About Sri Raniji

Sri Raniji Kumra

West Coast USA Region Coordinator

Founder, Oneness Movement USA & Canada

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Sri Raniji, (as she is affectionately known within the Oneness Movement), is a teacher who has dedicated her life to healing, uplifting and transforming the lives of others.

She was born in Malawi into a life of privilege and ease. Despite this, she felt her spirit stifled by the awareness of suffering all around her. Her desire to find a way to transform her own suffering and that of others eventually led her to India. She first met Acharya Sri Anandagiri, one of the major disciples of Bhagavan who gave her tremendous clarity which transformed her to a great extent.

Through Acharya she was introduced to Sri Bhagavan and Amma and was overjoyed to discover in their teachings great beauty, simplicity and universality. Most importantly, she experienced liberation of her spirit. Since she had the desire to dedicate her life to serving the spiritual needs of others, she stayed in India to undertake intensive training over a number of years. At length she became a “Dasa” meaning servant or lay order monk, considered one of the highest levels of achievement.

Sri Bhagavan appointed her as the Founder of the Oneness Movement in North America and made her mission to help bring the gift of Awakening to Oneness to the people of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

Currently, Sri Raniji serves as the Coordinator for the West Coast USA Region of the Oneness Movement.

Raniji’s warmth and compassion have touched and transformed the lives of many. Her humor and loving kindness make her a teacher capable of transforming and healing students, while they feel they have found the precious gift of a divine mother’s love.

Raniji is accomplished in presenting a wide variety of workshops such as “Energy Transfer for Awakening to Oneness” (also called Oneness Blessing or Oneness Deeksha), “Awakening the Higher Self”, “Perfecting Relationships”, “Discovering Bliss”, and “Freedom from Stress.”

Raniji is well aware of challenges we all face living in today’s pressures. As a wife and mother herself, she understands family issues and speaks to the heart of these issues involving the setting right of relationships as a foundation for lasting spiritual transformation.

Raniji has earned a Master’s degree in Economics. She has traveled and given lectures and conducted workshops throughout the US and Canadian Continent. Many of her workshops have been hosted at major universities. In addition she has worked with other spiritual leaders such as Ron Roth and Steve Ross. She welcomes spiritual seekers of all faiths; those who simply wish to enhance their existing beliefs as well as those who are ready for something new

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