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Skype video call San Diego, California, U.S.A. November 23,2009


Q1: On the teleconference call with North America last Sunday you spoke of physical awareness, internal integrity and external integrity.   Would you please explain more about external integrity: its value to our growth, when we should use it, and how it might differ from just speaking out what we are thinking or feeling in any given moment?


A1: The external integrity is a very powerful tool that must be used very carefully. It is not merely speaking of the truth, but it is speaking of the truth without any sense of fear. Now it may not be possible to do always, in that case we would not advise you to follow external truth. But if and when used, it is a remarkably powerful tool, but quite dangerous also if you're not prepared for it.


For example, I often tell when you're not enlightened, do not behave like one. When you're not a Mahatma Ghandi, do not behave like one. I often say when Ghandi faced the British bullets, it never really hit him. And then I say if someone behaved like Ghandi, the first bullets would hit him. Because you very fear will attract the bullet to hit you. One should not behave like you have strength and courage when one does not really have them.


To give an example in India, there was someone who came to our courses and learned about external integrity.  But he forgot the strategic warning we gave that you should not practice that unless you have the courage to take it on. And not merely speaking of the facts, but of the inner cycle. You must come from what you have discovered on the inside and then speak it out. Now this gentleman went into his boss's office and told him "Boss, I don't like you." The boss said, "Fine." Look, you are a crook." The Boss said, then "Get lost." The man said,"I know all the corrupt things you have done." The boss said, "Please stop it." The man added," I have also been corrupt. I am also corrupt." The boss dismissed him from his job on the spot.


The man questioned a dasa about the teaching. What kind of teaching are you giving? I thought there was power in it, and I lost my job. We gave him the correction. Power is not truth. It has to come from the inside, and if you have the courage, then you must speak it. Truth is a concept to you. And you must not tell it. We gave him the corrections and about four weeks later he got another job in Dubai and he is doing quite well.


You can only lift the weight that you can handle. You must not lift beyond your capacity. To what extent you can be truthful without being hurt. If you cannot take it, you should not do it. If you can take it, you should do it, and is must come from inner condition.


There must be a deep inner conviction If practiced, it is amazingly powerful, because the mind stops day dreaming. All the time playing with concepts, constructing emotions, constructing thoughts, constructing feelings. It's a machine that just cannot be quiet. It's all the time building up things. A lot of things you could find it has all been put together by the mind. There is no truth to it, not fact in it.  When you practice external integrity, this mechanism slows down and the mind becomes very, very quiet. Only if you have the strength should you practice external integrity. Otherwise you should not practice it.







Q2: On a recent Skype call we heard you say that setting right relationships with our parents will strengthen our connection to the Divine. This caused concern in some of us because we long to have a stronger connection to the Divine, and we have been working on parental relationships for some time but there always seems to be deeper layers of charges to uncover.  Could you please offer some guidance on how we can set these relationships right at the deepest level?


A2: To get closer to the divine, we must set right what we call the four baskets. the four stages of growth which happen in the womb. These are the most critical and crucial factors. Unless they are set right, it is difficult to get close to the divine as a living experience. You can relate to the divine as a concept, maybe as a thought structure. But the divine is something which cannot taught by thought. It has nothing to do with the mind. It is a living thing. It cannot be controlled by space nor time. Since it is a living experience, it is always in the present.


If we are to get there, the mind must be silenced. When the mind can be silenced One of the simplest ways to set right things in the womb, is to set right your relationship with your parents. If that happens, all that happened in the womb gets cleaned up and then the divine walks in to your life.


One of the simplest ways to set relationships right with your parents is to start  experiencing them. Like you go to the beach and you see the waves in the ocean, you see the breeze coming in. How would you experience that? Or you're eating a nice dish, how do you experience that? Similarly, let us say your father is shouting. Even enjoy it as if it is the  roar of the lion. Your mother is doing something and you should turn that into something very beautiful.


 And you must begin to experience those things, those moments that could be painful to you. You must experience them as though it's not your mother or your father that are in charge. They are very beautiful beings. This is not a difficult practice. I've seen thousands in India do this in a month's time. Thereafter the person has not changed, YOU'VE changed.


For example, I had a couple with a very bad relationship. The lady said that this man is a drunkard and I want him to change that. And the man said the lady is a flirt and wanted to change that.  We told them that we are not in the business to make a drunkard into a non-drunkard or a flirt into something very different. All we can tell you is that you have to work on yourself. So you, the flirt have to accept that you are a flirt. You will love being a flirt. That is the only thing that is true about you. And she began to work on that.


And to the man, we said accept you are a drunkard and accept yourself as a drunkard and love yourself as you are. Say "I'm a happy drunkard." They were working on this for about 3 hours and finally the man completely fell in love with himself and he did not cease to be a drunkard. He accepted himself and loved himself. The lady accepted that she is a flirt and loved herself.


After this, the lady accepted the man as a drunkard and fell in love with him. The man  accepted her as a flirt and fell in love with her. When this happened, he ceased to be a drunkard and she ceased to be a flirt.


This is how we have to start. There is no using in complaining about your parents. You have to start working on yourself. People have a habit of working on others. That way you will get nowhere. You cannot change people. All you can do is change yourself. The strangest thing is that if you change, the other automatically changes. Just wait for sometime.


An example: People who come to us from the U.S. to India who have problems with their spouse. A lady came and her  husband was back in New York. There were changes in their relationship without us having even seen the husband. Because we are all connected. The only thing you have to do with your parents is to work with yourself, because you have not accepted yourself; you're not falling in love with yourself. If you do that you'll start experiencing your parents and you'll  accept them and love them as they are, not the way you want them to be.  Everything will be set right.


The moment that happens all that has happened for you in the womb will be set right and you will find the divine walks in as a powerful presence. It's a living experience. It looks physical, but it is not so.  Many people have achieved this. Quite effortlessly. Especially simple people whose lives are not very complex. They have done it very easily and their lives are completely transformed. If technology supports it, we may be able to share some videos of some very simple people so you can see  how easily the divine has come into their lives  and their lives are completely transformed.


Q3: Everyone is so excited about Level 1 coming to the US.  When will the trainers be invited to be with you so they can receive instruction on teaching Level 1?


A3: They'll be invited to India after March 7 because we have a very hectic schedule until then. They'll be invited to India and be trained. What they will be doing will not be called a Level 1 or a Level 2. It will be a new course, a very powerful course. They will not only be conducting this course in their home areas, but they also will be initiating blessing givers. That is the change. To become a blessing giver, you do  not have to come to India and you do not have to go to Level 1 or Level 2, simply go to the course taught by the trainer. Probably to be functional, it could be May after the trainers are trained and are ready to get started offering courses at home.


kindly provided by Amy Davies, Oneness in the UK