give it up. If it does not work for you, it is not your path, give it up.

This is people's work, people who have the urge & desire to do this. More leaders must emerge to help more people. This movement wants everyone to have the opportunity to serve mankind and have their part in serving humanity.

As we help others they will express their immense gratitude to you as their life feels more meaningful and purposeful. Who belongs?
Anyone working for Oneness. There is no single path. When you come to a course you will discover what you are seeking.
You discover your own faith and you help others discover theirs.

You must help others to become leaders. We want teachers everywhere.
That is what this movement needs. We need more leaders. The power goes into the hands of all Oneness Blessing givers.

Bhagavan says, "It is time for more leaders to emerge."

This is a movement of empowerment for all Oneness Blessing givers.

We want people to be encouraging. More and more leaders must emerge. There cannot be a single leader.

We need to be aware that we have a self and its wants to stand up above all else. You can't wake up a man who pretends to be asleep.
If you aren't enlightened, you cannot see your own flaws, your ego; what you need to be aware of. We are all in process and have places to grow.

The nature of the self wants bickering.
We want to become "Somebody". You psychologically survive in this process of becoming. We seek from this pleasure of becoming.
We can't stop it. This is the mind and the nature of the self.
There is nothing wrong in it, and you can know that this is what I am. You can observe your behavior. If you think that you are already in the highest state, then you'll refuse to see anything. You must not become heartless as a leader, and always stay in awareness of what you are doing as a leader. It has to be people's work.
The focus is on this to happen by 2012.
The helpers and dasas are helping people and praying for them, day in and day out. Take it all in the best spirit and the greatest miracle is to see the truth about yourself and that in itself is a miracle.

In 2002 Anandagiri went to a conference in Sweden talking about enlightenment and shared his experience of freedom. Truth when it's not your truth still remains untruth. He spoke of how YOU are garbage, YOU are in pain and suffering, YOU don't feel loved.

Encourage yourself to see the truth of what you are, and then when the opportunities arise; you can face them without being afraid to look honestly at yourself. And when you can accept that and embrace what is ... that is freedom. If you can feel your fear, in the moment when you are seeing yourself as you are and not try to hide anything about it THAT surely is a great miracle!

You feel fear in everything that you do, especially the fear of losing the images that you have built over time. When you can see yourself clearly; all the "ugly" things about yourself and say "this is what I am". That is the moment you are free of all fear, and you can call that enlightenment.

Anandagiri can speak about it because it's a miracle that happened to him and he's so grateful to Amma & Bhagavan. And with what ease Bhagavan helped him to see himself.
Transitions can be difficult. You suddenly discover that you lose your innocence as you move from childhood into adulthood. The image I carried of myself was one of how "good", generous and what a good student I was. But inside I could see the genuine conflict; the inner debate. About whether I should I speak out the truth, stay with the image, or be with the pain? I was very self conscious; wanting to know what others thought of me. What I really was feeling was jealousy and fearful. And the fear would stop me. Should I do it? Speak out about everything; in detail of how I'm always comparing myself, judging, with many lustful thoughts. If I speak of all these ugly thoughts and things to Bhagavan he will surely be shocked!
Well, I was the surprised one as he wasn't!
He told me to -- sing - "This is what I am _____" and sing it aloud - a beautiful song of all my ugliness, in every detail!
And I did! I went to the largest rock on the school campus & sang! I sang my song and liberated myself!

Since then, (1988 - over 18 yrs ago)
I don't remember having any conflicts.
I don't complain about myself anymore.
It's a miracle, but you need grace for that.
Bhagavan's listening, his response, was a Oneness Blessing...

It is a great miracle of life when you can truly see yourself.
If you can do that, and not take things personally.
We have a self that wants to dominate.
If you can just see that self for what it is. And accept it naturally, without effort. That is when you will touch God.

You will have beautiful experiences giving Oneness Blessing.
Very soon the experience of seeing others as you give Oneness Blessing will be so fulfilling that you'll stop asking for experiences.
What really matters most is the opening of the heart.

Pray for the presence to take over in your life.
What do you believe?
What do you experience?
Whatever you are feeling is perfectly fine.
Know that the way you feel is the correct way.
You don't have to accept anything or force yourself to accept something that's not you.

You cannot avoid what you are feeling. Doubt may come thru, if so, experience the doubt. When you have doubt, allow the space. Give the doubt space and go there. The fact is, you don't have to believe in anything or accept anything. It doesn't matter to Amma & Bhagavan. There is nothing to not accept, the doubt does not prevent Grace from flowing.

All situations are there for us to learn. We have a self and act from our self and we can learn how to observe the self in action.

It will happen. Pray for yourself to see yourself fully 'as you are', even in all the ugliness. You will receive the opportunity and when the opportunity comes, ask to be fully present with it and experience it.

It is the Divine Intelligence flowing thru us. We are working towards this mission. Each one of us is very important. We want to be connected to all that is. This deepening has to happen from within. What is happening here will soon happen in every country.

There will be a Special Oneness Blessing so that inner conflict ceases and we can all work together in harmony.

In chanting - Irrespective of the way you connect to the Divine, chanting reaches the source. Each drop of rain eventually reaches the ocean. And spiritual enlightenment is not a part of achievement. It's more like as if you've suddenly seen something different.
Awakening to reality, 'As it is'.

Why do we suffer?

Our suffering, our pain, comes from our assumptions. We never see things as they are. Constantly processing, evaluating. That's the habit of the human mind. It cannot do otherwise. We suffer because we build stories from what people tell us.
We create, "My interpretation of the words that I heard."

And then we associate this moment with those past words. We are building stories around situations all the time. When you can see those assumptions, that they are responsible for your suffering.

"I have such evil thoughts, I'm going to go to hell, and I shouldn't be having these thoughts".

And we waste so much energy in trying to change these thoughts. This erratic thinking causes pain. It is bad; I shouldn't be having these thoughts. You are responsible; you are the owner of your thoughts. You have this idea, but if you realize that your thoughts are not your thoughts, you can then distance yourself from your thoughts.

Your mind is your mind - an assumption.
Assumption that there is a self you have to become free of. There is no self you have to become free of. Self is a mere concept. Freedom is in realizing these assumptions. Because of the assumption of the self and its absoluteness, we suffer separation. We don't feel a part of what is around us. So many people make it a mission of their life to change because they believe others are responsible for their pain and suffering.

If he or she wasn't like this..... and so they try to change the situation. Everything is an interpretation how you perceive the situation.

We struggle so much with our own mind.

Freedom is not in transforming the content. Freedom is in seeing the content as it is. Seeing the mind, the emotions, and the thoughts as they are. Nothing changes and yet there is joy and freedom.

He is in seeing things as they are. You don't have to do much to have this realization. This realization will come to you and you will see the assumptions that rule your life and you will experience the oneness, the connectedness. You cannot contemplate this until you realize it and it will happen naturally. It only takes a moment of grace and you will never know when this moment will come.

Many people suffer because they love to suffer. Suffering is more pleasurable than facing the psychologically suffering and the loneliness of your existence. In today's civilization it's important that one who successfully manages his time asks 'why am I doing this?' Sometimes we love doing it, and sometimes we do it because we are bored and lonely without it. So we have to pass our time. We need physical activity to distract us from our loneliness and boredom. And we try to escape the sense of our loneliness. So we use psychological activity; creating goals to keep ourselves active, but goals mean - Successful management of our time.
You have a self, you feel separate, and you feel lonely. So we are always trying to manage those feelings by constantly doing.

The fundamental problem is the self, the me and the not me.

Isolation, separation, loneliness - this basic pain is highly intolerable.

In assuming physical and psychological separation, suffering is constant.

There is a constant tendency to also create other kinds of suffering. If all of existence is sorrow, he becomes impervious. This is too much. So he wants to get rid of this existence. The psychological suffering is too much.

Especially after you have accomplished something. After, you then feel lonely. Once you have reached your goal, there's nothing more for you to do and then you feel the natural pain of existence.

When a physical problem dominates your psychological suffering you have created that in order to escape from the other pain. We are so full of hurt that we can easily manifest physical pain in our bodies.

When our tea cup is filled to top, then adding more tea will only spill over into the saucer.
It is the same with mind and body.

Man is psychosomatic. If mind cannot handle the hurt anymore, it will spill over into the body.

If we heal the mind, it will no longer spill over into the body and we can become free of existence as the sense of separation; existence as the sense of the me and the not me.
That's the cause.

In and around Golden City, India we've adopted 100 cities and we are working with the people to develop these villages. If people are truly happy because their life has meaning, feeling fulfillment in what they do, with education for the children, and healthcare for all. Healing will happen in relationships, with increased spiritual development. We started this project 4 years ago. Learning together so that people can help each other. On Sundays - there are quiz sessions. Teams pose questions to each other from what they have learned.

When you give Oneness Blessing, Divine Grace knows best what that person needs in the moment.

You don't have to understand the person in order to heal that person. You have the grace with you. And you have the power of grace within you. Using Oneness Blessing, you can perform miracles.

Initially the focus was on acquiring profound enlightened states, when reached, people were so happy and couldn't ask for more, but when the state was gone, they were so miserable. The enlightened state was so different than enlightenment itself. People started coming to experience this rather than realizing something that would be more helpful to their lives.

Earlier they were obsessed with the states of enlightenment rather than realizations about their life.

They changed the courses and now it's not about enlightenment. Once you experience it, you crave it and constantly looking for it rather than actually living your life.

The greatest obstacle to enlightenment is enlightenment.

The Oneness Blessing will take you there and beyond to God Realization where you become one with the divine.

The process is always changing. Oneness Blessing itself is going to directly give you the realization. The process keeps changing as more grace is coming thru. It will continually change thus becoming simpler and happen faster.

A fundamentalist may be so stuck in his belief that anything else might look evil to them. Please make no attempt to convert anyone. Oneness Blessing can help anyone experience and discover their faith. Not trying to bring them on to another path.

Christ Consciousness - I have experienced Christ and you can have that experience. You can pray and have them experience Oneness Blessing. They don't have to believe anything you can also give them a Oneness Blessing by intent. Or just hug a person and give them a Oneness Blessing.

Once you're on the plane and it's taken off, running back and forth on the plane won't make you get there any faster.

Helping others, giving Oneness Blessing can help speed the process.

Be patient.

To awaken .001% of the population of each country to the state of oneness.

Object - deepening the individual participant' s process.
Build a sense of community and cooperation among teachers.

Empowering oneness teachers by providing resources, support and training.

If we can talk to spiritual leaders in their terms, to contact God, clergy and lay people in the terms they don't find offensive and give them a way to give an experience to their people. Figure out how to develop this for each segment. Knowledge flows from the divine, independently of which divine we are calling on.

The various stages of liberation:
It can happen in stages or simultaneously and it's all the same.
Bhagavan says liberation from work is liberation from society.

Liberation from: Conditioning
Liberation from: Knowledge
Liberation from: The mind
Liberation from: The self
Liberation of: The senses
Liberation of: Life is enlightenment

Liberation from work is:
Liberation from Society is:
Liberation from Knowledge is:
Liberation from Mind is:
Liberation from Self is:
Liberation from Senses is:

Liberation from work - This civilization would collapse without work and would come to a grinding halt. The coming of the Oneness Age - causeless Love, hearts fully open, unconditional love is when the heart is fully open.

Some people can't imagine when the world we think spirituality and materialism can't go together.

Spiritual path of enlightenment, we have the image of St. Francis Assisi, Buddha, JC, simplicity and enunciation. Total sacrifice, detachment, no desire. Idea is so different than what it actually is.

Think of an enlightened world - no desires, smiling faces, no anger.

Liberated, God Realized people are simple and detached, but we aren't going to be living in rags or starving with no car, bare footed.
The Oneness Age does not mean we have to be in the Stone Age.
There will be abundance and growing technology, more comforts, a more beautiful world. More technology, wisdom, compassion no division in economics, politics, does not mean giving up work.
What it means - Action vs. activity. The current nature of our work in society. You need to stay alive physically and psychologically.
Fear of survival to the physically and psychologically, boredom are the major reasons driving us to do what we are doing. If we ask people how many love what they are doing; how many really enjoy what they are doing. Maybe there are very few.

When the work that you do is a means to our end - survival, fear loneliness, security, such work is merely activity, but the work that do, if it is an end in itself, you are doing what you do and you love what you do. It's an end in itself because you love doing it.

Such work is Action. The very act of walking gives you such joy.
It's such a beautiful experience. When you are truly experiencing what you are doing. That is action and such work is meditation.

Conversation with friend - that is meditation, just loving the conversation, it's a beautiful experience. You're cleaning your house, clearing the trash, and you are experiencing that moment, there is total attention and THAT is meditation, action.

When you have moved from activity to action,
we call it liberation from work.
Liberation from work is liberation from society.
A truly free man is also free from the idea of freedom.

Hippies were ruled and stuck by ideal freedom.
When you are free, you are really free, you are not positioned.

Liberation from the clutches of society.
Liberation from the fear of society. We do what we do because we are afraid of what others will think of us. We strive to achieve things that we think society will appreciate. Your heart wants one thing, but you do something else. Your mind will ask who will respect.
How are you going to make $, how will you survive. Society conditions us to do what is most appreciated. Liberation from society is liberation from fear of society. No more acting from fear or conditioning.

Who is responsible for WWII? All of us at that time. Man is a puppet.

All of the responses are predetermined in the mind. We are conditioned to think in a particular way. Social structure, schools, politics conditioned and programmed to thin in a particular way.
Ruled by our ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

Fundamentalist - idea that Christ is the only way rather than that there are so many paths and people can choose their own path and they can't see it any other way no matter how much logic, rationale you use, they'll see you as evil.

History - birth, death of ideas.
Battle between ideas - wars, so many conflicts in the world.
We are ruled by ideas, we have no freedom, even from being in the womb. Early ideas form the blueprint of our lives. If the blueprint says nobody loves you, no matter how much the world loves you and cares for you, you don't get it. Unless you are free, you really don't know what freedom is. You are in a prison.

There is a story of a man not afraid of death, and he went to a famous scholar in India to debate his way of thought. Even the animals could recite with him; his parrot would recite with him. He offered the parrot some grapes, I don't like grapes, I love peppers says the parrot.
Finally, the parrot tries the grape - it's so delicious, why didn't my master give me these?

They go for a walk, more grapes - parrot says I want freedom, I don't want grapes. Unless you taste freedom, you think you are already free.

Relationships - right & wrong, trying to dominate, everyone wants to prove their point, your idea is the best, for your own survival, you get into conflict, wars over simple things.

The moment that the idea that you have is touched, you are provoked. Everything you are is an idea, and you fight and live by these ideas. You think you are acting on your own it's not true. Nobody would like to fight. Nobody wants to do what they are doing and you respond - I'm never going to be angry again.

Liberation from conditioning means freedom from conditioning, free of all these ideas, you observe your behavior and can see how conditioning is living your life. As it is happening, you see how an idea is fighting. You don't become free of those concepts, when you become aware you make yourself aware of the knowledge of what you are and knowledge is useful to function in this world.

The conditioning in making up that person.
Complaint - "We cared for each other before we got married." People feel suffocated by the framework. It's everywhere in life.
All forms of conditioning are slight deviations, there is disturbance, and there is anger.

When you recognize how you are not free, it is governing you.
The very act of seeing is freedom. Everything becomes knowledge, liberation from knowledge.

Generally we hear liberation from ignorance, but Bhagavan says liberation from knowledge, not functional knowledge (how to repair a car). Philosophical, GOD, self, the universe. Ultimate truth-things that we don't know. Such knowledge will become an obstacle to experiencing things as they are.

We interpret the experience rather than experiencing the experience that we experience. Is this the real thing? The mind will ask us how can we be sure that it's not an illusion. Your experience has transformed your heart and your love and it doesn't matter.

We are all hypnotized. All the values we have; $$money, questioning the fundamental truth of our values. If you feel love for the whole world, what does it matter? Obsessed with the "absolute" truth.
How many times do you come so close to GOD and not recognize it "Oh God".

Liberation from knowledge is liberation from speculative knowledge; not born from your experience.

Liberation from the Mind:
What is enlightenment? There is a different answer from Bhagavan every time, there are many answers. What Bhagavan was communicating was, that there is no right view or "the truth", don't hold on to any one view. No matter how profound it is or feels. Freedom is when there are no views. In one of the classes, when the impossibility of change strikes you, you are enlightened, that is freedom from the mind.

You hope so much your mind will change someday. Somehow you want to change it. Somehow you're not happy with your thoughts, its judging nature. The problem is not the mind; the problem is never the content. The problem is your trying to change the content.

Freedom is in accepting the content, freedom is in accepting the mind as it is. Accepting the nature of the tiger that eats the deer.
Mind is so, that is how it is structured, that is how its nature is.

Free of the effort to change that mind. When the impossibility of change strikes you that is enlightenment. All it takes is a moment of grace for that to happen. You will have all these realizations happen to you.

Liberation from the self is liberation from the senses is liberation from life. The time that you know is the time that you created. If you close your eyes you can create it in your mind. Your logic and rational mind is limited. It can only see past and future, here and there. It always asks who is seeing what. The observer and the absolute is the observed, is one and the same. You have to experience it. Time and space are concepts created by our mind. We all feel separate from each other; it is all such an illusion. One part of mind is observing itself that will give you some relief and yet, even that is a concept. Who is seeing? Sometimes you become the whole universe. You are the stars, the universe; this little homo sapien can't sustain that experience for too long a time. When you experience it, you know it.
There's an experience it's happening.
To be continued...