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Deeksha - The Fire from Heaven       $15.95
by Kiara Windrider with Grace Sears

Deeksha - The Fire from Heaven describes Kiara Windrider's journey from psychotherapy to enlightenment through receiving deeksha from Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma in India's Golden City. With his wife, Grace, he learns that enlightenment, or the experience of Oneness and the Divine, '"is not based on a religious teaching, morality, or effort, but is a neuro-biological event." Now thousands have been trained to give deeksha and are traveling the world giving deeksha wherever they go.

Kiara Windrider, MA, is a licensed psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. Born and raised in India, he then spent 22 years studying and practicing psychotherapy in the U.S. before heeding an inner call to return home, where he first met Bhagavan in August 2003. Kiara, and his wife Grace Sears, are committed to traveling the world to share this gift of enlightment.

Available from Inner Ocean Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders


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Evenings...with Sri Bhagavan
"Evenings...with Sri Bhagavan," is a tiny compilation from the voluminous wisdom that pours forth from Him. These are answers to the questions posed by the seekers who participate in the various courses at the University. The sprawling lawn in front of Sri Bhagavan's residence is the regular venue for these Darshans. Very little editing has been done in order to give an actual feel of the Darshans to the readers. The answers of Sri Bhagavan range from mind development and relationships to enlightenment and God; from the mysteries of creation of major shifts of paradigms in science. More subjects will be included in the forthcoming releases.

Amma - The Divine Mother
This recently released book is a pure delight. It contains a variety of questions seekers have asked Amma, and her responses. It also contains short stories about miracles attributed to Amma and experiences of her Divine Grace. Beautifully embellished with never seen before pictures of Amma, this book helps to understand both the wisdom and the compassion inherent in The Divine Mother. LIMIT: 1 book per customer.

Miracles of Kalki - Life transforming experiences...
"Miracles of Kalki" (many Indians refer to Sri Bhagavan as Sri Kalki) is a compilation of miracles and life transforming experiences attributed to Amma Bhagavan. These short stories of inspiration were recorded in the first person by those whose lives have been transformed by Grace. This is a very popular book, which helps the seeker to understand that Grace and the miracles attributed to Grace, are beyond what the human mind can comprehend.

Satsang for the Youth Sri Bhagavan
JUST RELEASED! This book contains guidelines on conducting satsangs (spiritual talks) that would help the youth in every walk of life. It is a collection of 18 talks based on a variety of subjects. While this book is targeted for the youth, many adults purchase this book for its wisdom on a variety of subjects.

Ingrained in these talks are messages from Sri Amma Bhagavan that could be delivered in your satsangs, gatherings, educational institutions, clubs social organizations, other public places or in the privacy of your own home. Topics discussed by Sri Amma Bhagavan include Inner/Outer Reflection of Life, Conflict, Intelligence, The Search for Love, Miracles and Luck, Prayer, Fear, Responsibility, Women's Upliftment, The Antaryamin , Discovering What You Love to Do, and more.