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Forest Row, UK 3/18/10


Sri Bhagavan announces a major shift in the Oneness Movement

& the beginning of Worldwide Webcast Mukthi Processes


Q1 -How do we deal with strong negative emotions that do not seem to have a storyattached to them?

Q2 - The three primary yoga's.  Bakti, Karma, Jnana, Bakti fordevotion, Karma selfless service, Jnana for knowledge.  Is self-inquiry applicable to all three?  And what is the effect ofthe deeksha on them.

Q3 - How do we handle self-judgement?  Like When we recognize whenwe do something that is not comfortable ?

When we ask question and when we answer them, we are in the field of the mind and this game can go on and on and on.  Because the mind has the capacity, toask endless question and one could be giving endless answers. It's like peelingan onion we go on and on and on. Finally we get nowhere.  So, the onlysolution is to jump out of the mind and we have to be free of the mind. As long as the  mind is there, we are not going to experience anything.  The mind can discover no solution because it does not want asolution. The problem is what keeps the mind going. The mind is fighting forit's own survival. For millenia we have been living with the mind, that is whyI give the example of the story of the donkey which you are carrying on yourshoulders.  The mind functions more like a donkey.  And because it isthere we are unable to experience anything. Nothing in life you are able toexperience.  What you call an experience is not really an experience.

Onlyonce you come out of the mind you will know what it is to experience. It's then that you will discover unconditional love and unconditionaljoy.  Otherwise whatever you know is conditional. And the other thing isit's all based upon the self which is divisive. And because the self uses though and thought is measurement, and mind is based onthought.  And so the mind divides, thought divides, and the selfdivides.  Everything is divisive. So we are divided inside, divided in the families, and so our society is divided, our culture, our civilizationis divided and the whole planet is divided, there is no end to this. So we havegot to end this game and the only way is to become awakened.

Now our original plan was that we go on preparing the people until December 2010 and January 2011 we start the  programming and we go untilJun 2011 and then we start the processing with all of you, the 7,000 trainers and the 700,000 blessing givers, each one (trainer) is supposed to have a 100 (blessing givers) with them and we make them all awaken by end of Dec 2011.  Then it is there job and there responsibility to go out to transform the world in 2012.

That is the foundational seed but then in the last few days or weeks, thingshave been happening very dramatically in India and if allowed to continue itcould even destroy the Oneness movement, because lots of western interest donot want a change to happen have all got together.  There is a tremendousmedia onslaught, on television, and then the newspapers and all kind of physical threats. They are going on all the time, our people too have been taken to the streets. They have what are called davanas(?), where they fast from morning to evening and have processions.  So its a very strange situation where our people

who have never taken to the streets before are taking to the streets and so there is considerable danger to the movement.  So we are a little worried whether if things go on like this is we will be able to last until the end of 2011 when we are supposed to be ready for 2012.

It looks like a well planned, thought out, consorted action by various groups with the communist playing a very, very key role in all of this. Various people are scared of various things.  And they feel that the movement should not be allowed to go any further, because it might soon overwhelm the people, because change is beginning to happen, people are getting awakened, it is no more talk it's actually happening and the numbers are growing rapidly and their reaction too is growing very, very strong, and so we decided to make a change. So now we will be going for 4 global webcasts every month, starting with this Saturday, and we will be starting straight away going for the programming. We don't have much time to lose, and if all things go well, people who will be tuning into the webcast and they are doing what we ask them to do, they can be awakened on Saturday itself, that is this coming Saturday.

So we will move at very great speed across the planet. In India we are moving, very very fast now. The idea is by the end of this year, possibly we will have 7,000 trainers awakened and 700,000 blessing givers awakened and then from 2011 we hope that they will be able to

go out and give the blessings and conduct the courses and transform the people very, very fast.

So we are making some changes in our program and we are not going with theprogram we originally planned.  We are making some changes to the programand we are enormously stepping up the power to make good the lost of some ofthe programming components. The other thing is that we are going to do slightlyindian style here now, because we are left with no other option. 

We have to move very, very fast, so we have to build very powerfuldeekshas.  Which means you might have to have the padukas there. Because these deeekshas are giving directly from AmmaBhagavn through thepadukas.  It's very easy for us to deliver a lot of power through thepadukas.  So we suggest and we recommend that you have a few padukasthere.  Because at the end of the programming you have to go take thedeeksha directly from the padukas.  Some of you might get knocked down butthere is nothing to fear.  There is no danger involved at all. Some mightexperience electric shocks, some might experience great silence flowing in andsome might collapse but there is nothing to fear nothing to worry and within amatter of a few hours you'll have made it.

If you have any difficulty with the padukas then you can touch the picture.  But basically the plan is like this.  The power goes into the picture, and from there it moves into the padukas.  It is the best means to deliver it.  So in the little time left, I request that youplease make use of the padukas. We don't have much time to lose, you have toget awakened very, very fast.  Otherwise the movement could be lost, and as I have often said this could be...this could be possibly the last chance for mankind.  Because there is very special energies right now, we have to harness them for the awakening.  So that is my request to you all.

So therefore I will not go into those questions, once you are awakened your questions fade away and once you get outside of the mind, there is no questioner. The questions will be gone, the answers are gone. The entire package of questioner, question and answer are all gone, what is there is just the living experience. We have been speaking about seeing, you will see, experiencing you will experience, the divine yes, you will experience the divine or you become the divine, it's all over.  I think we have done enough talking, we have been

preparing ourselves over many years, over millenia, in fact it has been happening for a millenium, so many masters have come, they all worked for it, they have all prepared you.  I don't think we have to waste any more time.  Maybe even these external circumstances are a pointer to hasten up things to go very fast. So what I will recommend is that please go through my teachings for the month of Feburary, understand them as well as you possibly can. Because that is very important, those are the teachings we will be uploading to the mind and then the deeksha will be given.   So please prepare yourself for Saturday.  And if possible please have the padukas there.  If no padukas, we will try to manage with the picture.

For full power we will need the padukas.  And just one touch and it is all over.  So I hope all the trainers will soon become awakened. Each one is expected to have 100 blessing givers with them.  The trainer is the leader, the blessing givers are the team.  And then this team goes out to give the blessing and awakens people and it will happen very very fast, it could happen within 24 hours or 48 hours a complete new human could become awakened if we can work together as a team.

So now we shall meditate for a few minutes and we shall all get ready for Saturday.  Let's meet Saturday for the global webcast.  So thank you again we shall meditate for a few minutes.