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Rev. Suzanne Champlin

Inter-Faith Minister

Oneness Deeksha Giver

Oneness Trainer


An ordained inter-faith minister, Suzanne has been on the healing path for 25 years. She has a BA in Psychology with an emphasis on early childhood development. Drawing on her background in play and art therapy, Suzanne has worked with children and adults helping them bypass the mind in order to directly experience and thereby be liberated from the sources of their suffering.


A 3rd Degree Reiki Master and practitioner since 1995, she helps many people to grow and to release deep emotional & energetic blocks thereby freeing them to experience Joy and Wholeness.


Suzanne is initiated in Qigong, Ananda Jyotir Diksha, Ishayas Ascension, Chikara-Reiki-Do, Jain Gnan Vidhi, Oneness Deeksha and several other energy transmissions.


She is an artist and enjoys helping people come to a centered connectedness within themselves and with the Divine through artistic clay and pottery expression.


Suzanne is a graduate of several advanced processes at the Oneness University in India, including Level 1, Level 2, the Oneness Trainers Course and Oneness Trainers Deepening. Currently she focuses on her work as a Oneness Trainer helping people deepen their connection with the Divine Presence, initiating new Oneness Deeksha givers and offering spiritual counseling. Suzanne is strongly committed to her four Children and Husband knowing the vital importance of healthy relationships in one's life and Family. 


Rev. Suzanne Champlin

Certified Oneness Trainer

P.O. Box 3454

Clearwater, FL 33767

[email protected] 

(727) 458-3208


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