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Skype Conference Texas /Sri Bhagavan on 22 November 09


(Broadcast was done immediately following the U.S. national teleconference with Sri Bhagavan)


Q1. If we are not in Golden City spending time with you and Amma and instead are in our own cities, which are the most potent ways for us to receive transmissions from you and Amma, for example listening to Skype calls or teleconferences, giving blessings, connecting through the sri murthi, chanting the Moola Mantra, etc? Are the transmissions going through an acceleration process?


A1. Whether you are in the Golden City or in any other part of the planet, it does not matter at all. itís exactly the same.


The phenomenon is accelerating now and it will be growing by leaps and bounds in the coming weeks and months and it will be the same all over the world. It does not make any difference whether you are in the Golden City or Texas. Absolutely no difference at all. Itís the same.


Q2. If people who receive blessings or our fellow facilitators are having difficulties with their process, what is the role we should play and how best to support them?


A2. There are two things you must do. The first thing is you listen to them without and condemnation or justification. Just you merely listen to them. Thatís all. Then as you listen to them, you might feel that you might have to hold their hand or weep with them or pat them on the head. Thatís the first part.


The second part is that as you listen to them, something will be happening to you. If thereís true listening, non-judgmental listening, something will happen to you. There could be a change in emotion, there could be a change in perception, there could be a fresh insight. So whatever happens to you, you must tell this to the other person. You must share this with the other person saying ďAs you have been speaking and I have been listening this is what has happened to me.Ē If you do that, something very strange will happen. The person will immediately come out of his or her problem. This can be practiced quite easily and then you can see it works wonders.


Q3. Is there any new or more current information you want to share with us about how we prepare for giving each blessing or intent we should be holding?


A3. I shall answer this question at our next meeting because it requires a detailed explanation. Iíll do it next time.


Q4. Can you say more about the 21 day practices. how much of the days to commit? Still live our external lives, but focusing as much as possible first on the physical awareness for 21 days and then on the internal awareness for the next 21 days?


A4. See your brain as an instrument, it takes about 21 days to unlearn what has become a habit. So, our lives have become very habitual that is why we lack awareness. As children we had a lot of awareness, but as we developed habits through conditioning and through training school and through society, we have lost the sense of awareness. So now we have to unlearn those habits for which you need a 21 day practice.


It exactly requires 21 days of uninterrupted practice for the brain to unlearn. So as you keep practicing awareness, physical awareness for half one hour or one hour a day. I believe it should be at least for 49 minutes or units of 7, 7 or it could be 30 minutes and another 15 minutes, but about 49 minutes is required a day for 21 days. And suddenly youíll find the habits are no more holding you. Instead, youíre intensely aware of what is going on. So itís ideal to start with the physical world, and physical sensations.


Once that is over, you could do the same thing for the inner world. Again it would require 49 minutes a day for 21 days. Then you will find that when ever awareness is required, it naturally comes to you, But then in 2012, it is likely to become 2 hours, 20 hours, or even 24 hours and it will be your natural state. In case you proceed with all these practices and do what Iíve been telling you to do in the year 2012.


But now, in the meanwhile it would be possible to be in awareness for at least a few hours of day if you do this practice. But you must do it without a break. If you break it, you must start from the beginning. Thatís how it works. This is a very age old technique. It is nothing new which I am giving. This is very, very ancient technique which we have tried and practiced and which works very, very effectively.


Q5. How can we present the Oneness Blessing acknowledging the Divine to people who are wary of religious or New Age concepts?


A5. Youíve got to tell them it is their own higher self which is the fact. What we call the divine is not separate from ourself. Itís our own self, the higher self, with which weíve lost touch. When you finally discover God, you would actually discover that you are God. That is the strangest thing. As you move on the path of oneness, first you discover inner oneness. Then you discover oneness with your family and friends. At the next level, youíll discover oneness with the animal world. Next youíll discover oneness with the plant world.


And next you move on to other realms with the physical world like matter. You will realize that you and matter are actually one. A piece of rock. You will discover actually that you are no different than the piece of rock, that you are one and the same. And as you move on, you of course, we move on to God. And let us say you are a Christian, you would come across Christ. Actually it could be consciousness or even the physical Christ. Then, of course Christianity forbids this, but otherwise you can actually realize that you are that Christ himself.


In Hinduism of course we have varieties. That is you will see your God as out there and you are separate and if you proceed further you become that God. Actually you become that God and then, as you proceed further, you go into the formless God also. Thatís why we say in Hinduism you are God, but I think that is not permitted in Islam and in . . . (lost Skype connection for a minute)

So, the God we are talking about is nothing but your own higher self because you are actually God, but unfortunately you have this illusion that you are separate from God and that God is somebody you cannot reach out to. Itís actually yourself.


Now what happens as we progress on this path of awareness and the 2012 Deeksha giving, you will come very close to God. And if there are no obstacles if the form of cultural conditioning or religious conditioning, youíll actually discover that you are that God. As far as we in Oneness are concerned, to us God has become this creation. All that you see in creation is God. He has become this. For example when I am looking at you talking to you, to me you are God. I am God.

The only difference is you are God with a particular problem and you are God that is suffering from the illusion that you are not God. And here I am God and I do not have that illusion. So this God wants to help that God who is suffering from that illusion. Thatís all. Then you will discover that you and I are the same. Thatís the illusion that I want to tear apart.


So you can tell them that it is their own higher self. Iíll go more into this later. That is the whole beauty of it. The ant that we see, is God has become an ant, that is why we have a term in India that means the beggar God. The beggar whom you see is God has become a beggar. The leper whom you see is God has become a leper. So God is everything. The evolved God, the not-evolved God, the cruel God, the loving God. Itís everything. So thatís why when Iím helping you out, Iím not helping you, Iím helping God. Iím helping myself. And youíll discover the same thing. So It is oneís own higher self.


I hope from tomorrow morning, youíve heard the audio by now (audio of US national teleconference precediing this call) youíll start practicing with your brushing.



Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Love you all, Love you.