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Skype Teleconference with Bhagavan in Tokyo,

29th of November, 2009



Question 1


Should I answer the question Oya san?


It is a fact, that thousands of people in India and around the world have been affected by the deeksha, their hearts have flowered, they have got connected to the divine and their lives have changed. This is an indisputable fact. It is also a fact, that many people have not been affected by the deeksha, their relationships have not been set right and they have no connection with the divine. So there are both sides. There are people who have got connected to the divine, whose heart have flowered, whose relationships have been set right. We have thousands and thousands of letters, from all over the world, confirming this fact. It is also true that a lot of people have not been affected.


Please translate up to that point, then I will proceed….. Translate Oya san, then I proceed.


Oneness is a combination of psychology and spirituality. Psychology, as expressed through the teachings, plus spirituality. If there is no proper combination, then for some people, the deeksha will not work. Your heart may not flower, you may not get the connection, your relationships may not be set right. It is only in the perfect fusion of psychology and spirituality that the deeksha delivers the best results.


Please translate up to that point.


If this is not happening, then we must train the trainers in Japan to help you with it. I understand that there is only one trainer in Japan, but Japan needs a lot more trainers and if we could train them, they should be able to help you in fusing psychology with spirituality, thus helping you.


We move on to the second question Oya san?



Question 2


While other countries have many trainers, but it is somewhat unfortunate that in Japan with so many blessing givers, I believe there is only one trainer. We believe at least, I think 20 trainers for Japan. So anyone who wants to be a trainer, he must send in an application here, with 25 Blessing Givers supporting that application. In which case, he can come to India. It will be a 10 days training process. After that he goes back to Japan, he conducts his course and he directly initiates people into becoming Blessing Givers. Japanese people need not have to come to India or go to Fiji or anywhere to become Blessing Givers. They could become Blessing Givers in their own countries. Like for example, from December 3rd, after sunrise, all trainers in other countries of the world, would themselves be initiating people, into becoming Blessing Givers. That’s what is going to happen all over the world, but since in Japan there is only 1 trainer that becomes difficult. So since we want to speed up the process for 2012, we want a minimum of 20 trainers for Japan. So please send them to India, with 25 people signing and recommending their case. We’ll train them up in 10 days and send them back to Japan and then they can initiate people into becoming Blessing Givers. The 10 days course will be free, it is completely free, there is not course charges at all. We will only be charging for food, accommodation, laundry and internal transport. All courses in India will be completely free. So please act fast because time is running out. Our mission is all about 2012. We are loosing valuable time. So I request you to quickly send trainers to India.


Please translate.


Shall we move on to the next question Oya san?



Question 3


The course that we are now offering is Level 1 and Level 2, this will continue for some time, and then it will be faded out. All these courses must be conducted by the Japanese themselves in Japan. This is the whole idea. We are conducting the trainers course. That alone would continue in India. We will be training the trainers. All other courses, the Japanese must do it in their own country, on their own. That’s the training we will be providing.


Translate please.

Shall we move on to the next question Oya san.



Question 4


You could start coming in from February 2010. Three of four days in a week, I’ll be setting aside some time for meeting people. So it will not be on a one on one basis. That time, I’ll be meeting people who have come down to India, there will be a group of people. You can join the group, you can question me there. You can have dialogues with me. I will also be meditating along with you. So this will happen for about three days in a week from the month of February 2010.


So Oya san the questions are over. Can I speak for a few moments?



So this Oneness is all about 2012. Oneness is a phenomenon. It’s a phenomenon that took birth in 1989, which is going to fulfill itself in the year 2012.


Please translate up to that point.


The time has come. The phenomenon has been held back for so many years. The time has come when we can no more hold back the phenomenon, nor should we hold back the phenomenon.


Please translate.


What is holding back the phenomenon is on the one hand the courses, on the other hand money. We have to cut these two chains so that the phenomenon can break loose and affect the world.




In 1989, the energies shifted. Many strange things happened in the world at that time. As all of you know, the Berlin wall came down, communism failed away, we had an incident in China, in Tiannamen square. We had a lot of other things which happened in the world, in 1989, which are still affecting the world.


This phenomenon is born in the year 1989, the energy shift happened. Similarly, in 2012, there is going to be a huge energy shift brought about by nature. So all people can make use of if. Educators can make use of it, politicians can make use of it, economists can make use of it, industrialists can make use of it, the coming of new products. All these things will happen in 2012. Spiritual people can make use of it. We are spiritual people and we want to make use of it. And what is it that we want to do? We want to bring about the end of alienation between man and man. First of all there is loneliness inside man. We want to destroy that loneliness. There is no sense of connectedness between man and man. Husband and wife there is no connection. Children and parents there is no connection. Between friend and friend there is no connection. There is no connection between human being and human being. We want to bring about that connection which we call oneness. That is the vision of 2012.


We have only 2 more years left, 2010 and 2011. So since we have lost some time, we have to go very very fast. So my request to you is that we quickly decentralize and produce a lot of Blessing Givers by the end of 2011. In 2 years time, we must produce a large number of Blessing Givers, and in 2012 we must form groups of Blessing Givers all over Japan. Small groups, medium size groups, big groups, in villages, cities, towns, wherever you want, they must be created. And in 2012 January, we will teach you a new technique, whereby, these groups will be giving blessings to each other. As they give blessings to each other, their level of consciousness would go up. Now, in case you are Christian, you will discover Christ consciousness, a Budhist Budha consciousness, a Muslim an Islamic consciousness. It will all be very very different, they will not be the same but there will be oneness. A Muslim discovering his state, a Christian discovering his state, though they are different, they’ll feel one. There will be oneness.


That is the oneness that we are trying to produce in 2012. So what is critical is forming those groups across Japan and they giving deekshas to themselves in the year 2012 starting from January 2012.


The next thing is my being able to interact with you on Skype like this. My interacting with you is what is called Level 3. So we’ll be all doing this up to 2012. We’ll of course start it now itself. And in January we’ll have 4 such meetings, in February 6, it will go increasing and in the month of December, every day we will meet, for the 31 days we will meet. That’s the final thing. At that time you will be giving deeksha to each other to ease the process. You will move into higher states. And with all that the world will undergo a change of perception. The new age is all about a change of perception. People’s perception will be changed. That brings about the new age.


Once that is done, our work is over. That is, we in the Oneness headquarters here, we want to fade away. Because if we continue to remain, we’ll become a cult. We do not want to become a cult. We will destroy the work. So Oneness is a living thing, it is not a concept, it’s not a belief, it’s a living experience. It should live in the hearts of people and continue to live. There is no more any need for us, we want to fade away. These are our plans. So we will request you to fully help us out, in helping the human situation. Because all of you know that the human situation is very very bad. So we need to undergo change of perception by going into higher levels of consciousness. All problems we face today, at the individual level, at the collective level, is because you are functioning from a lower level of consciousness. If you manage to move into higher level of consciousness, not only individual consciousness but collective problems between nations all over the planet, everything would be solved. So unless we all work together, I by myself cannot do anything. Unless we all work together as one team, in oneness, we cannot achieve it. This is my request to you.


Please translate.


Oya san shall we meditate for 3 minutes?


Love you all.